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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Sagittarius-Pisces Relationship

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Have you been in a Sagittarius-Pisces relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share your Experience

Love/Hate Thing

I'ma sag and he is a pisces and this has been the most confusing relationship I have ever been in. We are in love and together all the time one minute, then in a blink of an eye he will disappear....weeks, maybe months at a time and without warning or a goodbye. Then he will show back up like nothing happened but the problem is I have to start from scratch getting his guard down all over again. We just spent 7 beautiful months together after spending a year on and off....and he's gone again and I have no idea why. I love him so much....he's my other half and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. He says he loves me and wants this too but it just doesn't seem to last for long. I can't seem to figure him out and quite frankly it's exhausting. I want to move on but honestly there are no other men worth my time.... he knows me inside and out. He is a good person....wonderful heart and soul. That's why I love him so much....I just hate how he keeps running in and out of my life.
—Guest cipher986

pisces F/ Saggi M

Im a pisces female who doesnt like commiting or being held down until he (sagg) showed up in my life. He was needy, clingy, touchy and i was usually distant. Fortunately, we connected so well and the chemistry wasoverwhelming, there was never a dull moment.Our fights are usually him going insane, but then the chemistry just stays. For the first time, i want to make this relationship work, but its going to be a rocky road and he's very afraid of me leaving or cheating...
—Guest piscesssgrl


I'm a Sagittarian woman that's been in love with a Piscean man for 2 yrs....AND IT HAS BEEN ONE HELL OF A ROLLERCOASTER RIDE!!! However, it's been the most beautiful relationship I've ever had. It's hard to explain how you and your lover could be so compatible and yet so incompatible. When it comes to emotions, I express mine verbally....he doesn't. I get angered easily....he hardly gets mad over anything. I am used to having a man do anything I want....he does the exact opposite....sometimes I think on purpose lol. But as far as our spirits, hearts and minds....we are one. We can sit outside for hours and hours and talk and laugh about anything. He knows my darkest secrets but still loves me unconditionally and remains loyal. He is the most beautiful man I've ever met and the love of my life. Even though what he doesn't do is INFURIATING sometimes, the little things he does outweighs it anyday. Don't know if this love is forever, but we have each other now....that's all that matters.
—Guest DaisyInTheSun82


I am a Sag woman and the love of my life is a Pisces man. We've been together for 2 yrs and although we've had some hard times, he is the only man I will ever love. What I love about him the most is his spirituality, intelligence and compassion. We can sit and talk for hours about any and everything, he is my best friend. He knows the worst things about me and still loves me unconditionally. He makes me laugh all the time without even trying and we have a ball wherever we go. And the love making is AMAZING!!! I am very erotic and spontaneous and he is very sensitive and passionate so the chemistry just goes hand and hand. We have problems communicating sometimes, mainly because I'm a talker and he not so much. But our disagreements never last long because we can't stand being upset with each other. He does drive me crazy with his ever changing ways but I admit it keeps me on my toes. My heart beats for my mother, my boys and for him ALWAYS!
—Guest Superwoman2613

sag girl pisces boy... oh well...

when I first met him I was completely infatuated. we vibed really well, he was extremely interesting, but we both led different lives and were pretty detached from one another. eventually I realized that in my eyes he is a total bullshitter. i won't degrade his fantasy world/escapism tendencies because that is probably what I found most beautiful about him - his imagination. the passion i felt toward him was wonderful and consuming, but in the end we just deal with the world in a really different way that doesn't work and isn't good for each other.
—Guest On2TheNext


I'm a Sagg he's a Pisces and within our first conversation I was HOOKED. I am not someone who gets nervous and am very forward of course so while it seems he's cooled off because he's been busy with work I'm terrified I'm scaring him off. He makes my heart flutter in a way I've never felt before and I want him... badly! I see us having a very fun and exciting experience together I just need to pull back and it's really hard doing that. I have never experienced anything so magnetic in my life!
—Guest Irish Doll

love compability

im a piscus.. And im in love with sag boy.. Bt we r still old 17-18 years .. He dosnt try understand my love.. He is always hurting me it self and he loves me alot.. And my question is ...is we marry ah????
—Guest priyanka

New Romance.

