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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Taurus-Aquarius Relationship

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Have you been in a Taurus-Aquarius relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share your Experience

aquarius f and taurus m

It is the best relation..he made me feel so secure..he is caring and looks after me..my sixth sense could always judge his feelings without him telling verbally, which would make him so happy..he is so romantic and i would love to spend time with him..but unfortunately i had to break up coz my parents wouldnt allow..it breaks my heart which is why i read these articles to make me feel im with him..but these articles seem so pessimistic which is not the case..for all u couples out there- go for it
—Guest ammu

Telepathic connection with Aquarius M?

I'm a Taurus female, I've been dating my Aquarius boyfriend for 5 years now, we have CRAZY ups and downs, but we always end up coming back to each other no matter how hard we try to stay away, I feel we have a very strong telepathic connection, almost like he can hear my thoughts and I can hear his, only when we are not together, can anybody else relate? Please reply.
—Guest Red Taurus

Aquarian female & Taurean male

We generally get along, but we sometimes fight over how things were said. I oftentimes am ruffled by the way he says things, but at the end of the day I know he loves me and has good intentions. We're both stubborn, but I can't imagine living without him. He's my best friend, confidant, and lover.
—Guest Aquarian female

ur worth the wait!

Me and my guy been going @ it for the past 4 months now... And gosh I must say its been a ride already! But I must admit that I love every min of it. He keeps my mind stimulated to the core and I love it. Yea we do have disagreements but we tend to ash it out immedately. Even tho we having this "far distant" relationship, we already making plans on how to close that gap. I'm just trying to keep a positvie out look, be confident (in both of us) and difinately be patient! Oo did I mention the sex!! Mind blowing. Never had someone stimulate me so deeply without even touching me yet, the attraction between us is crazy and I love it. Baby I'm here waiting on ya! Cause ur worth it!!
—Guest A woman sooo inlove with a T man

t man a fem

Breh....... I have 2 the sex is always bomb but one is a flirt and the other is full of demons
—Guest Mac

Taurus Girl Aquarius Boy

We love each other endlessly we always have a topic for conversation no matter how long we spend time talking. He is so romantic and careful so lovable he is the most caring lovable man I ever had. Now we have 10 months even though we fight a lot we forget quickly about problems. He is a difficult man though bipolar but I love him he likes to spend money on me a lot! So inlove of him
—Guest Sharon

F(me) Aquarius & M Taurus

Well actually i met him about two years ago and it took us about five months to feel a connection i suppose. We talked everyday for hours and hours it was so insane but it was so different i loved it. We got together and as a relationship honestly it was really pleasing and comforting but it did have lots of downs, i mean we faught a lot and little things like that. He didnt feel like i loved him enough and said i treated him like any close friend of mine which really did hurt me because i knew i did and i guess i felt like my way of loving wasnt good enough. We broke up, had no contact for like two months him already being back with his ex. He contacts me saying he didnt want to lose me and such and honestly 'til this point i still love him and i know he does too but i think in this aqua and taurus situation its best to just be close friends. I very so much believe in astrology and everything pretty much makes sense. Him and i are even closer than ever. Its best to be friends i think.
—Guest Clairvoyant

taurus f and aquarius males

I'm a taurus female and somehow attracted this aquarius guy in my class. I would've nicely rejected him but the thing is, he spammed a facebook group asking questions about me, creeped on my friends for my phone number and even called me "cute" and confessed his love for me in front of everyone. It would've been cute but then again, it makes me embarrassed. Like.. sighs. I don't like PDAs at all and how he tells everyone that he likes me before telling me. He should've told me first, preferrably discreetly. Because now, I'm the bitch for rejecting him. For dissapointing his friends who rooted for him. We used to be friends but we grew distant since the day I told him to stop. ._. So in conclusion, well taurus and aquarius don't go well with each other. Nope. oh another thing. I liked an aquarius male for a long time but then he started dating someone else and honestly, it was easy to move on.. but then I got in a relationship with a virgo and he's just the sweetest.
—Guest theconjuring

