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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Scorpio-Libra Relationship

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It's like finding your best friend (I'm a Scorpio female/He's a Libra male). The connection on a spiritual, emotional and sexual level is incredible. We get along like a house on fire and understand each other on a very deep level. He brings these amazing eyes, a deeply fascinating mind and is an absolute gentleman. Incredible intensity/passion in bed - aims to please you. Very charismatic, charming and romantic - this guy knows what to say and when to say it! The Libra will stray (cheat) if all his requirements are not met at home though! I only hope that he can work himself out so that we may one day have a chance to be together - only time will tell!
—Guest scorpio

Libra Male + Scorpio Woman = Terrible

I have dated 5 scorpio women in my life as a libra male and let me tell you, regardless of what is out there it does not work. Total opposites, leads to disdain for one another. Run from this one while you can.
—Guest LibraMale

scorpio man and my self libra woman

So much I went through with this guy I honestly can't and wont date another scorpion man. They will never admit there wrongs or lies even if you put the prove in their own faces...he taught me everything in bed but that's all they want to do and who wants to have sex 3-4times daily weather you want it or not and stay home and when not having sex just want to command and tell you what to do control your life....they won't let you go so easily ...they are very smart with their talk but are not smart to feel motivated and have better they settle with nothing And tend to bring you down with them...and change you!!!!!! I haven't been able to feel free I feel like not me I feel like him like now my tendencies are his tendencies....ahhh!!!but that was just my 4 year relationship and first love relationship with this guy...I was so in love and stay in love til the 4th year when I stopped smiling and my own family distanced and felt sorry for me.i am now working hard and taking care of my son!
—Guest angi

Scorpio woman Libra male

Worst relationship I've ever been in. The only thing we have going is our chemistry, but my Libra can't match my libido. I want to break free and I can't bring myself to ever leave him.
—Guest Guest

Libra Man + Scorpio Woman = Breakup!!

I had a 7 year long on and off relationship with my ex-Libra. Around year 6 1/2 we had a child. Right after the birth of my child the relationship fell apart. I can't speak for all but my Libra Guy has a very large EGO that often gets in the way of everything. Lies, Lies, Lies, and more Lies. Mean as hell, disrespectful and immature. On a good note he is funny, and will charm your panties right on off, smart, and creative. But in this match the negative's really out way the positives. I had to release the stinger and we've been done ever since. In regards to the child, he loves her, but is not a hands on father, very distant. This is my experience I wish you guys all the luck with yours.
—Guest Scorpio Girl

i"m confused (LIBRA)

I"m a Libra man and my career back ground from hospitality industry. i love a Scorpio female who works with me. when i first met her i was hypnotized by her magnetism. and there was a time i realized she know i started to love her, and i think she enjoying making me fool from that moment on. i"m confused if she know i love her why is so secretive. is she loves me too.
—Guest Raj

Scorpio Woman, Libra Man

My Libra guy and Scorpio Me have been technically together since September, 2011. He spotted me online and kept watching from a distance, staked his claim and I've been smitten ever since. He is my first Libra I've ever dated. Very romantic, very loyal, very mature, very funny, intellectual and smart, very caring through thoughts, words and actions. If I could sum it up, I would say he is more a man than I've had all of my life as he isn't afraid to show both his feminine and masculine qualities (we all have 'em!). I can appreciate this because he treats me as an equal, but also has not let chivalry die (he opens doors for me everywhere including the car, he holds my hand when in public, he stares deeply into my soul with his eyes when we converse, just to name a few things). The only thing I can say is that I am not used to all of this great treatment and so I am learning to trust that this is for real.
—Guest GuestLisa


I am a libra and i love him hes ascorpio we just cant get alone he come see me when he want to
—Guest darren

I Love My Libra Guy.

im a scorpio and my man is a libra at first when we meet I kept blowing him off. After 6months of me not texting him. I finally sent him a text.And then after that everything else fell in place. We started dating and now are dating turned into a engagement. My libra man hes patient hes sweet hes kind. And at first I didnt want to give it a try. But now im glad I did because I never loved no other man like I loved him. He keeps me smiling and keeps me on the edge. Hes Amazing thanking God For him everyday.
—Guest Latoya

My Libra Hubby

Married to a Libra for four years. Divorce is almost final. He lacks depth and his cutesy charm became trite and boring. He's the great performer and he needs an adoring audience at all times, even when autonomy is more appropriate. Bottom line...I longed for deep loyalty, devotion, and companionship that a Libra is just not capable of delivering. He described trying to make me happy as, "shooting at a moving target." He was right. I just needed more from a companion at a depth that he didn't understand and therefore could not deliver.
—Guest Scorp

Libra Lady, Scorpio Man

Okay.... I've been reading everyones responses and completely agree when it comes to the great sex;) I'm only 19, he's 20, I'm young and we just started this crazy adventure of a relationship 2 and a half months ago but unlike the rest we rarely fight. He likes to hide his feelings, anger, jealousy, everything really but hes working on that. Or communication is getting way better. He makes me smile all the time. I dont think there us anyone better for me. Maybe love but I'm not gonna jump into that right away. libras fall in love easy... Hope he feels the same we'll see!
—Guest Libra Lady

Great relationship with compromise.

Being a Libra male I dated a Scorpio female for almost 2 1/2 years and honestly she was one of the best women I ever had in my life... Deep down are sex life, and love life was very solid we communicated pretty damn good with a daily life and the only thing that truthfully ruined us in the end was small fights over are personality differences... If both sides IMO can learn to step back and understand each other on a deeper level of how there mind's think then they are that much closer to a very full filling relationship in the end.. the love, the communication, the sex life.. it's all there just once again both Libra has to drop his ego, and Scorpio has to drop her stinger.. when this happens and there is some tweaking to go with it.. it's a match that is tuff to beat!
—Guest MT

hopeless romantic

So ive known this scorpio for like 3yrsthe now and hes in an on and off relationship with this girl....and uhm i feel like he florts with me and stuff....but we're both natural flirts so i know thay when we flirt its nothing....also he is sometimes rude, i guess in a flirty way but idk....im like obsessive over him now and i think about holding him all the time and im jealous when he talks to this one whore like girl. Am i a bad person for being in love with a person that is more hopeless then romantic?
—Guest blast

Scorpio female libra male

I am a female scorpio and I met a libra male through my sister. I thought he was so cute and he will call and the conversations were never boring. I was scared to tell him how much I like him because I did not know how he would react. Good thing I didnt, im not sure why but he never have time to hang out with me anymore and I feel a distance. I cant understand the change because everything was so good. Maybe he was not feeling me
—Guest Nicole

libra women with escorpio

We have a perfect relationship he's loving to me and treats me like a princess and never been happier he's the best to all libra e grab a hold on this one and don't let g
—Guest maria

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