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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Sagittarius-Pisces Relationship

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Have you been in a Sagittarius-Pisces relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

sag-female with Pisces man.

I am a Sag female with a Pisces and it is the best thing that has happened. We've been together a year and we are constantly moving foward. We've gone from Meth addicts, to Healthy happy no drugs or cigarettes, or pop even. Constantly making goals and accomplishing them. Understanding and patience is in abundance, and our lives are both greater than ever. Perfect match
—Guest spacejunkie

The Most Intense Relationship EVER!!!!

I did astrological charts by hand in the past, and I can tell you that it's not all about the Sun sign. Your moon sign and sign in mercury also help shape your personality. My Sun sign is Pisces (but I am on the border between Pisces and Aries), my moon is in Libra and Aries is in mercury. So as you can see.. a big dose of fire and air. Throughout my life, I have always attracted Sagi men. My experiences with them have been intense. One of the biggest loves of my life was a Sagi (Nov 27.. same birthday as Bruce Lee).. and now I am married to another big love of my life.. a Sagi man (Dec 7th). He is definitely worth it. I guess because my personality is geared more towards an Aries. We do argue sometimes, but we don't stay upset with each other for long. We are both outspoken (blunt), spiritually orientated (we are both Wiccan). We are very much a like actually. Sagi's are very blunt, restless with chaotic thoughts, yet loving and soft inside when they love you. They are worth it.

Heart broken Sag woman with Pie man

I am a sag woman and fell in love with my pie man from the get, and I definitely felt the love from him. But as time went on, we only enjoyed each other when we were together. We had alot of highs and lows, and our lows were as low as low could get. I always had to threaten to end it or actually end it, just to get him to be honest and tell it all. I admit as a Sag, its hard for me to stay still for him because I like to stay busy, and it was hard for him to keep up. But I finally decided to let go after 2 years, only after finding out he was never completely mine anyway. He cheated through most of our relationship. But honestly, our highs were well worth it. If I never would have found out his little secret, I would've have never left his side, lows and all.

2 for 1

i m the Pie and he is the Sag, we are both males, same age, cant say we started with the right foot, but we surely started with this unbound physical and mental attraction that developed to this complicated type of relationship and now we are more than just friends with benefits, we been together for two years and only growing closer. he amuses me with his sense of humor and talents and i keep a good advice and take care of his steps and actions and can not be entertained or wishing to be with someone else but him, i been with others, but this is secure, he been raised to a committed family and i been only wanting to be with only one person, we dont face any issues about being in a monogamous relationship, at all. we always been there for each other. i started to learn about his ways of comforting me, and he only grew to be this opened arms man who would listen to me and even miss his work just to make sure i m done talking. Sag are babies, but they grow up to what you tell them to be
—Guest Myler

Puppy love:Pisces boy & Sagittarius girl

I'm a Pisces male infatuated with a more than perfect Sagittarius princess ^.^ We have been together for nearly a year and to this day we have not argued once during our relationship. She makes me the happiest when I'm around her, when I'm having a really bad day she knows how to make me smile with just her sweet talk and her being here physically; she is still the only person that can make me smile on a bad day. We are start-crossed lovers separated by the cities between us. Even though we're so far away from one another we always find our way to each other..it's hard not to be able her as much but like we always tell each other "it's okay, I'm only 3 hours away" it's worth the travel just to get to see that pretty smile once again. Sagittarius and Pisces male a great couple in my experience because we share a lot in common and we were a chatter box when we first started talking , the first month together seemed as if we have known each other for years, I HAVE FOUND MY SOULMATE! :3

wow o wow what an intence LoVE!

Im a sag girl whos met my ultimate match! Ive never has such a deep connection with anyone ever as i do with my piecies MAn! He is the ultimate man to! From the minute we had our first date i wanted it to last forever! He felt the same way! The way we are differnt is he is always busy and retreats to find solitute and i want to be near more but fighting it only makes the water steam so ive learned to let him come to me! It works and it also more exciting because when he makes his intense Love to me! It makes up for anything and evrything hes ever done! Im smitten to the 9ns! Hes a bit of a bullshitter but i dont care what he does as long as i can be kissed him again! Love him!! Weve been doing this dance 2 yrs! And althou times can be straining w my uneasy patience ive learned to stay busy and get more hobbies! Hes made me a better person all arround!!!! I thankGod everyday for him!
—Guest a a

