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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Taurus-Aquarius Relationship

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Have you been in a Taurus-Aquarius relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

Aquarius Female Taurus Male

I Love that Man!!! He is affectionate and possive and the truth is that's what I need! Added he's 11 yrs oldet. He what I always wanted in a man to love and care about me. That's what keeps me grounded. Umph, even my friends know I like him, I cook for him.
—Guest Sharquay

madly in love with a Taurus

I'm a gay Aquarius male madly in love with a gay Taurus male..who doesn't acknowledge that I love him after I told him twice..we live 2 hours apart and we've been having conversations off and on on FB since 2009...He comes over for a drive-by which I didn't give in cause I told him I wanted to mean more to him just some piece of meat...nothing...no response...then just a week later he text to say he's going to call me...so I'm waiting for that call as I write this rant (sigh) what do I do? Go insane quietly or just drop him and move on higher ground?
—Guest brownbear222

my insight

after months of observation, the only problem i see in a A/T relationship is the A not communicating and not being in touch with his or her emotions. That's pretty much it. the T will give and give and give and finally snap and say, see you later. The other thing is, the A tends to talk to way to many individuals of hte opposite sex. STOP IT. you dont NEED more friends. you have all you need, at home with you. i see that the A is the problem in this relationship.
—Guest dunno

Really Tried to Make it Work

My partner - Aq (f) and me Taurus (F) are concluding our five year relationship. We are connected at a very deep spiritual level, but can't function in the day-to-day. As a bull, I am methodical, loving, protective and all about family. I'm very much about dealing with business at hand, love to garden, create art, and not only share my emotions and feelings, but have a great need to have them validated. My Aqua partner, is shy, reserved, is up in the air with her ideas, and is always looking for ways to tend to the external world instead of the internal. She's not in touch with her emotions,but is very successful in the larger world. We have tried to make the relationship work, but we just don't speak the same language. She feels "fenced in" and I feel alone and unseen. From what I've read, this is one of the most unfortunate matchings from a planetary perspective.
—Guest Ferdinanda

aquarius f and taurus m

It is the best relation..he made me feel so secure..he is caring and looks after me..my sixth sense could always judge his feelings without him telling verbally, which would make him so happy..he is so romantic and i would love to spend time with him..but unfortunately i had to break up coz my parents wouldnt allow..it breaks my heart which is why i read these articles to make me feel im with him..but these articles seem so pessimistic which is not the case..for all u couples out there- go for it
—Guest ammu

Half 'n Half

I'm an Aquarius girl and he's a Taurus. We fight all the time because both of our signs are stubborn. But he's the sweetest guy in the world and loves to take care of me. His moon sign is Aquarius so I think it helps a lot. We love going out and partying together, we have so much fun. He does get really jealous at times which annoys me, but he gets annoyed with my rebellious and flirty ways. When it's bad its bad but when it's good it's amazing. Over all I like it :)
—Guest Aquataur

Yeah baby!!!

I'm Taurus hes Aquarius and we have an amazing relationship it's not conventional lol! Yeah were both stubborn we " fit" and complete each other we are both flirty bit we set boundaries and make expectations clear so we never have any issues really he's changed my attitude I can express my feelings easily now. A great cosmic match!!!!
—Guest Scottess

Taurus vs aquariun

Funny how I found myself reading these comments. I'm an aquarian was madly inlove with my Taurus ex bf . He was my best friend, my everything. Found him so set in his way and extremely stubborn . Must admit I do miss him
—Guest thabi

7 years of bliss and hissssss!!

My Taurus guy loves me to pieces we have been married for 7 yrs. I love him too..He keeps my feet on the ground. We are both insecure and both jealous. Have to all ways work on the respect!!..Wouldnt want another guy though we can both be mean and we can both be really good. My only and truest best friend. We travel the world together, he will follow me where ever I go...end of the earth..as long as we are together. Hope we last another 70 years. Arguements and all..If we broke up today or tomorrow would want another Taurus, best lovers and friends ever! Opposites really do attract.
—Guest Aquariar0124

Taurus girl vs. Aquarius Man

I fell in love with an Aquarius who doesn't want a commitment but misses me and loves me as a BF. We get along good and have fun together but he can be rude at times and puts me down for things at times. Then he can be so thoughtful and loving toward me and tells me everything about his life because he trusts me. He doesn't trust women but he does me. I think he's afraid to commit, so we'll just stay good BF and carry each other in our hearts, as he says. They are difficult to love!
—Guest Suzanne


I love my unpredictable aquarius man, and he loves me. It's hard for me to change, but I do, and he loves me for that. I had to chase my aquarius for about a year, but he finally let me catch him. I love him with all my heart and we will be married some day.
—Guest taurusgirl

Dont know how to feel about him

Well I met him a couple days before my birthday which is the third of February I thought he very attractive we lost contact until last night we had a converstation about us he already was telling me he see a family with me etc kinda of scared don't know how to feel about this btw am 21 and he is 22 I don't know if he really feels me or he just saying that to get in the panties lost o_0
—Guest Beautiful


I've been with my Aquarian bf for four months now. It's been crazy in a fun and weird way but we always have a good time when we're together. He's the person who likes to think alot and knows a lil bit of everything, very ambitious, likes technology, building and fixing things, working out, playing video games, funny and is def a rebel. I think we're alike in some ways and we both have alot in common. Not sure abt this astrology thing but ill see where it goes.
—Guest sweetbliss

Taurus bf, Aquarius girl

It's amazing, ,some these post could have been written by me. Been in love with David since 1980. Now finally after 30 years we've come. Back together and we are talking about forever. He's not jealous and we complement each other. Together we are each a part of the whole picture. I make him laugh with my craziness and keeps me grounded with his no nonsense mentality. Thank god that he brought him back into my life.
—Guest Lovemesomedavid


Im an Aquarius an he's a Taurus an we been together for 9mnths the first three months were good but then we just started arguing an he just got distant an wwuse to have fun an hang out all the time.now its like he spends more time with his buddies and. Its like he has no time for me anymore I love him alot the only thing that keeps me loving him is the good times we had an the love I have for him I put up with alot and we plan to have a family together but I just feel nothing will be the same since we argue alot I feel he has his own life an I feel like im not in it.he says he loves me but he doesn't show it an he doesn't tell me how he feels he just keeps things to himself I just wish our relationship was better.but unfortunately were not together anymore.I feel like my heart has been stepped on :(
—Guest anonymous

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