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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Taurus-Aquarius Relationship

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Lesbian Couple

She is a Taurus. Been together since 06/11. I love her with all my heart. She feels unsure of my love; and thinks I love everyone the same. She is terribly cold-hearted to me, requires lots of materialism, and always has to have sex. She is very loving after sex or just before. Then, continues to express how we are too different from each other yet she is always willing to join me on my ventures. She is very egotistical and selfish. She is very sexy and loving when she wants to be and that is how I am drawn to her I guess... it's a daily challenge, but I feel I could grow old with her.
—Guest Aquarius

Time to Let My Bull Go...

i am an aquarius female and my guy is a taurus.we have been on and off for 4 years. we love each other to death but we bump heads so often that it may be time to let things go. there's certain things that i want him to change (ex. flirting, lying) but i guess its taking time. i cant wait on one person being an aquarius. i hate feeling like im wasting my time. things could be wonderful if he understood how his actions affected me but he hasnt came to terms w/ that yet and by the time he does it may just be too late. like i said we love each other to death and he's a great person but i need more. my happiness and well-being is way more important to me than putting up w/ someone's foolishness.
—Guest Anonymous

Love Hate

Im the A engaged to my handsome T. Lets just say these past three years have been fun & very difficult. He (T) doesn't open up, it's like prying a clam, and he is so set in his ways. Same things different days. & I feel young and in search of many adventures! He hates to try new things, but does it anyways bc he knows I'll lose interest in whatever it is in a week. He is brutally honest, which can be extremely annoying. But testing since of these posts have made me realize how aloof I have become; he always tells me he loves me and I blow him off. I'll tell you one thing I know for sure he is a great dad. Do I know if this relationship will work? No, but I'm willing to find out. When times are good they are GREAT! But when times are bad, they are BRUTAL! & yes the sex life would have to be the biggest perk!
—Guest Sammy

i love my bull

im a true aquarian, independent, rebellious and stubborn... i met my boyfriend 3 months ago and i luv his warm heart. He is acting as a father figure to my daughter, and i love that we both have a strong value system. he is so manly, stable and sweet. we do butt heads but i think bc we are both fixed signs we are determined to work out our differences. i need his consistancy and he needs me ( not sure sometimes why ) Being a taurus i think he likes my beauty and my aloof attitude works in my favor! all the other girls handed their hearts to him too easy, i made him work a bit. i luv him so much and i am going to marry him someday.
—Guest aqu girl luvs bull


you know what is i see is more of taurus man and women but i am the aquarius women and everythinmg thing you guys say is too but flip flop so and my guy is a function acholic so play a big part but we were ment to be together it is always a choice what you do but i find it amazing how two people are not suppose to be together are and it works if thats what you want
—Guest anastasia

Taurus v Aquarius

Six years of hell, only sticking with it for our child... We wind each other up effortlessly! Came to a head last night and she went totally psycho!!! I personally think she needs proffessional help, but what do I know I'm only an Aquarians!
—Guest Djl75

diff story

i loved my aquaris girl a lot. she was my anything and everything, i always feared 2 propose her; never did it till now,my fear was not she would accept me r not. but it was due 2 my physical defect. it had made all people related 2 me 2 feel 4 me....so i made a choice not 2 give d pain 2 her and she could find a betr patner than me....i am d soul reason for d separation. but i only can say that "let her live happily":)
—Guest no need

I'm Aqu. my Bf Taurus

He doesn't share at all it kinda sucks but we have great sex, lol I wish I got more I love yous or I miss yous but he isn't that way he just doesn't express himself, iv left him about 3 times, I just seem to pull away rather than trying to fix it. We complete each other though were just both so stubborn we bump heads.
—Guest Faby

Love him with ALL my heart but idk

After reading the stories it made me rethink about our relationship in a positive way! We have work getting back the way we use to be. We've been together for 3 years now. We have communication problem because he's aloof and im more expressive. Hes the jealous and prosessive, but it kinda turns me on. He's make laugh all the time! He's so open minded and I'm more grounded which works out, but I wish he was express verbally. I don't get a lot if "I love u or I miss u" anymore. He tells me he wants be be with me but doesn't show it (so why are u with him u say). I think us Taurus over analayzed a lot of things instead of admitting and excepting our differences! We both are stubborn, but I can't see myself with no one else, we just gotta work on giving me security and stabilty.
—Guest Lady T Man A

sex life

22 f Aquarius been with my 23 bf Taurus and have had big out break fights cuz we r both stubborn but when it comes to sheets and in bed room make up is best Amazing we are so compatable I dont want to or ever feel the need to cheat its mind blowing! Taurus are suprising and kinky and dirty and kinky witch blows my aquarius mind ;) yes a few things i get un easy about it but thats the fun of it he opens my secreat naughty side out! and cuz of it we can take pics and naughty web cam ect. role play all of it and its fun i say a Taurus and Aquarius may fight but u except each other for everything and stay open honest and true we can work and be a perfect match. when Taurus open up they have the bigest hearts just like Aquarius and thats what keeps us strong! and madly IN LOVE!!!!!
—Guest couple m(T) f(A)

my aqua s soo hottt,i want to die for hi

im a T gal love with A guy,its 1 and half year,he's simply iresistable,cares alot,v v funny.thr's not a single wk that wud go by without fighting,so now i started enjoying it knowing it wil end somehow.he's so cute,acts emotionless,mad!
—Guest ma love

Has been going on since 1992, now 2011

Me (A), he (T). We started out good in 1992, was good for the first 4 years. He started working way to many hours. I never saw him, I was taking care of his kids. I was feeling very neglected, I left a year later that was in 1997. We have never really stopped talking. Now he is living in NC and I live in FL. I will see him this next weekend 10/11. And can't wait, will see if things work out this time! Things were good and I still love him, hopefully we can work things out.

A Good Match

Im a A and he is T-We have known each other since high school (25 years) He does definitly keeps me grounded and surprising, does not show too much possessiveness or jealously. He tells it like it is and I like that about him. The sex is amazing! He is very tender and loving but, at the same time willing to try new things (like me) I am very happy! And yes, Guest Shelley I agree-I wished the same, he was more verbal about his feelings but, is more likely to show it.-I always look forward to spending time with him and yes, very loyal! I say, give it a shot! Guest Chris

Aquarius Boy, Taurus Girl

Hey there! This is just perfect balance...hes aqua rising leo and im taurus rising scorpio....We love each other very much been together for 7 months now....We complete each other because we are so different...
—Guest Maura Bodisatva

T-Man confused....

I'm confused with my Aqua gf. We've been together 4 months. I don't know if she's having a change of heart. She was so sweet and into me in the beginning of our relationship. Sex is wow. But the past few weeks, she seems to be detaching herself to me. She sometimes doesn't bother to reply to my text anymore. Although she would call me maybe the next day if not after few hours. Sometimes I'm feeling she's starting to take me for granted. Sometimes she would say she would do things but she would not. And it's like she just forgets it. Help me understand her. Does she still loves me. She still say she loves me. But I think our relationship progress is slow. Can you believe that I still don't know where she lives? It's like she doesn't trust me. She's thinking I'm gonna stalk her. I do know where she works. And most of the time, she's the one who comes to my place. And sometimes I show up at her work during break.
—Guest TCowboy

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