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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Sagittarius-Aquarius Relationship

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Have you been in a Sagittarius-Aquarius relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share your Experience

sag girl and aqu man

I'm a sag and my boyfriend is a aqu and he's so carring an loving he would give me everything and do whatever I ask of him also we have some amazing sex. He's just amazing that all I can say about my aqu.
—Guest brittney

roller coaster!!

i have dated several and it seems we definately have a sexual and intellectual spiritual connection the problem is the God complex that they have and a Sang girl isnt having it the straight forward talk can come off as rude they have good hearts but they are a handful as they think the world revolves around them get ready for thrills ups and downs changes and turn arounds they are hot then cold clingy then out of sight to much for me better as fdriends
—Guest serenity

Can This Be Happily Ever After...?

It started in March of this year I was walking in the barclays and a Sagg boy walked up to me and started to speak I looked up at his face and was just amazed he was everything I was waiting for. I hesitated to give him my number but gave It to him while saying "Please Don't Harass Me " . the first few weeks we texted I didnt really care to instantly reply. He was so sweet and consistent and called me princess. I started to gain feelings for him and that's when everything started to go downhill. So I asked him to drive me somewhere and he did ; "Princess" called him.then we stopped speaking for about a month and I didn't like it at all.we confirmed that we missed each other and decided to spend time together. I made one sudden move and he was ready to take control, but I stopped him. I felt comfortable with him, and he's been on my mind ever since. I would like is to work, but I feel that as an Aquarian fem I have become to nice and he's comfortable with his stubborn attitude.

Me and my love!

I am a typical Sagittarius girl and my boyfriend is a typical Aquarius guy. Our traits to the sign match exactly. We met on Facebook and we became friends. Our friendship led us to being best friends. But we both flirted with each other no-stop and we loved each other's company. But well, he actually first felt that he was in love with me and me being the typical Sag, avoided the fact because I was afraid of commitment. But also he being the typical Aquarius hide his feelings. But at some point we both gave up our feelings and we told each other. We both don't remember how, when and where we fell head over heels for each other. It's been almost 6 months of our relationship and we are very happy with each other. We give each other space, we feel complete with each other and I am in love with this guy to death. He's my soul mate and the love of my life. I can feel it. We barely fight and he is the perfect guy a girl can ever dream of. I am so lucky to have him.
—Guest Raisa

female aqua in love with a sag man

im an aquarius woman inlove with a sag guy we known each other for about 8 yrs now, and for that 8 yrs our communication was on and off then after 8 yrs we started communicating then he used to call me princess and is very sweet and he was like everything a girl could wish for he makes love poems for me everytime we talk was just like magic it makes me so happy it always made my day, he was actually a navy student so he is quite busy then he informed me that he might not be able to talk to me everyday because their 1st class is about to graduate and their the ones marching then those days came and i was calling him many times and got paranoid so i broke whatever it is we had on the phone and i read something like when a sag man loves you and actually tells you about that the worst you can ever accuse a sag is hes not relally inlove with you when he is then he started being passive and very distant dnt knw now...
—Guest in love with a sag

Aqquarius girl. Sag man.

The Best! I found my soulmate :) I think? Lol. We have our ups n downs but no matter wat we kant seem to leave each other. The s e x is AWSOME . Always something different . He kant seem to keep his hands off me (; Ohhhhhhhhhhhh girl. He loves me
—Guest Me

we might fight butwe stilllove eachother

WELL we have lil fights on and off but aquarius are very freaky in the bedroom and they are flirt machines yea im the sagittarius and i get very jelious when she flirts and lie about it but after ever arguement we come back to each other and talk and still love each other i love this gurl with all my heart and i dont ever wanna lose her no matter what happens i will always forgive her and give her chances along as she donsent do the same things over AND OVER AGAIN BUT 1.21.12 I REP TO THE END i lovee you gurl


