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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Sagittarius-Aquarius Relationship

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Ok so I'm in love with my bestfriend who's a sag and I'm an aqua hehe I love him so much were really close and I believe I found my soulmate sometimes were distant but when we're together the connection is soul stirring love and understanding we listen to each other problems and come to conclusions later the thing is though ....were not together officially yet :( Im pushing for it to happen though are love is way too strong to stay friends I
—Guest Love ^_^

real love

I'm a aqua girl married to a Sagittarius man. We've been together for about 5 years and were still madly in love. We've found best friend, sole mate, lover and co parent in eachother. I never knew it could be this good.
—Guest jenna

Me and my Sag

Seven months ago, I got together with a girl who completely blew my mind- a Sagittarius. I am a female Aquarius, and was tentative and cautious in love. She became my best friend and my lover, and we are still together to this day, and going strong. Maintaining a same-sex relationship can be challenging at times, but with out mutual respect for each other, drive to succeed, and creative problem solving, we have made it through and have made each other stronger. I love her more than anything, and I look forward to our happy future together.
—Guest Christine Dial

Frist love by Sagittarius

Yeah I still love her s o much cause we re still together almost 8 month soon..well I'm Aquarius femm :) she still love mee a Lott
—Guest Frist love by asagittarius

Sag girl/Aqua guy

Hi Im saggy girl, just broke up wt saggy guy.. I dont know, the feeling just worn out. But at the same time, I have an aqua fling, he has lots of friends and sometimes it makes me kinda following his popularity n now im single, while he said he loves me more than anyone else. -Touching- but then I know im jealousy type but holding inside... He has a girl bestfriend who is also a saggy, he loves his bestfriend. But then I cant get jealous because if he loves her, he would date her long time ago. but then he waits me. We havent officially date, but the good thing is he understands me alot and we have so much in common.
—Guest Rayana


I tried it once and might try it again but not for a long-term commitment ever. He was aloof and pretended not to have emotions. I call that emotionally unavailable. He was also controlling and passive aggressive and he played mind games. He was distant and out of touch when I try to call, everything was on his terms. I couldn't get him to get out and have fun and he didn't have anything interesting to talk about either. He bored me to tears. I ditched him within 3 weeks.
—Guest Obsidian butterfly

Sagittarian Girl/ Aquarius Guy

I Love My Aquarian, We Been Together For almost six months now but he has MANY flaws.! He thinks He is NEVER wrong and will blame anything any everything on anyone byt himself, when he's mad he is really loose in the mouth and say anything to hurt you but when you hurt him (by accident) he gets all defensive. I love him but its all a big package and i cant help but think he still loves his ex of 4 years. Idk why i put up with him.
—Guest Smyles

Sgittarius girls are just awesome.

Im Aquarius guy,33 and still turning my eyes and searching for the best to find the one for the rest of mylife. I know she should be a sagg. A sagg only. My father is a sagg and i know how keen and enthusiastic they are. Im doing a hell of technological stuff, experiments, wild life....sagg is the only way to go. They are just ideal women. Thanks.
—Guest Invent it.

so here it goes

Well I'm a aquarius women with a sagittarius man we have fights all the time we say were going to leave each other but we just can't do it r love is sooo strong we both get hurt thinking of not being together we have so much a like is so werid I love my man
—Guest tammy underwood

she is my love

Me and my aqua girl have been together for a while now, almost 6 months and, I love her a lot!
—Guest Jesse

aqua girl & sagg man

It was great at first everything clicked. Perfect match. he moved in... im annoyed with the way he eats and he has no will to change little things bother me but i mean he seems to have anger issues too. We fight all the time but make up. Sex is fabulous. Idk.
—Guest kare aqua

Sagittarius Girl & Aquarius Guy

I meet a Aqua. guy and feel in love 2001 it's now 2012, even though were not together I still love him as in the begining I feel everyday some kind of cosmic vibe like he is with me reality he's not... he calls and won't say nothing i know he is my soulmate & he's the love of my life i feel this so strongly when our eyes meet,his touch,his love, there is no other man i want but him... but the control issue he has is beyond any man i have ever known!what can i do to save our love?????
—Guest Becca


I'm a Sagg Girl and I go with a Aquaruis guy. I love him a lot . We been togther 8 yrs. He can b distance at times. And we need our space. He is my soulmate. I felt he was the one for me when we meant. But sometimes he can get on my nerves with his crappy attitude but I'm hanging in there!!
—Guest Brown Sugar

Wow so true

Im an aquarius and I like a Sagittarius. This is exactly us 100%. Everything was dead on!
—Guest Lisa


Me and my aqua girl recently got back together after a year and a half.at first everything was great but we started to argue and couldn't see eye to eye so I left her. I felt like I had to, it was n. I fun. Even after all that time apart and all the other girls I ran into I still came back to her now I regret ever leaving even to I felt like I had to.but are relationship is even better than it was the first time and if I get the chance I'll spend the rest of my life making it up to her. I want her to be my best friend and the only woman besides my mother that I can really give a damn about. Wish me luck
—Guest happy sagittarius =)

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