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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Sagittarius-Aquarius Relationship

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Have you been in a Sagittarius-Aquarius relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share your Experience

roller coaster!!

i have dated several and it seems we definately have a sexual and intellectual spiritual connection the problem is the God complex that they have and a Sang girl isnt having it the straight forward talk can come off as rude they have good hearts but they are a handful as they think the world revolves around them get ready for thrills ups and downs changes and turn arounds they are hot then cold clingy then out of sight to much for me better as fdriends
—Guest serenity

Can This Be Happily Ever After...?

It started in March of this year I was walking in the barclays and a Sagg boy walked up to me and started to speak I looked up at his face and was just amazed he was everything I was waiting for. I hesitated to give him my number but gave It to him while saying "Please Don't Harass Me " . the first few weeks we texted I didnt really care to instantly reply. He was so sweet and consistent and called me princess. I started to gain feelings for him and that's when everything started to go downhill. So I asked him to drive me somewhere and he did ; "Princess" called him.then we stopped speaking for about a month and I didn't like it at all.we confirmed that we missed each other and decided to spend time together. I made one sudden move and he was ready to take control, but I stopped him. I felt comfortable with him, and he's been on my mind ever since. I would like is to work, but I feel that as an Aquarian fem I have become to nice and he's comfortable with his stubborn attitude.

Me and my love!

I am a typical Sagittarius girl and my boyfriend is a typical Aquarius guy. Our traits to the sign match exactly. We met on Facebook and we became friends. Our friendship led us to being best friends. But we both flirted with each other no-stop and we loved each other's company. But well, he actually first felt that he was in love with me and me being the typical Sag, avoided the fact because I was afraid of commitment. But also he being the typical Aquarius hide his feelings. But at some point we both gave up our feelings and we told each other. We both don't remember how, when and where we fell head over heels for each other. It's been almost 6 months of our relationship and we are very happy with each other. We give each other space, we feel complete with each other and I am in love with this guy to death. He's my soul mate and the love of my life. I can feel it. We barely fight and he is the perfect guy a girl can ever dream of. I am so lucky to have him.
—Guest Raisa

female aqua in love with a sag man

im an aquarius woman inlove with a sag guy we known each other for about 8 yrs now, and for that 8 yrs our communication was on and off then after 8 yrs we started communicating then he used to call me princess and is very sweet and he was like everything a girl could wish for he makes love poems for me everytime we talk was just like magic it makes me so happy it always made my day, he was actually a navy student so he is quite busy then he informed me that he might not be able to talk to me everyday because their 1st class is about to graduate and their the ones marching then those days came and i was calling him many times and got paranoid so i broke whatever it is we had on the phone and i read something like when a sag man loves you and actually tells you about that the worst you can ever accuse a sag is hes not relally inlove with you when he is then he started being passive and very distant dnt knw now...
—Guest in love with a sag

Aqua girl sag man

I met my sag man about a month ago and literally as soon as we locked eyes for the first time we connected. We click. Were just seeing eachother because our lives are too crazy to be tied down. We are very sexual and intense when we cuddle and kiss, but I won't give it up and it drives him crazy. I'm usually pretty clingy but he could not text me for a few days and I'd have no fear about it, and I'm really into him so it's weird. I can tell he's attached to me but can't admit it. He Also gets super jealous and controlling in a bar scene when I get any attention from other men. It's interesting and fun, and our attraction to eachother is ridiculous. Were both scared to fall in love with each other because were both the definition of free spirits, but I have a feeling it'll happen anyways. He's dominant & so am I so that kinda makes for a lot of throwing each other around in bed when were fooling around! If you're looking for a relationship with these signs, be careful.Sag is a free bir
—Guest Bbxo

I don't believe in this

I've been in 2 relationships with sagittarius men. Yes we do get along with each other very well, enjoy each others company, but personalities just clash. They are too possessive and full of jealousy. They just are not relationship type.
—Guest Aquarian woman