Never marry Pisces man or else ruined u

This is sooo ..... TRUE! I'm a sagde lady, with my very handsome Pisces man, that drives me crazy in LOVE until now, Hes awesome , great dancer, likes travelling like me, he shows and bring me places that's new to me and I love it, he provides financially , care of me, loves me, pampered me every time I hate him , and most of that he's a GREAT PARTNER IN BED, oh my! but I feel really boring of our dates , I hate dating my Pisces man now, sooooo bored, nothing's new looks like same routine, and well always arguing of that , and one thing I've notice of my Pisces man is sooo a great LIAR MAN I've ever met in my whole life , alibis and secretive , I hate him of that , and he's end up never sleeping whole night keep texting and sending mails a hundred times in one minutes a day, looks like he cants live without me every time we've been fighting , and I been aloof and cold of him, but I do love him,he's a great bf not a suit husband to be with, instead under LEO is what I'm looking for
—Guest K14amazing lady under saggie

It takes work

I am a Pisces, with a Sag man. For the most part we get along well. We do have our days when we bicker and fight, but it never lasts long. Because, neither of us like fighting with the other. I am quite sensitive, and he can say hurtful things, and he has made me cry before, but at the end of the day his soft side shows, and he appoligizes. He is very passionent, and always knows the right things to say and makes sure to always show his love. This relationship works, I don't care what the zodiac astrology says. It just takes work, but so does any other relationship. Good match.
—Guest Kaleigh

sagittarius women and Pisces man

I am a Sagittarius women who is now engaged to a Pisces man. When we first met it was quiet neither of us talking that much. Once we did though we found out we have so much in common. He does get on my nerves more than usual, but we always laugh it out and I wonder why I got mad in the first place. As far as our sexual life, we tend to both have a hire passion for it and have it a lot. I don't know if that's normal between a water element and a fire element. I am now pregnant and his attitude has totally changed toward a lot. He try's to act tough when he see's the ultra sound but can't keep a smile off his face.
—Guest FlameGirl23

sag-pisces match

I am a pisces felmale. I met my sag male partner 7 years ago. From the start, it was electric, spontaneous, fun,comfortable, intellectually and emotionally intriguing and balanced. We seem to compliment eachother so very well. I have found myself becoming a better person continually. I have no doubt of his commitment, his love, his integrity, his loyalty. We enjoy a large variety of activities together, whether it be via traveling or just staying home, individually reading, talking, gardening. I find myself completely amazed that I found this person; that he is in my life. Yes I am sensitive, but I am also brutally honest. Yes he is brutally honest, but also has unexpected sensitivities that one only sees if one takes the time to really notice. He is my best friend, my incredible lover, my other half.
—Guest wren

sagittarius-pisces relationship

This ia truely amazing its describes both of us and how we may interact and what to expect in our relationship!
—Guest kiara

lost for words.

i am a pisces women i was in a reationship with my sattitarius man for 4 years, its was one of the most awsome experince and also the most hurtful. i tryed eveything posible to keep this reationship going even trying my best to meet his standerds. but i got fed up and i started to wonder, as i started wondering i meet someone els and once my sag man know this he was all over me trying to win be back i had to make a dision, making the dision was the hardest thing i had to do. now my ex wants nothing to do with me becouse he feels i had left him for someone els thats not the true resioning for me leaving though i still wish to regain owr friendship if thats even posible. and what realy blows me away is after all was said by him not being in a reationship for a long time now not even a mouth later is now in another reationship. what can i do now...
—Guest a pisces gal


I'm a Pisces and I go w a Sagittarius at times I feel insecure we been through a lot I cry each time, but my Sagittarius act as if it dosent matter but always seems to come back it's just good one day n bad the next it's so confusing but others feel we are made for each other& we both girls so maybe it's different
—Guest Nana

Conpulsive liar

I'm a March Pisces that met a December Sag and she was really interested in me to a point where it was creepy. I must say we were in High school 10th grade. I was interested in her but she would lie to me to the point where it just made me mad. She would say stuff like she's a virgin next day she would tell me that she wasn't, so trust was lost. She seemed very interested in me. However when it came time for her to tell me about her past she seemed too secretive about and I got that vibe from her and I just kept my distance. Now reading the comments that have been posted it does pleases me to read about user that have had a better experience than I. I myself wouldn't really date a sag since I feel they, the woman, may see the Pisces as quite and weak.
—Guest Gio

One True Love

I am a sagittarius female. about 3 yrs ago i met a pisces male. we dated for 8 months n were totally n completely in love he did everything he could for me. sex was good. relationship was fun. then after 8 months i got pregnant. he started to back away little by little by the time i was 6 or 7 months we had no sex, he was always out with his friends...9 months came along baby came. still no sex fighting arguing worser situation. our son turned 3 months n he finally left. found out he met a girl a few months before tht n he didnt contact us again for 3 months. he came back off and on for 6 months until my son turned 1 yr. n i decided to move outta town. he has totally regrettd his decions n is willing to commit to us now. but its too late i will always love my pisces but its time for me to take my little pisces n move on.

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