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From the article: Scorpio Man & Pisces Woman
Know something about the Scorpio man and Pisces woman relationship? Deets, please! Or what you're comfortable sharing is ok, too.

Perfect Match

I'm a pisces and out of the 4 boyfriends I've had, I have only truly loved 2 of them -- and they both happen to be scropio men. My current boyfriend of two years is a scropio and I love him more every day. As a Pisces woman, I need to feel secured and loved and my scorpio boyfriend does just that for me. He is the perfect example of "actions speaks louder than words." Every single one of his actions reassures me of his love for me. Though it is hard to get him to open up about his feelings, I can read his mind without him opening his mouth, so it's all good. there is a connection on a deeper level between a pisces woman and a scorpio man. I love how real and genuine the love we have for each other is.
—Guest pisces35

heaven made jodizzzz

my scorp & me just are true soulmates...perfectly understand each others mood,as a pisces i'm fickle minded but he is stubborn... he's so moody dat its irritative sometimes but u hav to learn to cope patientfully & i agree he needs some space n i giv too...but once u fall in love with dat guy...u wil wish to love no one as he is so loyal,he is secretive doesn't mean he doesn't love u,a true love does not need words to express feelings,if he care for u it means he loves u and if he is introvert then he wont call u...if he says he loves u dats enough bcz he says dat wht he thinks...dont flirt infront of him as he's heart may be broken & he wont tell u exactly he's hurt but he may pay back & u will get hurt morer so show some emotions to control dem but dont try to dominate...love him & get more love & trust from him...;)m proud of my bf n m lovin him more a days.....mmmmmwwwaaaahhhhh.....to him..... :-*
—Guest march2 pisces girl plz tweet-pragyan bal

scorp my real bf

i'v not met my soulmate yet...but scorp is dat one of my best fulfiller of my emotional needs...we are same in nature...many differences we ignore with more space then again in love...we neither can marry nor leave....we dont wanna loose each other we just chat but rare to make a call we understand each other n respect too & i thsnks to lord shiv dat he gave me my wished mate....i really wanna marry him & want a child only from him ^_^
—Guest guddy

lost an turned out

I'm a Scorpio man I've been with my Pisces woman for over five years now or relationship was cool for the first three months then I found her on the phone with one of her exes an it wasn't the last time my trust has been broken by this older woman repeatedly but I stay hoping she will go back to like she was but it only gets worse I wish I knew why she turned on me because she is so evil acting now like I cheated on her but I haven't I mean its not bad all the time but I feel myself putting more effort to keep her happy than what I'm getting in return normally I wouldn't complain but its getting worse I don't wanna leave her an get another woman but it has crossed my mind a lot lately what is a man to do?
—Guest scorpio911

scorpy hubby

Hi everyone, I married a scorpio man he is the most sweetest, loving, caring person. I would like to give a tip of warning to pisces women especially the nosy ones. Don't probe him for secrets if he's holding something back from you its because he's not ready don't probe it out of him okay. And secondly if he says he needs space doesn't mean he doesn't want you he just needs to sort out his confused scorpy head. And finally is a scorpio man says he loves you (exceptions for assholes) he really means it. I mean i will never understand how much my scorpy loves me.
—Guest Sids

Pisces Asc. Woman & Scorpio Asc. Man

When I read all the different article about the different signs the sun signs moon signs and so forth well the ascendent sign and sun sign of the same zodiac are no different. My chart is Capricorn Sun/Leo Moon/Pisces rising and my man of 3 years is Virgo Sun/Aquarius moon/Scorpio Rising. I am not as naive as I look and I sure as hell changed my Scorpio ascendent man because nobody has taught him the dynamics of being a man. Some one had to teach him so the gloves were off and I spit fire at him on what he needs to do and start manning up and acting like the man I know he can be not a man child. He wants this work than he needs start pulling his weight. So he did. Like people say you marry some one similar to a parent well my Scorpio's personality is no different from my father and I am no different from his mother to extent but it was time to pull the weight and I am so glad that things changed and I am so glad to see improvement even if it took 2 1/2 years to do but I love him.
—Guest Kymglanzmann

