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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Sagittarius-Aquarius Relationship

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Sgittarius girls are just awesome.

Im Aquarius guy,33 and still turning my eyes and searching for the best to find the one for the rest of mylife. I know she should be a sagg. A sagg only. My father is a sagg and i know how keen and enthusiastic they are. Im doing a hell of technological stuff, experiments, wild life....sagg is the only way to go. They are just ideal women. Thanks.
—Guest Invent it.

so here it goes

Well I'm a aquarius women with a sagittarius man we have fights all the time we say were going to leave each other but we just can't do it r love is sooo strong we both get hurt thinking of not being together we have so much a like is so werid I love my man
—Guest tammy underwood

she is my love

Me and my aqua girl have been together for a while now, almost 6 months and, I love her a lot!
—Guest Jesse

aqua girl & sagg man

It was great at first everything clicked. Perfect match. he moved in... im annoyed with the way he eats and he has no will to change little things bother me but i mean he seems to have anger issues too. We fight all the time but make up. Sex is fabulous. Idk.
—Guest kare aqua

Sagittarius Girl & Aquarius Guy

I meet a Aqua. guy and feel in love 2001 it's now 2012, even though were not together I still love him as in the begining I feel everyday some kind of cosmic vibe like he is with me reality he's not... he calls and won't say nothing i know he is my soulmate & he's the love of my life i feel this so strongly when our eyes meet,his touch,his love, there is no other man i want but him... but the control issue he has is beyond any man i have ever known!what can i do to save our love?????
—Guest Becca


I'm a Sagg Girl and I go with a Aquaruis guy. I love him a lot . We been togther 8 yrs. He can b distance at times. And we need our space. He is my soulmate. I felt he was the one for me when we meant. But sometimes he can get on my nerves with his crappy attitude but I'm hanging in there!!
—Guest Brown Sugar

Wow so true

Im an aquarius and I like a Sagittarius. This is exactly us 100%. Everything was dead on!
—Guest Lisa


Me and my aqua girl recently got back together after a year and a half.at first everything was great but we started to argue and couldn't see eye to eye so I left her. I felt like I had to, it was n. I fun. Even after all that time apart and all the other girls I ran into I still came back to her now I regret ever leaving even to I felt like I had to.but are relationship is even better than it was the first time and if I get the chance I'll spend the rest of my life making it up to her. I want her to be my best friend and the only woman besides my mother that I can really give a damn about. Wish me luck
—Guest happy sagittarius =)

Sagittarius Man-Aqua Women "One Love"

Where can I start,I love My Sagg Man!! Lol..Communication check,Respect check,Loyalty check,The Sex check,everything seems perfect between us..I do have to mention that Sagg Men have patients with an aquarius..We tend to explode sometimes & The Sagg Man just takes it in..And let's it go..Our disagreements & arguements are almost a joke to one another..we laugh afterwards about it..smh..that's just us though,hope r great relationship could turn into a happy ending..Marriage? 3yrs & still going strong :)
—Guest Nickel

Aquarius girl and sagittarius girl

Me and my girlfriend have been together for almost a year. I am an aquarius and she is a sagg. Everything was like fireworks at first, but now all thats left is fire and charred remains. We were both very open and compatible at first but now it seems like there is a power struggle. We can't get away from each other fast enough, but yet we're still deeply in love and can't stay gone. This is like cat and mouse. Might stay away from the sagg for awhile after this.
—Guest Kayla

Aqua girl & Sagg boy

I've been dating my guy for not very long, but it was like an instant attraction when I first met him. When we're together, it's like we're in our own little world. :) We think about each other all the time. :) But, I'm kind of scared that we're moving to fast, emotionally. I could definitely see us together in the future, but I don't want ill feelings if we aren't. Ya know? I really do care for him, but love must not be rushed. :) Our relationship hasn't gone physical yet, but I can already tell that it will go off like a firecracker when it does! ;) haha! Thanks you guys for all of your experiences. :D
—Guest Daniellie

Aqquarius girl. Sag man.

The Best! I found my soulmate :) I think? Lol. We have our ups n downs but no matter wat we kant seem to leave each other. The s e x is AWSOME . Always something different . He kant seem to keep his hands off me (; Ohhhhhhhhhhhh girl. He loves me
—Guest Me

we might fight butwe stilllove eachother

WELL we have lil fights on and off but aquarius are very freaky in the bedroom and they are flirt machines yea im the sagittarius and i get very jelious when she flirts and lie about it but after ever arguement we come back to each other and talk and still love each other i love this gurl with all my heart and i dont ever wanna lose her no matter what happens i will always forgive her and give her chances along as she donsent do the same things over AND OVER AGAIN BUT 1.21.12 I REP TO THE END i lovee you gurl


—Guest shayla l.a

Sag gurl and aqua guy

Aquarians are usually aloof and I mean that ALOT . But they're usually caring :) I dated this aqua guy for 2 years and we had an in and off relationship which resulted in finally ending it . It broke me down cuz he went away so casually to some other girl . But well I got over it , it was pretty hard cuz aqua guys are really special and if you plan to have them , don't hesitate :)
—Guest Sanny

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