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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Sagittarius-Capricorn relationship

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Have you been in a Sagittarius-Capricorn relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share Your Experience

My soulmate

Sag (female) cap (male)... I love my man so much! I am divored with four children and he is divorced with four children also. He can get down in the dumps and focused on work, however I am more cheerful when he's feeling down and best believe I lift him up. We have been dating for two years now and are planning to marry. He is the sweetest most sensitive man I've ever met and makes me feel beautiful. Once he let me into his heart he cannot seem to get me out. We both know what we want out of life and fortunately for us we want the same things. I will never find a man like my Frederick and I have never loved any man the way I love him. He is my mate and God-willing he will be my mate on this earth for as long as I'm here. Capricorns are very work oriented, but that's when you show them you love them and surprise them with a gentle kiss. It works everytime for me... :)
—Guest zee

My Love And I

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 2 months. He's A Sagittarius and I am a Capricorn. I always here that those two arent compatible. Me and My Boyfriend have a whole bunch of conflicts but at the end of the day We still love each other. He's such a sweet guy. I never wanna leave him.
—Guest Amiyah

capi girl sag male

A sagi approchef me had been viewing my instagram pics, we met up had date started having sex once a week for a month, he asked to borrow money I lend it to him. I got mad cause he stopped answering text and told him thank god I met him I hope he has a good life, week later I asked about my money he said give him a minute and then he wants nothing to do with me cause I came st him wrong and we barely know each other? But he borrowed money from me .now I'm heartbroken and he got my $300.
—Guest sherry

The only capricorn in my life

(I am a sagittarius) The only capricorn I get along with is my best friend of six years. I am a female sag and he is a male capri. We dated three times but the only broke up because life had gotten in the way not because we didn't get along. Also that is my soul mate and I mean he is my soul mate in its rarest meaning. I will always love him and I know he will always love me. we have a lot of things in common also. Now the other capricorns that I have met I just don't get along with them at all. Just know never let the zodiac get in the way of the friendship/relationship.
—Guest Teeci

BestFriends Sag and Cap

i am a female Sagittarius Dec 14. and she is a Capricorn dec.28. We have been best friends for 8 years we are now 17 n 18. I feel like my Capricorn friend gets me a lot, she laughs at my jokes ,listens when i talk..And we dont argue at all like when we get mad at each other its like a vibe feeling that is expressed through our actions and not words. Mainly because i dont like sharing my feelings. sometimes me being arrogant and conceited gives me the wrong impression. And sometimes i feel as if my Capricorn friend tries to fit in and will even bring me down to do so. But we get along great!!!
—Guest Cari

Pretty Well!

I am a young Cappy, and my boyfriend is a Saggitarius. We were really good friends for four months, the the fifth we were dating. I don't think I have been happier with anyone else. We pretty much know all about each other. The only downs is how when I get upset, I shut down and I know it may bother him. (I hear shutting down is a capricorn thing.) But when he is sad, he hides it because he doesn't want me stressing about him. I still manage it out of him though. Its two months from a year of knowing him, and we have had our ups and downs but we are extremely supportive of each other and love each other very much.
—Guest The Cappy Girl


My Cap and I knew each other for more than 6 years but we were together on and off for about 6 years. He was a great guy but I had been hurt a lot and I didn't trust him. He was a bigtime football player and I was a regular girl he knew back home. I thought he was using me. I felt like I was forcing him into a relationship. I pushed him away and now we cant be anywhere near each other w/o getting into an argument. Maybe its cause we still care but I don't know. I never thought he really cared but I guess I'll never know now.
—Guest W

I'm a Capricorn girl and she is a Sag

We are best buddies, I can tell you that it aint easy becoming friends with one, but once you do, you deal with a brave friend who will flip if someone insults you. They are like a body gaurd! They can get mad quickly but, Capricorns can cool them down. Usually Sagittarius can get angry at you a lot but, you can always find a way to cool their jets.
—Guest Freind!

