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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Scorpio-Libra Relationship

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I love them Libra boys!

I am a scorpion woman and my boyfriend is a libra. My Libra and I, have been together for almost four years. We met once at an outside concert, and I was instantly attracted to him--but since I was involved with someone else, I kept my distance. We only stood next to each other with a few eye glances here and there. We didn't exchange numbers and I only knew his first name. I spent most of my down time day dreaming about my concert boy. 6 months later, a friend was chatting with a guy online and he got his roommate to drive him to meet my friend and I. The driver was concert boy. We became great friends and I ended it with my previous boyfriend and we have been together ever since. I love him more than anything. He was my first lover, and has been there for me in the worst times of my life, he is my best friend and I trust him with anything and everything. I will spend the rest of my life with this man.
—Guest Julie

I don't get it

I'm a female libra married to a scorpio male. Sometimes I think he was switched at birth and is not a scorpio at all, because he is one of the few men whom I could never really connect with sexually!!! The sexiest sign of the zodiac? Not my husband! But he is very good and kind (for the most part). I just got tired of men who didn't love me enough, so in spite of our big problem, I consider myself pretty lucky.
—Guest Deirdre

Best realtionship ever had

My Libra ex-boyfriend and I were together for 3 years.. Never knew that the kind of feeling we had for each other could ever exist. It felt like a dream very often, like we were so high off of euphoria just from being together. Guess we let our pride get the best of us.. been fighting for a year before we broke up. We didnt want to bring each other down, and tired of all the hurt we caused each other. Over a year and a half later and I cant think of one other person worth mentioning besides him. I was def the more passionate one, as he was the more laid back. beneficial reltaionship.
—Guest Cierra_Independent

Cant do it wont do it again

Im a scorpio and he was a libra and all was good up til I got pregant then it seem like all hell broke a loose!! all of a sudden he switch on me started hanging out out night with his consin so he says just telling me a bunch of lies til I couldnt take it anymore so I broke it off with him and 3 days later he was dating his ex-girlfriend again who he had been seeing the whole time we were together.

Something So Real Its Feels Unreal

Im a scorpio with a libra man and we met on weird terms about a year ago. He is a amazing person that I never knew existed. A few times he has hurt me to the core of my heart, but I know its meant to be. I feel like there's a magnet keeping us coming back together. I've tried to leave him numerous times but I feel Lost without him.
—Guest Chanel G.

Scorpio Woman & Libra Man o:

He has a flirty nature and it does tickly me a bit but I just remember his mine at the end & I dont give a fuck. We do have times where we argue but no matter what we always come back to each other. I cant stay mad at him and when I dont talk to him he chases me. He was heartbroken from someone & so was I. Hes lost right now and Im just trying to show him what he could have with me. No one will understand him and put up with him the way I do with him. Ive never met anyone like him and Im convinced hes the one for me. It will take time but I hope I do win his heart cause he has mine. Funny part is, were not even together. Time. Time will tell. Im holding on to the hope we have with positive thoughts. Hes my best friend and no matter what I dont want to loose him. We just have to see were each of us is coming from and this could work and we will be very happy as our personalities our gold together.
—Guest Cruz

scorpio in anxious love

I'm a scorpio woman going out with a libra man going on 3 years. He is the love of my life and I know he loves me dearly but being young in college and a libra he still holds out on passionate claims and the reasurance I probably need. As a scorpio my waters run deep and it is hard not to boil when I do not hear passionate promisses from my mate. Overall an amazing relationship, on the otherhand I must temper my passions to not try to consume my Libra in promisses of forever.
—Guest kjoy

