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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Scorpio-Libra Relationship

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My Libra Hubby

Married to a Libra for four years. Divorce is almost final. He lacks depth and his cutesy charm became trite and boring. He's the great performer and he needs an adoring audience at all times, even when autonomy is more appropriate. Bottom line...I longed for deep loyalty, devotion, and companionship that a Libra is just not capable of delivering. He described trying to make me happy as, "shooting at a moving target." He was right. I just needed more from a companion at a depth that he didn't understand and therefore could not deliver.
—Guest Scorp

Libra Lady, Scorpio Man

Okay.... I've been reading everyones responses and completely agree when it comes to the great sex;) I'm only 19, he's 20, I'm young and we just started this crazy adventure of a relationship 2 and a half months ago but unlike the rest we rarely fight. He likes to hide his feelings, anger, jealousy, everything really but hes working on that. Or communication is getting way better. He makes me smile all the time. I dont think there us anyone better for me. Maybe love but I'm not gonna jump into that right away. libras fall in love easy... Hope he feels the same we'll see!
—Guest Libra Lady

Great relationship with compromise.

Being a Libra male I dated a Scorpio female for almost 2 1/2 years and honestly she was one of the best women I ever had in my life... Deep down are sex life, and love life was very solid we communicated pretty damn good with a daily life and the only thing that truthfully ruined us in the end was small fights over are personality differences... If both sides IMO can learn to step back and understand each other on a deeper level of how there mind's think then they are that much closer to a very full filling relationship in the end.. the love, the communication, the sex life.. it's all there just once again both Libra has to drop his ego, and Scorpio has to drop her stinger.. when this happens and there is some tweaking to go with it.. it's a match that is tuff to beat!
—Guest MT

hopeless romantic

So ive known this scorpio for like 3yrsthe now and hes in an on and off relationship with this girl....and uhm i feel like he florts with me and stuff....but we're both natural flirts so i know thay when we flirt its nothing....also he is sometimes rude, i guess in a flirty way but idk....im like obsessive over him now and i think about holding him all the time and im jealous when he talks to this one whore like girl. Am i a bad person for being in love with a person that is more hopeless then romantic?
—Guest blast

Scorpio female libra male

I am a female scorpio and I met a libra male through my sister. I thought he was so cute and he will call and the conversations were never boring. I was scared to tell him how much I like him because I did not know how he would react. Good thing I didnt, im not sure why but he never have time to hang out with me anymore and I feel a distance. I cant understand the change because everything was so good. Maybe he was not feeling me
—Guest Nicole

libra women with escorpio

We have a perfect relationship he's loving to me and treats me like a princess and never been happier he's the best to all libra e grab a hold on this one and don't let g
—Guest maria

Love this beautiful Scorpio man

I work with this beautiful, beautiful Scorpio man. I am also good-looking, but he has so many women...but seems to like me. I am so jealous when he does not come to work. Known him six years slept with him one time last week, wonderful sex. I want him, but he is so spoiled by other women, don't know if he wants me for the long run.
—Guest longtall sally Libra

Libra woman scorpio love

I met a scorpio man at work. He was a girlfriend but he always flirted with me. We ended up sleeping together. She found out and he left het but not for me. I lost contact with him, then we met again after a year. He is in a different relationship now but he flirted with me again and we started texting and seeing eachother. The truth is that I love him deepley. I know he lives me but I dnt know what he really feels. We together again. I asked him how he felt about me and he ignored the question. He never told me. I met with him one day and I told him that I did not want to presure him. He still had a girlfriend, I dnt know why he keeps coming back to me if he cant even tell me how he feels. I decided to end it because he always pushed me away.
—Guest Nancy

scorpio male libra female

I met her at school and we've been dating for almost 2 years now. Its very intense I've never seen a girl want me so bad ,we do have arguments and there intense also but I made up my mind thy she's worth the wait. Sometimes it kinda hits a rut and I've kinda had to help her around it, she says I'm her first real relationship but she's a really down to earth kinda of girl. She really love being social and me not so much she says I'm serious to much and she's really free flowing.these last couple of weeks have really been intense but today I think we kinda hit a rut again guess I'll have to rltalk to her about it.
—Guest anthony

It is faith !!

I met my libra when I was 8 years old and he was 11. We never really talked too one another but when we were teenagers, we became great Friends. He kissed me and it felt right but I thought it would ruin our friendship, so then he got kicked out of school and i never saw him again. So 2 weeks ago, I found him on Facebook he accepted my request and weve been inseparable since then. We told it was always us.
—Guest scorpio lady 28

Scorpio Libra

I am a scorpio woman and have been in 3 long term relationships with signs that are more suited to me. I always end up going back to my libra man. We have been friends for 10 years and when we are together the passion is amazing but strings me along. As a Scorpio I can't handle this. I want to give him up at times but can't do it. I have such strong feelings towards him and it has affected every one of my serious relationships. I can't understand why I keep going back to my libra man when everything says how we are not compatible.
—Guest Panda


This hit the nail on the head, and was informational
—Guest Ninak85

deeply in love

Iam in love with my libra boy friend. He is the most caring creative loving person I've ever met. He has a personality that just can't get any better and lol iam soo posesive...I asked him not to go to work today so I could have him all to myself.
—Guest blue angel

Libra Scorpio

OMG reading this has me laughing. I'm a Libra and my first love was a dashing young Scorpio. The first thing I admired was his determination and his extremely charming personality. When I met him my knees got weak, the whole thing. But I was actually the one who got possessive. I'm extremely selfish..... I'm a Libra...guilty. So I wanted him all to myself. Then he started talking to my best friend. You can guess what happened from there. Still to this day it remains one of my biggest romantic regrets. I miss him dearly. Before we got romantic we were friends and I miss his friendship dearly. Her seemed to just get me. IDK maybe its just me.
—Guest Mimi

so far so good

Well i've known my Scorpio for 3mnths and 2 weeks, we have be intimate 2 weeks before we got serious. Everything so far is good the SEX IS SERIOUSLY GREAT! Idk we argue but we jump right back to normal. I love him we know where we want to be w. Eachother in a few years its a age diffence hes 24 and im 18. But regardless of what this sign bull say I think he's the one im ready to share my life with .. awwwww lol
—Guest libra female & Scorpio man

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