my cap friend

I met my friend by sis boyfriend...I walked in and the three of them were watching the game and listening to music...he just starred and smiled the whole time I was there...as I tried to sit by my sis and her man...he moved some things out the chair quickly and told me to sit by him...we had conversation and drinking...we played cards while he were still starring...he asked if he could come over...I was sure but eventually I drove his car to get some food and to my place...he came in put my baby to sleep and we got in bed...during sex he asked what I wanted with him...I simply said a relationship and he said ok...we cuddled...he left and promised me a date bc we both love to eat...so I text him bc it was getting late...we cancled and now we are going Friday...I didn't hear from him the next day when I texted him...so I'm going to see what Friday holds...if not I'm done trying...
—Guest audrey

Cap. Male/ Sag Female "HELL"

I thought I had found everything I wanted in my Sag Woman. But after about two years she started letting her true nature show and the extreme hate between us begun. This woman is so cold that even though from day one my son became my whole life, she hurts him on purpose just to get at me. Even though I have shut down most contact with her, its basicly just exchanging my son. When ever she is feeling down or One of her new men has her feeling like crap she will lash out at me by not letting my son and I spend time together. I'm the big hearted type and she loves that, because it gives her somebody to hurt when she is hurting. She doesn't even care that my son cries all the time for me. I will never have anything to do with a sag again. I've known too many that would give the Devil a run for his money!!!
—Guest TWT

great beginnings

Found a Cap male.. Iam a sadge, that likes stability and have settled down as I've gotten older (thank. God). My Cap guy is nice and loving and calm. Iam the right amount of Fiesty, I think he need. He is very smart like me. We have allot to talk about and many things in common. Good Luck to all :)
—Guest Emily

i'm a cap girl n he is a sag

My sag in I were messing around for a whole yr. And he's married I got pregnant twice now we have a daughter on the way in he's very sweet but just not mine and I tell him to leave me alone and he will not leave me alone. But he is quick to say he likes me a lot i don't understand. But I know it is time for me to move on
—Guest Nicky


Ima cap and ive been wit a sag for 5months they say we are no compatiable but i feel like shes the love of my life. When we argue things are very harsh but wen were good were good, i was with sum1 for four years nd i love this sag more than that in 5months. We are having a lot of ups and downs rite now and i jus wish she can see that my love for her is unconditional. There is no other place i rather be. Ive never had anyone bring me out of my shell and make me feel so important and she does that for me. Tori i love you i hope we last forever dont let them take your love away. I have no problem tellin the world how i feel. Forever and a day
—Guest Guest tae

you can't judge all caps by one bad expi

I am a sag female, and I have dealt with several Capricorn males. 2 in the past didn't work out. The one who I am dating now I am very fond of. The correlation I have found between them all is they have a systematic approach to life. Very factual. They have to have a reason for doing anything that they do. Whereas I follow more so my inspiration in all things. You have to understand that while all sign have certain characteristics, depending on how they were raised and their life experiences, along with where exactly their bday falls within their sign; they will be different. We are all different.
—Guest sucker for love

Cap Guy Sag Woman

I read the post from Cap Guy Sag Woman, n it sounded just like my ex. Im sag woman. He brang out the worst in me n killed my positive vibes with his downer buzz. Ive always received alot of attention, n he liked to pretend he was cool calm and collected. He was needy and annoying. Kept trying to tell me to be clear with my feelings, when I was actually blunt with them. I only wanted to be friends but gave the fool a chance because my family wanted me to. He kept talking about how he was a planner, but he wasnt much of a doer. He did not undetstand me at all. Im the type of sag that does not relate to people with my emotions, i relate to people with my ideologies. He was boring annoying and personally I didnt like sleeping with him. As a sag we make our own futures whether or not others are in it, in response to Cap Guy Sag Woman
—Guest Sag Woman Cap Guy

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