Sag women- aqarius man

Im a sag female my partner is aquarius male. Wow well this relationship good. He tends to me like he cares, we have a laugh, joke you name it. Used to come see me all the time and visit, stop over, have amazing sex! Now... He doesn't come down as much, I see him once a week. I ask him why and he says because he "can't" which is lies because he doesn't have work the next day. When I ask him what's up or why you being a loof... He gets so angry at me for even considering that he's lost feelings for me. But he's actions say other. Like in my eyes if you wanted to see me... You'd be here! He's like how can you say I don't care or listen. I'm like because if you listened this wouldn't be happening. He's a Great man and you can connect on a deep level, but when he's being a loof he's cold and gruel and honestly... You get sick of it. Getting sick of the ignoring because iv expressed how iv left. He's a jerk if I'm honest and doesn't listen cuz "HE'S ALWAYS RIGHT!" Cold hearted bastard!
—Guest Claire

sag boy & aqua girl

I've been best friends with my sag for almost 2 years he barley told me how he felt about me in January 2014. I was into him secretly & so we started talking & hanging out at school trying to make it seem like were dating. Then out of no were my sag boy started acting different more distant, which made me fall back & act distant towards him. Now I'm unsure if I want to be with him by the eat he's acting. But I'm scared that I will lose him forever which is that thing I don't want to do. But I feel its best for us to be separated & explore what's out there. I do care for him deeply & I know he does too. But I feel like he's more into me than I am into him. Which tears me apart because I've tried to love him but it just didn't work for me. It's something wrong with me? Am I making the right choice of dropping him? I'm so unsure of how I feel.
—Guest Aqua girl

Aquarius women, Sagittarius man

Omg from the first time we locked eyes we made a connection. Having intellectual conversations and arguing every other day. He likes to be a free spirit and so do I but really don't like it too much. His temper is bad but I learned how to tame it. Just don't speakat all. I had to learn to be passive ccuz God knows I got a mouth on me. Each day he reminds me that we are just friends but each night when he get off work you can find him eating and laying and holding me. Smh...we both say things we don't mean but end up forgetting about it ten minutes later and we always seem to put ideas together that actually help us financially. Seems like we been married for 7 years but only known each other 2 ,months. I don't know where this is going but I'm down for the ride
—Guest sweet p


Hi i am sag man i am loving aqua girl but still am not propose to her but am very intrested in that girl and waiting to talk with her but i could n't understanding she loving me or not can u please tell me may she loves me...........
—Guest PREM

Still A Mystery :)

I'm a Sagi and the man I love is an Aqua. We have been great friends ever since college. The first time I saw him, he easily heightened my curiosity. He wasn't really the stand out but there was some mysterious vibe about him I couldn't explain. After three years of knowing him, I finally realized I was falling for him. Every moment with him was challenging, interesting and new. He isn't the type to express his feelings outright. He's the type who doesn't speak much but has a lot going on in his mind. He often puts on a 'tough' front but when you get to know him he's of the most loyal and sincere ones who go unnoticed. He was just that amazing in my eyes and as a Sagi I loved the thrill of getting to know him. We're not involved in any relationship yet as of now. We're just enjoying the moment. Seems like he's really giving a lot of thought to it though. Whatever decision he makes, I'm willing to accept. I dunno what to expect with this man but I'm excited to see how things turn out!
—Guest StacieJ

STRICTLY FRIENDS (I'm a sag btw)

I friend love my aquarius best friend and we are super duper close, we have similar situations also. She's my very first aquarius best friend.
—Guest Teeci

Stuck on Stupid

I read through these first to get an idea of how much to share. To my shock I read an experience very similar to my own. I've been in a friends with benefits situation with a sag for about 15 years. I managed to develop feelings which of course were never returned but because the sex is the best I've ever had, I can't let go. We both have significant others in our lives so I don't really feel the need to give him up.

Aqua Fem Sag Guy

i've only been seeing my Sag for a week now. After the first sexual encounter the next day he dropped the L bomb on me!! I laughed it off and he tried to catch himself but he stated he couldn't hide the way he felt..Relationship is moving really fast and he definitley is a passionate lover who likes to be in control! He's in the music industry and u know us Aquarian women are crazy so u already know! He's so busy I hardly hear from him throuought the day and it drives me crazy..But then I remember they Like the Chase!! So I don't call or text him period. And when he calls me I'm all sweet smiles..when we meet it is like candlelight!! I really would like to see where this goes and he says he does too so I will be back with an update in 6mons if we are still rocking! Oh I failed to mention he has already asked to get a place together..My advice is to know what u WANT before getting involved with a Sag Man..They move fast and will take your mind and body to places it has never been!
—Guest jaylah

Aqarius girl Sag guy

I dated this sagittarius boy after a couple of days of us being friends. We had the best relationship. But he randomly texted me dumping me to focus on school. So I let him go. But I am still heartbroken to this day. It's been 3 months. But I really want him back. I'll fix every problem there was. I didn't even know why till his step-sister said yes to me when I kept asking reasons. Well... Because of our age. He is a little over 2 years older me. Isn't that the stupidest reason to break up? We are in the same grade so I have no idea why it's a problem. I was really happy with him in my life and it completed my life. I don't know what to do.
—Guest Brooke

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