I'm a pisces lady just beginning a relationship with a sagittarius man. Its my first relationship of any kind with a sag and I have to say I have never fallen so fast in my life. He makes me feel so comfortable, free, and happy whenever I'm around. We've only been on five dates and I'm just crazy about him. I found a lot of truths in the article above for me, and after reading a lot of the comments it seems to me that pisces female - sagittarius male combinations are more compatible than the other way around.
—Guest Watergirl


Lesbian love. I have been dating my sagittarius girlfriend for a year and 2 weeks now. She is my everything and my life would be completely different if i had not met her. She's everything i've ever wanted in a soulmate and more especially cause she's honest and very blunt. We talk things through and get over them and that's how we make it last. We have plans for the future and at times she needs her space which hurts me as a Pisces but i give her cause she needs it and i have to understand but it gives me time to just miss her lol :(... well in all we are loving to each other and she always reminds me that she's NEVER had a person like me in her life, a person that loves her so much just so unconditionally which i appreciate so much. We fight just like any other couple but we get through things and always back to being normal. We usually fight when we're apart but when we're together its lovey dovey...love birds. I love her with all of my being and i wouldn't change her for anything.
—Guest Pisces girl-Sag stud/butch

It just doesn't work

I am a Sag woman and married a Pisces man. I loved him with all my heart and soul - the unfortunate part is that he didn't know how to be honest/truthful and was a compulsive liar. I felt like if I loved him enough, made all the money we needed, provided an amazing life for us - he would be satisfied. It doesn't work that way. So I had to make a decision and moved him out of our house and haven't seen him for almost a year, except in court where he is suing me for support and my house etc. It just doesn't work with a Sag woman and Pisces man. Sag are brutally honest, Pisces are secretive and are avoiders.
—Guest Carino_victoria

pisces woman sagg man

I'm a Pisces woman he's a Sagittarius man we started out as just friends that years later spark a relationship. I can agree with a lot of the online astrology charts when it comes to our relationship I soften his brutal tongue and he motivates me to make my dreams come true I think honestly it all is up to you as a person as to what it becomes we are all individuals a sign does not define us although there are a lot in common such as emotions and personality traits good luck!!!!!!
—Guest mzpisces86


I am a sagittarius female and my boyfriend is the pisces. I love him to death and can't ever get enough of him. From the first moment we really sat down and had a conversation we were attached. Now, I don't know if it's because of our opposite sign (water and fire), but when we reach a disagreement of some sort our rage clashes against each other causing a huge arguement. I've noticed that in the end of it all we never come to a settled agreement. Just an I'm sorry and if another arguement is to occur we throw it back into our partners face. Other than that our relationship is lovely & it is ever so often if we argue.
—Guest jay

sag and pisces woman

Me and my husband have been married for 6 years together for 10 inseparable.I study signs im a ( pisces and scorpios seem to be more of a fit for pisces but in my opinion they are not strong enough I believe pisces need stronger partners such as Leo and sag compatible.however I dont think scorpio
—Guest crystal

sagitatius pisces

I'm a sagg and my boyfriends a pisces and we have a pretty great relationship I think the thing that I love most about him is how sweet he can be he's so adorable and funny whenever wre together its like heaven on earth we get along great we make eachother better . We have our problems at tines but no relationship is perfect and that's something thts just always going to b cus nobodys perfect . But I guess in relationships you just got to know if its wrth it and if it is the. U keep trying and you make it wrk. We never give up on eachother no matter what sone how we jst run back to eatchother cus there's no ither place we rather be thn with eachother
—Guest nnnnn

this sag girl wants a pisces boy...

When I met this pisces boy through mutual friends I was infatuated, & still am. I read his poetry & we spoke online, then when we met in person, there were immediate sexual sparks. since our first enticing encounter, we've both been on seperate trips for a few months (long story) and while I've just arrived back home, he'll be back in another few months. We've spoken again breifly online since I got back, but he's really busy and while I understand, I yearn for him often. My strong feelings for him frighten me for the fact that, though I know we are sexually compatible, I'm not sure if my genuine infatuation with him is mutual. Plus, I'm afraid of being too direct with emotional advances, causing him to swim away. I plan to play it indirect and safe, letting my scorpio moon and venus in scorpio shine. his moon is in libra, so our moon and suns are compatible both ways. I really desire him on all levels and I think he's a gem... I just hope things work out and the feeling ends up mutual
—Guest sag sun/ scorp moon

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