Taurus female + Aquarius male

I'm a Taurus girl and I have this "thing" going with an Aquarius guy. When we first met we got along real well and talked so much. We were both very interested in each other. He was so sweet to me, calling me beautiful and saying he wants to be with me. We only fought a few times in the beginning.. Then time went on and feelings got much stronger. He made me jealous soo many times. He still does and its been about 3 years now and we still talk off and on. We don't talk for while and then when we do everything is great. But then later on we fight and argue and that's become the routine nowadays.. I miss him though. He seriously drives me crazy. I just push him away by trying to bring him closer. He sends me on these emotional roller-coasters. We still talk to each other because neither of us can just let go.. But I don't regret a thing. Hes the only guy for me. Even though its very intense and there's lots of clashing, its by far better than having a boring plain predictable relationshi
—Guest A Person

love my Aquarius

I am Taurus female who is in love an married to an aquarius man and have to say he is my best friend we blend well we bump heads but we are right back with each other loyal to each other and dedicated taurus do have to let go of the jealousy issues we tend to have and know aquarius don't like to b smother as long as u know how to love without being pushy u have a solid relationship.
—Guest shon

Aquarius Female + Taurus Male =

I am a firm believer in love matches based on your whole chart rather than your sun sign. I am an Aquarius female, Taurus rising, and a moon in Cancer. My Taurus counterpart is a Leo Ascendant and his moon is in Scorpio. They say if your ascendant matches their sun sign it makes good chemistry! Anyways, I've been with my Taurus man for five months which is the longest I've ever been in a relationship. (If I make it to a year, I'll be sure to write more) Yeah, there are some downfalls as there are with most relationships. We are both equally stubborn, and both find it difficult to express our feelings. He does have a tendency to get jealous over things I perceive as "minor". But, it's nothing that I can't talk to him about. The relationship mostly requires the effort to empathize and respect each other's differences and feelings. If you are mature enough to work at it, you are capable of having one of the best relationships ever.
—Guest Jasmine

taurus -aquarius married

I am a quarius and my husband is a taurus it is hell living with him he drinks won't to argue about every little thing on moment he fine and the next he is mad at the world I don't know what to do I realy love him he has a foul mouth he yells at the kids are his stepkids and they are special needs and he treat other kids better then my kids that is wrong

Aqua girl and Taurus man

After a bad relationship I met my taurus man. We fell in love ASAP! We married after 8 months! (we knew each other for a year before). All seemed well. Sex was great! but I have problems some times... I don't "work" as I put it. but all still is well sometimes. Im stubborn and so is he. He gets mad at me a lot and seems like the sight of me makes him feel that way. I find it hard to figure out why. Going to be 3 years in 2014... I love him so much... But all I see in his eyes is hatred...says horrible things that make me feel like poop... I just wish I knew why... Don't want to let go... and I know he doesn't either...
—Guest Aqua Artist

taurus woman aquarius man

been with my partner 4yrs been very rocky, i have stuck by him thro thick and thin. im family orinated,loyal trustworthy and im always putting others first. my partner is trustworthy and a good person we do clash and have had physical fights in the past due to this, im quite a stubborn person and am not nieve my partner is nieve when it comes to people, likes.to socalise alot which i do in the right company, he can socalise with anyone.anywhere! he is unpredicable and im always telling him which i do not like as like to have security and kno i can reley on him, i never reley on him tho as dont beleive on releyin on a man as will only get let.down, he doesnt like this about me as always say i will never reley on him for.anything. we are so different in so many ways but we get on so great apart from these blips in life. planning to live together after 4yrs so its kinda all or nothing in our case! relationships are such hard work when should be easy if both love each other alot.
—Guest lozd

Balancing act

I'm an Aquarius female and my guy is a Taurus. I've known him an been best friends with him for 11 years. And we've dated on and off for 8 years. Right now we're in an on again. Every time we get better. We have to talk even if we don't want to because we need to know where the other stands feelings wise because that part of us is so different. But he is my best friend the one person who understands my craziness and doesn't just tolerate it but loves it and joins me too. I spice up his normal routine and he keeps me warm. Aquarius and Taurus matches are a struggle if you want it to work you have to give or else you'll lose it. Yes we see things differently and have different styles but the right person is the right person.
—Guest Morgan

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