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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Taurus-Cancer Relationship

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Have you been in a Taurus-Cances relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share Your Experience

Every word is fitting!

The article totally describes us! I'm a Taurus girl with a cancer guy for past one year (and a lifetime to go) and really, when I met him for the first time, we hit off perfectly as if we know each other before this life- talking about almost everything, from cooking to career! We are inseparable since back when we friends, we just love and appreciate each other's company. We also discuss about our possible financial soundness and home and children. He is really funny, witty and quick mouthed and perhaps the only one who can shut me up- besides my mum.
—Guest Monica

i know he cares

im a cancer woman.. with a taurus man for over a year now. my sensitivity has sky-rocketed lately and when i try to talk to him he never knows what to say. i know he loves me or he would just kick me to the curb im sure but it seems like hes getting fed up bc my over reactions arent changing, even though im trying. should i calm down and give him space and let him come to me? im away from our home visiting and im afraid if i come back when im supposed to, ill push him away. what could i do to bring him back in and let him know im still the shy, calm, and loving person he used to see more often?
—Guest andrea

Taurus girl + Cancer Boy

i m a pure taurean girl who is very straight forward and i m very open to my cancer partner but he keeps many things to himself and fights over stupid things and later he says he was Joking!! Duh!!! Basically my Cancer guy is very much insecure about our relatonship because he has hadbitter experiences in his past. He is so much insecured that he has restricted me from using FB and talking to Guys who are my frds.but i m loyal to him to the core and will never let him go at any cost..Sex is just great between us.. he is just amazing in bed that it took my breath away completely!!!! he is indeed very close wid his family so am I but he is a bit more close to his famiy than me.. he avoids my calls to b with his mother which sometimes irriates me n brings out the jealous taurus in me...i can understnd his priorities but i do expect alot from him.. if i tend to b a bit more attentive towards my family he gets furious and fights over it.but he is a great guy with a good sense of humour :
—Guest Taurean girl


I am a taurus and he a cancer. It was instant sparks. It was like we knew eachother from another life and picked up right where we left off. Oddly enough we both came from relationships where the other person was unfaithful so maybe that similarity plays a part. Honestly i just feel like we both are that needle in a haystack....and he each found eachothers needle !!
—Guest Christina

what do I call this ?

I met a cancer guy like 3 months ago , and beleive me that guy was always staring at me ! But we never used to talk ! In class , our eyes used to meet eachother at some point or other , but then , we never used to talk ! I'm a taurus girl and yes i'm stubborn , but still I could not handle , not being with him as my crush part changed into love ! Once , my brother told him that I liked him alot ! And his reply was ' it's too late , she should've approached me earlier ' ? I mean it was okay if he had a girlfriend , but he didn't ! He was single , then why did he tell me this ? He still stares at me though ! Is he hiding his feelings ?
—Guest rose


i am a cancer who was with a taurus but i found out disgusting and hurtful things about the taurus so i left the guy ...idiot
—Guest cancerbitch

Don't generalise

It really gets to me when I see that so many people have the tendency to put anyone of any sign in the same pot based on their experiences -whether good or bad. 2 people of the same SUN sign (there's more than just sun signs where astrology is concerned) are NEVER the same. EVER! Some traits will be similar, but in essence they aren't the same people. Therefore, if you've had a great relationship with a cancer or taurus or any other sign, don't assume everyone else would be granted the same gift. The same goes for the flip side. One or two or three bad experiences doesn't/don't make ALL cancers or ALL tauruses bad people, or people to be avoided. In my book, that's how we close ourselves from connecting to others. For instance, in college, I had two cancer guys in my class, born four days apart, and they could not have been more different. The one was sweet, generous, sensitive and still to this day, the funniest guy I've ever had the pleasure to meet and I LOVE to laugh. The other...pretentious, condescending on another level, arrogant...the list goes on. One was good, the other one...not really. I believe what I'm trying to say is, in the eventuality that you've dealt with a slimy crab or a bully of a taurus, please for the love of god, don't give out advice such as: "never trust a cancer", "never trust a taurus for this and that reason". I truly am sorry for anyone who's had a horrid experience with a taurus, especially seeing as I am one myself and it saddens me that they could not live up to their taurean potential. I apologize on their behalf. And I have a cancer sister and it also pisses me off when I see others bashing on cancers in general as though they are all the same. Just as it irritates me when people praise tauruses or cancers as though they are all the same. Don't generalise, people! No more "taurus men are..", "cancer guys are..." *sigh* Understandably we're all free to do as we please. Just thought I'd share my opinion. Anyhoo...that's all folks!
—Guest Lucy

Illegal Cancer Crush

Well , I'm a Taurus girl and I like my cancer male teacher. ( I know it's illegal but please don't judge me because I know what I'm doing. It's just a crush and nothing too far.) He's a really nice person and we're like close friends whenever we talk. Sometimes , he can get a little scary when he gets angry. Whenever he gets angry , he seemed like a 3 year old kid who didn't get a candy. I'm really sad when he's angry and it makes me want to comfort him. We have a bit things in common , we both like music and we're both sensitive but he's more sensitive than I am. I really enjoyed our conversation together because I'm really open-minded and he listens to me whenever I talk. The first time I saw him got angry , I was scared like I was in a living-hell and that was the time I realize how moody and livid he was. I like him even though he's moody and livid. A lot of my friends didn't like him because he's so over-sensitive but I still like him for who he is.
—Guest Little Taurus Teen-Girl

taurus left Paam

i met a turus guy he is younger than me but i dont care..after three days of amazingly feeling the vibe of love he huged me so tight and then left..just like that..saying he feels guilty bcoz i knew his best friend waaay b4 i knew him..i thought what we had is special..but he wouldnt see it the way i saw it..why taurus why? do all taurus care about their friends more than a possible lover?>>i keep wonder :(
—Guest Norah


