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From the article: Scorpio Man & Pisces Woman
Know something about the Scorpio man and Pisces woman relationship? Deets, please! Or what you're comfortable sharing is ok, too. Share Your Experience!


I met the scorpio last summer nothing but pure raw sex but know better than to trust him i felt wit someone with a sex drive like that hold on losely..so i cought some feelings it confused the hell out of me and i ran for the hills four months later connected again and are having amazing sex but still don't trust him and the same ol feelings of wanting to run are alive and well i have sexually met my match that deff why i don't trust him if iam not in the driver seat he has serious potential to hurt me but i have a feeling iam already into deep and iam going to ride it til the wheels fall off screw it : ) iam talking can get it up five times and ejaculates all those time all in a matter of a couple hrs its amazing and amusing and i luv are monkey sex
—Guest jewelsndenial

Intense unforgettable union

I'm a Pisces woman who was with a Scorpio man for 10 years. The first few years were amazing. We were blindly lost in love and lust for eachother. Our personal life was amazing. Very fulfilling. He was the most sweet, caring, loyal, thoughtful person I had ever known. As time went on I noticed my Scorpio became more dominant and less caring. I am mainly passive aggressive and apparently he saw that and jumped at the opportunity to take complete control of our life together. He lost all interest in being social or have any sort of personal drive. And because he lacked interest, so did I. He became secluded and engrossed in a hobby that quickly turned to an addiction. I felt lost and hopeless of ever getting him back. I tried until I couldn't try any more. He lashed out at me with very harsh words and actions. That's when I called it quits. I feel like my soul is supposed to be right by his but I can't take any more heart break from him. I wish out side influences wouldn't have ruined us
—Guest Nicole

Young love

I'm a 19 year old Pisces with a Sagittarius moon and my 21 year old boyfriend has a Leo moon. Of all the compatibilities possible, we pretty much take the crown (in theory). If I could only master my personal power we would be perfection... I think. He's so secretive and hard to get to know. And I get so frustrated because all I want to do is love him, but he doesn't show me who he is. I dated an Aquarian with a Taurus moon for 2 and a half years before meeting my Scorpio, and we knew absolutely every single detail about each other so it's hard, makes me feel lonely. I want my Scorpio to want to know me like that. The sexual chemistry is so intense I think that's the main thing that holds us together, along with the thought of what could be. Sometimes I feel awkward around him, because we're both very quiet people. But he said he likes it when we are quiet together. How can I unlock the soul of my Scorpio? I'll love whatever I find! I just need to know how to get him to open up to me!
—Guest Smitten Pisces Woman

what a scorpio

I met this Scorpio a yr back at a party in his house.i was drunk and had just found out that my boyfriend was cheating.a real scandal...i didn't kno my Scorpio yet but that night he took me out and told me I was gonna be okay like he understood what I was going thru and my ex was der but he just didn't care.so after that I met this Scorpio again on different occasions but we wouldn't really talk and I just didn't think that after seeing me cry for someone else and drunk he wud even want to be with me .so thus went on fir a while so a month ago.i went to this basket ball game and I realised he was playing for the other team.that day we exchanged numbers and that's how we started talking and almost immediately,he confessed his interest in me from that night at his house.he said he cud see a pure heart in me which he couldn't stop thinking about.he spoke to me like no one ever did.now we flirt alot and I am sooooo into him.calm ,on the outside but wild inside....he is all over my mind.
—Guest pisces till death

How do i GET OUT ??? pt 3

Me was cute and he really love me.then I started 2 feel like we need space,but by this time,space is out the ??Even thou are sex life has not change.I was changing my guy friends I stop even saying hi my girl friends I rarely even spoke with them on the phone. his jealousy his rage his lack of trust.physical abuse,are now once a week routine.. and its not even months in are relate ship.my heart wants to help him and give him the love the attention and show him loyalty and am very different than what he has had in the past.am a girly girl.I love lookin and sound in sexy.its 5yrs later and I want nothing more but to wake up out this nightmare..I have truly endured alot more than I can take,I feel very bully,scared,lost ,unhappy, I have spent 5yr fighting change the outcome of are relate ship.I have no more left.I try to keep smiling but much easier 2 just cry.I write him letters just tell him how I feel inside.he thinks it fixable.I don't wanted fix it.I want ME Back.Take your time.4sur
—Guest Lovely

How do i GET OUT ???

