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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Scorpio-Libra Relationship

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I'm a Libra, he's a scorpio At first I was a skeptical of becoming serious with him I couldn't make up my mind, mostly because I kept waiting for something bad to happen everything about him seemed to good to be true he is kind,loving, and beyond passionate. Its like he posesses all of the good scorpio traits and none of the bad he puts up with my indecisiveness I think it amuses him he is set in his ways but loves me enough to give in to me when he knows its important to me I have never been in a more simple loving trusting relationship we have yet to get into an argument after 2 and a half years we were married in Aug and he is the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with he does have the scorpio intensity when it comes to loving me I can feel when he is looking at me we connect on a level where we can finish each others sentences we have an unspoken mutual respect for one another he gives me space I need and I let him know I love him with every fiber of my being
—Guest angela

Scorpio (me) Libra (her)

Well, we may seem young. We are a gay couple. But I have never felt happier with anyone in my life, unless I'm with her. I get possessive when people flirt with her. She threatened to fight someone who was sexually harassing me. She is the best thing in my life right now, and I never want to let her go. I love her so much. If there is any perfect couple out there, I'm sure it'd be us. We pretty much had the same childhood. We're both interested in the same things. I tend to be a little more violent and not as sweet as she is, but she just grins and bears it, and calls me adorable when I feel like ripping someones dick off.
—Guest Tori



Was it worth it?

I met my Scorpio one unassuming night. We locked eyes from across the street and it was as if lightning struck. Never before have I felt like the Universe had all of the stars aligned with something so good for me. Of course as a Libra, I was trying to figure out the catch. For every good, there is a bad. Turned out she lived 4 hrs away from me. Eventually we decided to throw caution to the wind, and try the long-distance. She is an intelligent, romantic and passionate person. Told me of the twin flames we were before leaving and saying she didn't love me anymore, only to come back.. And then leave again with my heart. You can be right next to a person, yet a million miles away, and vice-versa. The hardest thing to accept is this unshakeble feeling that I was supposed to be there. However, you can't fight for two people by yourself. I am working on accepting it all. As a Libra, this consumes me, because I can't figure it out. But I survived the sting lived to fight another day.
—Guest R


I'm a Libra woman whereas my guy is Scorpio. I must say that it has been the most intriguing, improbable, breathless, grasping, passionate, animalistic, rollercoaster relationship i have ever had in my life. We fought like cats and dogs and made up like there was no tomorrow. He bubbled me in his passion when we made love but it was a bubble no woman would want to have popped. He is the most seductive man i know and could stir fire in me just by the stare of his eyes. He knew the moments to come on and the moments i wanted to be alone. My body responded like wax to his touch. It was the most intense relationship i've had...........too bad it's over now.
—Guest anonymousone

Oh boy!!

I'm a Scorpio woman , he my libra man. I was un happily married when we met, but we looked at each other and there was a spiritual connect out of this world. We are rocky at times because I don't see him enough, and it seems to bother me more then him. So I get my Scorpio tail in a spin and try to head south... But he keeps pulling me back by conceding his love for me... All us women need reassurance and my libra guy isn't enuf for this Scorpio woman's needs.
—Guest Mish

Never give up!

I am a Scorpio woman who loves a Libra man. The first time I laid eyes on him I knew there was something special about him. Because I was nearly 15 years older and just ending a 13 year marriage, things were very complicated. He had never been in a serious relationship. He moved away a few months after we met but we had started a tentative friendship. There was a maturing process that he had to undertake while he was away. During this time, I became obsessed with keeping in touch with him. It was very hard and I had my heart broken. However, he felt bad about it and came in search of me. We have been in a very loving relationship since then. We share a very special bond and he inspires me everyday to follow my dreams and I to follow his. Libras are a breed of their own. This man has shown me a love that I have never before felt with any other man I have ever loved. He is my heart and my soulmate as I have discovered through numerology. My advise... Don't let your Libra get away.
—Guest Penny