—Guest shayla l.a

Sag gurl and aqua guy

Aquarians are usually aloof and I mean that ALOT . But they're usually caring :) I dated this aqua guy for 2 years and we had an in and off relationship which resulted in finally ending it . It broke me down cuz he went away so casually to some other girl . But well I got over it , it was pretty hard cuz aqua guys are really special and if you plan to have them , don't hesitate :)
—Guest Sanny

Aqua girl with Sag man

The most amazing, loved filled adventurous relationship I've ever been in. Made in the heavens. It's looking like marriage and kids for us. Neither one of us have "baggage" in terms of ex and kids. Now almost 30 we find the love of our lives or as we call eachother - "soulmates". I could love him forever! Very happy aqua girl. =)
—Guest cloudnine


I'm 15 & I'm a Sagittarius girl, & MY Girlfriend, 15, Is an Aquarius. We're both mature for our age. Before we met, she was a major player & as for me, i wasn't the relationship type person & just went from guy to guy not really choosing any who wanted to be with me. I'm straight -Not lesbian. Until I met this Aquarius girl.. I never thought I would be with another girl. & All my friends know how hard it is for me to actually love someone. We've been dating since August 6, 2011. & It's now September 30, 2011. Before I met her, I wasn't the emotional type, nor sensitive. But now all I am is that &clingy & lovey-dovey. It's not exactly a PERFECT match, because she's emotionally detached, & that's hard sometimes. It's not the BEST combination, but definitley good. I'm happy&hope we last a while. She's very sexual.. But I can cope. It's sort of like she cares a lot, just doesn't show it.. Overall, Pretty good combination. She's sleeping next to me as I type. I love her. Yes, YoungLove (:
—Guest GUEST.

Sag girl aquarius guy

I have dated an aquarius before and let me tell you he was lacking in every department. The sex sucked the kissing sucked and the dialogue was nonexistent so I placed Aquarius on my list of undateables...until I met Trevor. He's funny and cool and just amazing. My friend set us up and we're been talking ever since. He's an aquarius also. I can talk to him all day and never get tired of him. I think it matters what part of the year the aquarius is born on like the day or whatever. I absolutely adore this guy. I keep seeing on here how these aquarius guys are cruel..well me being a sag I know that I am not exactly a damsel in distress. I'm mean as a snake sometime. I hope we last. so far so good.
—Guest Chloe B

aqua girl sagg girl

I'm an aqua girl and I will have been with my sagg girl for 1 year in Feb. Apparently she was aware of me for a year before we spoke to each other. She insists that I didn't notice here but I think other aqua ppl can agree with me that with an aqaua kid you have to put yourself in context. Just because you say hi dies not mean I or and aqua kid understands that you mean I like you lets hang out. Idk about other aqua ppl but I dont think like that. That aside I truly wish I Mac noticed her sooner because I am so happy.
—Guest guest

married aqua man

At first everything was great... but I am a pure sag right in the middle of the sign strong willed and strong minded, in the end I think he felt belittled by my independance and strenght and tried to control me wich does not work for sags. I really thought he was the one but I cannot stand to be controled and not be allowed to be my outgoing self. Seriously turned me off. Our daughter is a sag too and soooo independant and strong. I truly believe even though he loves her he is jealous of her as well because of her and my connection
—Guest pure sag woman

Sag girl married aqua husband

I have been in a few long term relationships before I remet my husband. I had also been single for awhile. My husband who is a aqua and who am a sag went to high school together. We remet 13 years later. Our relationship was a whirl wind. We seemed so compatible and understood each other and pushed each other to think outside the box. But we also enabled each other to be less than who we were and not be resposible because we were banking on those big dreams. We were living together within 4 months, pregnant within 7 months and married within 13 months. I was the main provider and him being a sales man in this economy was struggling. As we know sags can be very opionated which I was toward him and he fought against me. Which as any of you should know it's not a good idea to go up against a sag especially when they are right. In the end our marriage was ruined because he got physical with me. He later told me that through out my life people who couldn't understand me tried to m
—Guest Lost Sag

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