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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Sagittarius-Capricorn relationship

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Have you been in a Sagittarius-Capricorn relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

cap girl sag boy

I never dated a sagittarius boy. Until a couple weeks ago. I promised myself i wouldn't date anymore till high school. I made that promise in the summer. I got to 3rd period after the 1st day. The teacher moved our seats. A seat away was a guy i had never seen befrore. At the time i realized i still had feelings for my ex. I spent more time with the guy in 3rd period. I forgot about my ex and started going out with the guy in third period. It took a week but he finally asked me on a date. We are in an amazing relationship and can't imagine living life without him. Nothing bad has happened sence he appeared into my life. Me and him both know we are going a long way.
—Guest katherine

Capricorn woman and Sagittarius male.

So far our story is just beginning. We haven't been together long, but we already have fallen in love. We both fit our zodiac sign personalities almost to the T. I can tell already he is a free spirit that doesn't like to plan ahead and I'm all about planning ahead. I have read a lot of fail stories but I believe we can be a success, as long as we communicate. I can feel he is my soul mate and I hope the passion never dies because it has with other signs but this is my first Sag relationship. I know I will have to be the responsible one but I like that role and I know he's okay with it. Our love is too strong to ever give up. We have a 12 year difference, him being the older one, which I believe is a good thing because he has years of experience and insight that I don't have yet. I have big plans for my future and I hope he will take all my stress in strides and works with me on being a little more care free. Our love is something not many get to experience. We are truly lucky.
—Guest Sunshine

Never ever be with a sagi male

trust me sagitarues is wortest for capricorn women.never get along with sagis.selfish assholes on earth not just that truely passionless and neevr have same freq as dedicated capris - capri women
—Guest Sara wolf

I'm The Sag. He's The Cap

Well We're Young We've Known eachother Since 12 We Were in 6th Grade Together. I Feel Like I Can Open Up & Tell Him Basically Anything. Sometimes I Dont Trust Him & it Gets him Mad but he Doesnt Stay Mad at Me for Long. We Cant Go Long Without talking to eachother iAlso noticed that . I'm More of the Fun FreeSpirit. & He's More of The Layed Back Shy one. We Both Have Short Tempers Which Seems to Get Us to Bumpheads but Like I Said Before we Love eachother too much to stay mad. I Think I'm in Love I Don't Want Us To Ever End I Know We're only 16 & We Haven't Made it all the way official but we planned a future & Shared eachothers Hopes and Dreams. I Love Him
—Guest HisBoothang

cap and sag girl

our love was beautiful. she was amazing, i fell for her the hardest; we had everything in common it seemed like. but deep down she was only trying to please me. a sag needs to express what they want and not just please a cap because eventually they will wear down.i loved everything about her and saw past her flaws. seven months later her true colors started coming out. this love is amazing at first but after 2 years of verbal/physical abuse from my beautiful sag we fell apart. i do not love her for it has turned to hate. be careful of there deceiving white lies,anger, and lack of emotions when you are sad. be careful of manipulation caps. you are not the controlling one. also they are very repetitive in bed and are not into new things. she was dull with turning me on, she had rage issues over simple things, she put me down. and it all started off as the best thing ever, just be careful with you emotions and heart with these girls.
—Guest cosmic array


I've been married for 21 years to my CAPPY man.He is the best I 've ever had even tough he is boring at times I would'nt trade him for anybody.He pleases me in everything i want.He is still the same guy i married.Kind,Loving,Funny,Sexy,hanndsome,but the most thing i love about him is that he lets me be who i am.I dont have to keep anything to myself .I say it like it is and even when he does'nt like what is coming out of my mouth he doesnt say anything back ,he stays quiet and i feel that his silence tells me"I LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY"This relationship is a solid one and if you let a a sagde girl be herself an if you give her the space that she needs, your rewards will come along way.I believe that sagittarius and capricorn relationship is meant to be.You just gotta have patience with the freedom loving girl she wont leave you if you let her be HERSELF.Im Telling You!!!!I'M still LOVING my CAPPY MAN as it was YESTERDAY AND WE HAVE SIX CHILDREN IS'NT THAT LOVE.IT'S AMAZING.RIGH
—Guest jenny

Heartbreakingly over

im a cap hes a sag. We started out fast fun & exciting. Instantly fell in love. But he refused to accomodate my family life if it interfered with his playtime. We split up so many times in 3 years but it hurt so much being apart that we got back together again. In the end we had so little left between us we had 2 make the heartbreaking decision 2 live with the pain & split 4 ever
—Guest dawn