Love My Scorpio Man

I am a Libra and he is a Scorpio and together I think that we are a perfect match. He is strong yet sensitive and incredibly sweet. He is always even-tempered which helps to balance my sometimes crazy Libra ways. I love him because he loves me...very deeply. I love him because he gives me the space to be who I am. I love him because he is kind and generous and incredibly sexy. To him, I am the most beautiful woman in the world and he never lets a day go by without telling me so. Some people feel that Scorpios are hard to understand because they are not big on verbal expression But if you are quiet and pay attention, everything that they think and feel shows in their eyes and in their body language. We have been together nearly 8 years and the intensity of this relationship I guess will never go away...and I wouldn't want it to. Aside from the normal bumps in the road, I still know that I am the luckiest girl in the world. #totallygrateful
—Guest librabutterfly11

libra female scorpio male

we date for a while and them we broke up because i left him for another guy but at the end of the day we wus still friends and everything work out. when he found out i was single again because it the previous relationship he decided to try it one more time. i truely and honest i like him alot but not to the point that i love him but we are dating right now and is the besting ever he is really sweet, nice, caring and lovable but i guess is jst me that im jst trying to not scruw it up
—Guest libra female

Our Love As Libra Scorpio

I'm A Libra, & My Boifriend Is A Scorpio. We Clash Heads All The Time But We Have The strongest Bond Out of Relationship That I've Been In. Our Love Is Beyond Words, But We Can't Stay Away From Each Other. No Matter What Stands In Or Way We Do It Togethier. I Just Think We Met At The Wrong Place At The Right Time. I Love Him. 1/24/10
—Guest Shan

Takes my breathe away....

I'm a Libra woman, & he's my perfect Scorpio man. Yes, we bicker because I'm indecisive & aloof, but he has so much patience with me, & is firm when I need him to be. Our sexual compatibility is off the charts & we connect on such a level that it completely leaves me breathless. I love him, he loves me & we'll ve married next year :-)
—Guest Drea

Scorpio male-Libra Female relationship

I am a scorpio male and my ex was a libra female. The relationship was VERY SHORT, and I can honestly say its due to my scorpio nature. She would treat me like a king and do everything possible to put a smile on my face, and as a scorpio who keeps his poker face most of the time....my ex felt as if i didnt appreciate her. She is very emotional super sweet and charming, our breakup was bad because it was only then after we were done that I realized I had a complete sweetheart who loved me and cherished me. When i tried to work things out, it was too late. Shes currently dating a taurus male...i know how that goes and i wont wish bad upon them but i heard when their relationship is bad its BAD due to taurus bulls stubbornness
—Guest Alberto

Libra Scorpio love match

I am a Libra woman in love with a Scorpio male 18 years my junior and we get along great , we are very intense probably because I am on the cusp of Scorpio. And our moons are compatible .I act like a moon in Scorpio person, and he has his moon in Capricorn. And we are very passionate and loving. And the way he looks at me just melts me. The passion in his eyes is amazing.
—Guest Ms K 1


Im a scorpio woman whos deeply in love wit a libra man..all i can say is that this relationship is nothing like my last relationships..one min i can love him sooo much n then n a blink hate him wit so much passion...he holds the key to my heart and i honestly believe were in this for the long run..if only he could be more open wit me..hes really not that emotional wit me....but he handles my mood swings quite well n hes never given up on me during hardtimes..iwill love my libran man till death......
—Guest monroe

Tough but worth it in the end

I'm a libra guy and she's a Scorpio. I'm very wishy washy and have trouble making up my mind. when we first started dating I was sceptic. I wasn't sure if I could trust her. She is a flirt like most Scorpio women, but I can tell by the the way she looks at me that she loves me and only wants me. She tests me on a deep level. She understands me and knows what buttons to push. But in the same sense she knows how's exactly what to say or do to make me happy. She's ungodly sexy and a tiger in the bedroom. Being with her is a lot of work but completely worth it. She's beautiful inside and out, balances me, understands me, and loves me.
—Guest Libra drummer

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