I'm 37yr old pisces woman this my 1st relate ship with a Scorpio man I find myself always with another Pisces..is so different. I been with my Scorpio 4 5yrs,yes the bad boy image turn me on curiously, I wanted to get to know him on the inside...but thing about that is I was in a relate b4 4yrs and I had broke up with him 6mon b4 meeting him.I was just getting use being signal and loving it.so I thought it was not going 2turn in nothing but friends with benefits.the 1st nite we had sex it was like his d*** spoke my p**** language in every language, we did so many things in so many ways he was gentle when he needed to be he was ruff when needed. when we departed from are nite of pure fire bomb love making.of course I can't stop talking about him or thinking about him am telling u am a freak,but making love to him brought out things.that u want 2 try.and its like in your mind how did he know this..now us Pisces,we put are heart out there faster than most.so I wanted to try something.
—Guest Lovely

Young (a little niave) and in love

I'm 16yr old pisces girl dating an 18 yr old Scorpio. I first met him a few years ago and i began to depend on him to talk to me, as my actual boyfriend wasn't responding to my messages. My Scorpio confessed that he had a great interest in me for a long time. Unfortunately, I was un-dyingly loyal to my partner at the time and would not even consider the thought.... But secretly I though he was pretty cute... The break up with my libra partner was inevitable. Because it was my fist break up after 6 months of dating and around 5-6 yrs of friendship before hand, I was a wreck. That's when he really stepped in and helped. Of course I will admit he rushed me into the relationship, but I don't regret that. He listened and held me as I cried because I tried so hard with someone who simply didn't care. My boyfriend, my Scorpio, my world, held me as I cried over another guy. He didn't condem me and never once thought any less of me. I hate myself for that, but I love him so much. We are perfect
—Guest Pisces

the waiting game

its so crazy to look back and realize that I (pisces woman) have known my scorpio man for almost two yrs now. our chemistry gives me chills sometimes, that's how amazing it is. he has an amazing soul and I can feel it every time where together. just by kissing him and looking into his eyes I can feel his energy and the way he feels about me...and still...theres been no actual commitment from him. ive said my peace and let him know how I feel and hes come back with replies assuring me he feels the same but yet...nothing. weve had our moments where weve taken distance from each other and then we return with the fire burning brighter than the time before..then again we come at a point where the confusion arises and another break we take. its annoying and ive contemplated many times just throwing in the towl. maybe its just time I do. the waiting game isn't fun. good luck to all the scorpio/pisces couples who have made it work. your stories make me smile. god bless.
—Guest yvec

In Love Already

Im a pisces female and just met my scorpio a month ago. Words can not explain how intensely i feel about him already. I have never been so entranced with someone like this in my life. Hes everything ive ever wanted in a partner. Everything he says and does either makes me smile or makes me melt. And he matches my enthusiasm about us as if he feels just as lucky as i do. I know a month isnt much time to decide on a future with someone but i really and truly dont see either of us going any where any time soon. Ive never had that with any body else ive dated.
—Guest PnyGrl

the dance

I met a scorpio and I thought he was sexy... he thought the same about me. He was brave enough to act and I was reluctant to comply, but now EVERY time we are together our hearts dance to sweet soulful music. He makes me laugh and we have a mutual respect for one another. Our relationship is not a fairy tale but it is real, and in my dreamy world realness is much needed. I don't know yet exactly what I do for him, but I have a very strong feeling I will find out soon. Meanwhile the dance continues. ..
—Guest pisces lady

i cant get over this Pisces

I'm now 32 and met her when I was 25. From the day we met, we were insepersble spending every minute together. Some financial difficulties came about on my end caused us to separate. We've been broken up for 2 yrs now but weve still remained friends. We've both dated other people but we are STILL in love with one another. We never really tried to get back together because of our fears that things may not be what they once were. But she is still my heart. No one has ever made me feel the way she has. And I was a playa from the Himalaya and I gave up that for my baby. What should I do?
—Guest Scorpio man


since all these days i have met pisces as a partner, the day i met one i did not know that she is pisces but our conversations were higly welcomed. The day i met this girl i felt as if i was on top of the hill. And asked her out she has not given me positive answer. What can i do for her so that he can love me in return?
—Guest OLA

Scorpio Man & Pisces Goddess

I've been in a relationship with a Picses woman for over a year. She is a lil over 10 years than me. I'm over 30 an she has been the biggest blessing. Her patience, understanding and unconditional love stands to no end! This woman not only has my loyalty, but heart and soul. Our sexual life is something out of fantasy! Porn can't explain it. It is way too intense and to another level I have never been.
—Guest Stinger who takes Pi

my relationship

I have been dating a scorpio for a long time now and all the characteristics written here for him and I seem to be accurate and I find that amazing. Recently he proposed to me and I'm seriously unsure about whether to accept of decline as I find him seriously over bearing at times I feel that I have thrown myself in too deep although we get on like a house of fire and me love each other I'm unsure what to do.
—Guest guest picses girl

The Universe Speaks

All I can really say is that I have a best friend in Scorpio male.Im Pisces female.He inspires my gifts n I support his intuition.We respect n listen closely 2 another.We share our dark pasts yet drive anothers present light.I admire his strength/realistic outlook on life.He respects my dreamy /mysterious nature.Together we r deep n listen 2 another intensely.Our values/principles r acute n we clearly have vision independently.We laugh often but see anothers cries nside.He brings the best most positive side of me out of the dwelling I was n for many years.A true n genuine friend I have...1 that will always remain and has been so close to my soul.
—Guest Pisces in Flight

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