I am not your 'average' slow moving, home loving, possessive Taurus; quite the contrary I thrive on attention, going out, staying active and absolutely detest any form of possessiveness, clingy behaviour or inconsistent moods in people. Cancer men to me are the most complicated people I have ever met. They drive me nuts! Same with Virgos. I hate the way Virgos' are practical and everything has to be logical or said literally. They are dull and *yawn very boring. Cancers are manipulative and unlike what the zodiac says are manipulative, moody for no flipping reason, liars about who they really are and what they want from you and like to play 'hard to get' when you try and get to know them. Relationships with Cancers' are too slow and boring. They are stubborn and even when proven wrong will stupidly return to their stupid crabby shells like big fat baby's. Absolute puerile behaviour I can not stand! Also they do not speak their mind, which frustrates me. A big no no for me!
—Guest Taurus lady

found the one

Its the best thing that has ever happened to me. My Taurus boyfriend is amazing. I love him so much n I knew that if I enter into this relationship, it was gonna last from the first time I met him. He is strong physically n mentally which I find so sexy, intelligent men are a total turn on for me. He takes care of me n my extreme emotional highs and lows. I could not have asked for a better partner, and the sex is amazing. He takes control when I seem to be losing touch with the now which has in a way made me more mature and more aware of my strengths n how to use them strategically. I have a problem with my temper and even before we started dating he always managed to calm me down or shift my attention els were, and when my temper reaches heights where a joke or silly comment dnt help he sits me down n takes over like a man.... Which instead of listening, I think of all the things I wanna do with him in bed... :p. It was a bit shaky at first, I was not sure if I was ready or if he could handle me n break my shell, the stubbornness at first I ddnt like n I was not as sure anymore. But we got through that stage n it feels so amazing to be his girlfriend. I'm so inlove n I can see this man as my husband and father to my future children (if we will be blessed with kids)

all cancer traits

I'm a cancer girl and was involved with a taurus male since we was 13. I wouldn't have noticed him if he didn't start flirting with me in school. We are now 21 and been off and on. We recently talked and he mentioned how I use to pressure him into us being in a relationship so i basically messed up his flow and caused him to put me off. Now he found me on both of my Facebook pages and said he missed me cuz our last time seeing each other we got into a big one. I done had a baby and he got dumped by a scorpio girl. I always felt he was meant for me so we will see. He is a sweatheart that can get ugly so since I learned about him, I'm sure what cancer traits I need to keep at a minimum
—Guest Gemini/Cancer cusp girl

What if your Taurus is an addict?

Even a 20 year sober one? I met him, really connected, had awesome sex and great times but he claimed to feel "nothing". Yet he pulled me in, said magical things, created a trance state I loved being in with him. I love his home, his family and friends, but felt I had to keep my strongest feelings to myself - which I tried hard to do. His past relationships have been very messy and dramatic, and I am very calm and peaceful - although I do love a good discussion or argument. We were the same age, had great qualities in common. But I think he was addicted to the feeling he created with me, and I feel like I've been in withdrawal since he pulled away recently. SO. Anyone else out there dated a sober but relationship retarded Taurus lately? I do love him and wish we were together, he maintains contact and I believe we might still find each other again someday - our meeting was amazing, then we came apart and together again - anything is possible with this man.

Cancer Women : Taurus Women

cancers are really manipulative, confusing , clingy & selfish . but they will love you w. all there heart , sex will be great , and no matter how hard you try to push them away , they don't give up . they suprise you with gifts . and can sometimes be smothering . I'm a taurus , and since we are both extremely sensitive we tend to fight over the stupest things. Cancers can be overprotective , which Taurus may like . most Taurus needs loooots of attention & cancers give that . Taurus be careful tho , cause as Taurus' we tend to do whatever we want whenever we wanna do it . which a cancer may find unfaithful . and , Cancers wind to get where they want , and by being a taurus , we tend to spoil our lovers . which a Cancer may take advantage of . and , since Cancer's are very emotional they sometimes assume stuff that isn't true . and , barely wann talk about their feelings . but , they will love you like nooo other .
—Guest Takeira


I've been with this Cancer man for about 2 years now. The sex is outrageous,and we share a deep love for each other. But we do have ridiculous arguments all over the place,and he tends to be over dramatic,looks into everything,and he steps back into his shell. It takes a while for him to come back out but you must show him you're burying and care for him,because he may forget. A month ago,someone had sent me a picture of him&some other girl on his phone. "She" told me, "Stop talking to him,it's his girlfriend." I was so depressed. Had to go to a mental institute for a few weeks & take medication. Now he's had experience with that also but he doesn't believe a word I say! So now we're in this argument again. Just be cautious Taurus! Cancer men can be very quick to open their mouths when they've had experience with something they think may be a lie.
—Guest Taurus Girl

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