Sag girl . Cap guy

This is a PERFECT MATCH ! My bf (the cap) He's always there for me, And always wants the best! He makes me truely happy . & we have the best laughs . We do argue at times but, we have good communication ! My advice to any sag and cap relationship is to not bealieve everything u read about it.^^ live in the moment! My love is unique n were happier than ever together n its only been about 3 weeks but we've been bestfriends for about 2 years soo its great
—Guest mee

falling apart

I'm the sag female and he's the capricorn. We started out fast and beautiful but he's starting to realize that we don't have that much in common and he's starting to get annoyed whith my sensitivity and when I'm harsh or uncaring. I think caps love people who have stuff in common with them so I'm out of luck the distance is just hurting me he's not excited to. Call me anymore. I love him and he says he loves me but I'm pondering breaking up
—Guest sag girl

sag woman and cap man

this is the info i found on anoter site Sagittarius Woman and Capricorn Man A Capricorn man and a Sagittarius woman are not likely to remain with each other for long. The reason is too many differences in their nature. Her too-much independent spirit is likely to make him insecure and his possessive attitude may make her feel cloistered. He wants his girl only for himself, while she wants to show-off to the whole world. Her world is incomplete without the parties and adventure, he dislikes. However, both of them can learn much from one another, but only if they are willing. my husband and i have been married for 24 years he is my rock he we married after knowing each other for two months he is the home body type and i am always raring to go i'm his cheerleader and he is my stability i think wed are a great fit he is as true as they come and to this day he thinks i am going to leave him but that wont happen i am here to the end he still wants me all to himself
—Guest molly

Sag man, female Cappy = fail

It was bad. We had too many differences. The sex was loveless, he simply wasn't as creative as me. I'm the female cappy, also artistic which I can't help it sometimes. He doesn't really give me the affection that I need. I do it to him and he doesn't really take it. I wasted a whole year with the Sag - which turned out to be a major drag! Seriously, it was bad. :/
—Guest Casty

She's bored

Im the cap guy shes the sag gal. She's carefree, funny & the life of the party. I'm reserved, overthinker, routine. We've been together 11 yrs this June. We've been engaged for 3 yrs this June. No wedding planning so far . She doesn't like to be tied down. Me?Im so content having a best friend & lover (who gets me) to build a home & family with. We argue because she's carefree & I'm cautious. She says "just do it" I say "let's google it first then make a plan, then compare prices :-) ". We clash because of this. I bore her with my routine & depressing yet totally real outlook on life. She likes surprises, I hate them. I want to tell her exactly what I want, she wants me to guess what she wants. Some1 in a prior post said "he's (cap) my rock, I'm (sag) his fresh air". I feel the same. I keep her focused & she shows me how to relax. She's bored with me which Hurts my feelings but thats the thing she hates; feelings. She just wants fun. No details. Just free fun. #ChallengeAccepted
—Guest Rick

Crazy in love...

I have dated a Cap guy ten years ago and we reconnected recently(I am the Say female), but what i find is that we disagree sometimes but if we are apart it hurt so much, and when we are together it like we are just dating all over again. The way we gaze at each, the passionate kisses and self-restraining moan tells me we have a potential good thing going. He also does sweet little things although he hides his feelings alot like how he constantly compliments me,taking his best friend to meet me, and taking me to meet his mom etc. I have never experience these feelings before but it feels like real love. I love my Cappie guy.......
—Guest Seirra

Cap Woman, Sag Man

my bf has always been attracted to me, but not same for me lol our relationship started out fast and with a lot of ups and downs but when he fell in love with me he really shaped up. its true capricorn kinda guides the sag into pursing their dreams and inspirations and my bf ( sag) helps me kinda learn the meaning of living life!! hes very optimistic and likes to socialize..me not so much to a certain extent. but we make it work. i think if theres space and communication it will work out. i think cap does help the sag become a better person too, cuz my bf has changed alot its hard to belive. i still give him shit (typical cap) but its only cuz i care and love him!!!! weve been together for 9 months and weve had personality clashes but i love him and he accepts me for who i am and ironically brings out the capricorn ( my true self) out in me!! :)
—Guest Aamina

totally in lovr

I am a female sag and he's the cap. This article explains our relationship too the tee!! I'm the more excitable, adventurous one and tbh have a better sense of humour, and he is a little calmer, ready too settle down man but he does not trust me one bit even tho I've never given him a reason too douht my loyalty. We are deeply in love but we both need too work at it :) he's deffinately the one. X
—Guest josie

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