My Scorpio prince

Hi, I have read all you guys stories and most are accurate to my guy. I am a pisces woman 22 of age and my Scorpio is 28. First time we met it wasn't love at first sight but he was very attractive to me I could tell how he stared at me. Our first date we were out the whole night with each other laughing and enjoying each other's company. Conversations with him were amazing even though he had a dark side to him he never showed that side to me he wanted to be a good man to me if after being around him I wanted to fulfill him in every way as posssible. No man has ever been loyal to me the way he has, he's my bestfriend my lover my protector and he see's right thru me that's why I am always honest with him because disloyalty is a deal breaker for him. I think I'm in love and I hope he feels the same
—Guest Monique Dunn

almost too perfect

this is my first time dating a scorpio. we seem to understand each other at a deeper level. i feel like i can basically read his mind. even though we are long distance, it is the most mature and compassionate relationship i have been in.
—Guest pisces woman

The Scorpio man.

I met this scorpio man on Facebook. We had lots of mutual friends but never came around to actually talked to each other because at that time we both had our own relationships. Then I moved away for a while and we started chatting up on Facebook again. I just got out of a 3yr relationship with my ex at that time and he left me totally broken. I was in a very vulnerable state. Being the PISCES that I am. I didn't want to talk to any guy or did I want to move on so quick and rebound anyone. But this scorpio guy became my friend. My first male friend in 3 yr since my ex at the time never allowed me to have any male friends. (yes, I was a pushover.) The first couple of months he'd always tell me that it was so difficult for me to open up to him, that he wanted me to trust him. We ended up talking every day and night, even slept on the phone and skyped everyday. He fell fast for me and it kinda scared me. First of all, this scorpio man had an insanely crazy sex drive...
—Guest Alady101

To my fellow Pisces women: Don't do it!!

Okay let me start off by saying yes, the sex is amaaaazinggg. And he will make love to you all night and then leave you feeling used and abused in the morning. As a Pisces for whatever reason we "self-pity" a lot. If that's something you enjoy doing, then sure, hook up with a Scorpio male..have a freaking pity party! My eyes could be flooded with tears and his words would just become even more harsh. He became so careless. There have been times when my ex didn't even respond to an "I love you". The only thing I can say I got out of that relationship was I became more emotionally numb, which is okay with me because I am so sensitive.
—Guest michelle

Love match

pisces women and Scorpio man love compatibility Soulmates or not
—Guest Heather

So Very True!!

I am a pisces woman and my partner a scorpio man... while we are not married... we just celebrated our 10 year anniversary... and I swear this was written for us alone! Everything in this article is correct for us... So glad that I truly found my soulmate!!!
—Guest Jena

have to agree

i met the love of my life, he was scorpio and me a pisces, this was the most passionate and amazing relationship i have ever been in. Neither of us wanted it to end but cicumstances were in the way. Just recently i have met another man, just found out he is also a Scorpio and i already can feel that smae connection. There just has to be something in it
—Guest guest

can't figure him out

i met my scorpio friend almost a year ago. we have been only texting since he don't talk on the phone. after 10 months he finally started digging into my personal life. he goes m.i.a all the time. is he into me or not?
—Guest confused pisces

scorpio brother in law

I have found this information alarming yet helpful. My brother in law is a Scorpio and is "restricted" for a better term to use...I have been keeping in contact with him for our family and he is portraying all of these exact characteristics, and its overwhelming because I have reached that limit with him that no one has ever gotten close to...and also he is very protective of his heart which is why he put our communication on hold for his loyalty to my husband because he has falling in love with me which he knows is forbidden... I know this seems strange but I'm glad that he opened up his heart to me because he had a darkness in him that took over his life. I'm also glad that he is very stern on loyalty to his brother and not following his heart...I was just being a Pisces woman heartbreaking :(
—Guest Pisces Woman

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