Scorpio girl libra boy

Ok well he's honestly the best BF I've ever had! But he acts too aloof and that erks me :/ he's also a HUGE flirt which makes me insanely jealous!!!! He knows it makes me jealous too, but it's an ego boost for him I guess and he just doesn't understand how jealous and sad and upset and unwanted it makes me feel. But Ive only confronted him about it once because I'm afraid I'll lose him... When were alone he's the sweetest, best boyfriend you could ask for he even writes me stupid cheesy love letters (which I love). He isn't afraid to do at say anything which is awesome,cause he calls me 'beautiful without shame and in front of everybody. Hes really outgoing bit easily influenced, so he acts differently around his friends:/ no, he acts mean around his friends. Since he's so aloof, he expects me to be too and teases (like joking) so it hurts. But, he's mostly the most amazing guy :) to anyone out there I'd recommend a Scorpio-libra relationship! It'll be the best youve ever had! :)
—Guest Chapstick

me an my scorpio

I'm in a relationship n have a son wit a Scorpio, but its seems as if we have a love hate relationship, I call it a "sick twisted bipolar relationship" its hard for us to get along for just less then a week, but its hard for us to be apart, every other I'm moving out but I always find my self back, an I just can't understand what we have going on, an its not a good environment for our son.
—Guest mia

Merry Go Round

I am a libra female that met my scorpio man almost 3 yrs ago by accident when his friend was hitting on me. Not my type physically at all but the gaze, it was the gaze that got me. The relationship was so intense right off the bat but when we really started to go to that next level emotionally he flipped a switch...it was like it was too scary for him to go there with me after his ex-fiancee broke his heart but he won't stay away from me either and I keep letting him back in. The pattern keeps repeating.know he's not dating others and only wants me but just isn't capable of the commitment I want. The man oozes sensuality and I have never had anyone so intense in the bedroom with lovemaking. It is truly a physical/chemical/mental connection. Uggh never had that with anyone before, not even my ex husband. I know it's time to get off the ride but it is so hard to quit him :(
—Guest Dizzy

its just us

Im a libran woman, i saw my scorpio man a few years back for 5 seconds, met him for real a few years later, now we ar emarried! everyone says far out i cant believed your married with a scorpio! well i believe we both balance out our extreme tendencies. WE both believe we are twin flames, we both have the highest connection emotionally, physically, mentally and our souls are one. It is great to have such a character in my life to help me through good and bad and also someone who deserves my support and giving nature!
—Guest Aless

True love i love him so much

im a scorpio in a relationship with a libra man and the thing is that he so loving to me and i never had that felling before with anyone.... i thank god for that...
—Guest emma

Scorpiio & Liibra !

Omg. I am a scorpio female dating a Libra male & our connection is amazing. We are with each other all day every day unless @ work! Arguments are very few & over dumb reasons. Stopped alott for each other. I'm so greatful to have found someone that I feel the same about everyday & i know for a fact he does too! I just know.... Best relationship to ever be in! :)
—Guest Cookie

love revived

I met my Scorpio guy back in May, me being a Libra woman flirted with him every so often when we first started talking although I had a boyfriend at the time. We had strong feelings for eachother but his steadiness to get another girl closer to him (as we live 4 hrs apart) and my Libra wandering eye kept us from dating about 3 or 4 times before we decided to talk about it. At first his Scorpio being set in his own ways it was difficult to get him to bend but eventually his intense feelings took over and he decided to go against his belief that long distance can't work out and we started dating. So far it has been the best relationship I've had in my life. He's strong, even tempered, protective, caring and oh so so loving it makes me feel so special that for a while, being the Libra that I am, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. But wherever there has been what normally would set off a fight we have talked through and I couldnt be more in love or happier with anyone else.
—Guest lover corinne

Up and downs

Im a libra girl datinq a scorp quy . . I must say it is a little work , he is a scorp to the tee and sometime I feel like hes tooo much but then he turns rite around and loves and protects me fiercely . . So to all couples out there I would def say COMMUNICATION is tha key its not easy to qet them to ppen up bt wen he does it'll be easier . To yu libra girls just have patience w/ya scorp nd he'll treat yu like tha princess yu r !! Xoxo •Kg's Princess•
—Guest Raeisha

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