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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Taurus-Cancer Relationship

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Have you been in a Taurus-Cances relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

my new love

I've met my Taurus man at a wedding, a friend has been trying to connect me with her husbands cousin. We finally got together and been together ever since. it's now a couple of months and I'm happy as he is. We've met each other children and looking forward to our future. He's everything and more.
—Guest ms p

I couldn't agree more but..

My boyfriend(cancer) and I(Taurus) have been together for a couple of months now and I'm happy that he is my life(he's supportive a little as well) but I just feel like we're not going to stay with each other for a long time. It's true that I'm stubborn.. I just don't understand whether(like I said before) if we're going to last. I'm scared to be honest... I don't want to lose him..
—Guest AnimeGal

He's cute, Funny and handsome

Im a cancer girl and i am fond of this taurus guy, not sure if he likes me but quite often talks to me, and he gives me attention like looking into my eye when im speaking. He is funny and cute and enjoys my jokes. He is a gentlemen, help me carry heavy stuff and hold the door.
—Guest cancer angel

ms cancer

Im a cancer been in a relationship off and with man I love him very much we live together now for the past 11 mos. He use to stay home but he always gone now always out of town working I think he is cheating on he say he is not he if had another women he b with her Do. Taurus men's cheat? What shall ddo?
—Guest laverne

#Taurus man cancer woman #love #4ever

I'm a cancer girl who been with my Taurus guy for 18 months now. We've had some disagreements but not arguments to any extreme. He's very strong willed but I realised that that's just who he is, so I find ways of voicing my concerns n he respects my point of view. However I'm always the peacemaker and forgives. I think in any relationship where there is genuine love there will be wars; I move my self away mentally to recoup while his hot temper cool off . In a matter of hours we're back as if nothing happen. I love him to death and won't trade him for any other. Most importantly he understands my moody nature and loves me for the bigger picture - stability, consistency, family oriented and financial security, this we both crave. # Taurus is the best lover.
—Guest kharmelle

I don't know

It's something a bout a cancer man that he treats himself like a woman but he is nothing soft. Gentle but rough around the edges , but very emotional ... Controlling ... Be on the other hand made my mistakes but he cannot forgive me but my mistakes never been to sleep with anyone I guess I just needed some space Clingy folks and he couldnt understand ... He almost boring but I can be with him .. Confused yes but they can be mentally abusive so don't tell all your secrets they will use it against you. And very needy I wouldn't have any kids with him he is a child , need a lot of attention. A lot of work ... If we live in separate places for the rest of our lives I would be great . But he couldn't deal with that at all,, you would be sneaking around .. Very suspicious people.
—Guest Coco

my taurus bf true face :(

Some weeks ago i wrote here zat my taurus bf was perfect fr me. well today we broke up. He just broke all his promises. He broke my heart. Now i knw my taurus bf is selfish. I did everything in my power to keep him with me but finally we broke up :( I didnt insist koz im tired too of all z nonsense he keeps telling me. Never trust a taurus man. Never expect anything frm a taurus man. Never run after a taurus man. GUEST TOOTHFAIRY my advice to u is zat never to believe zat a taurus man will leave his family fr u. zat will never happen. taurus man thinks only abt themselves. May happen he even leave his wife fr u but as soon as he b bored or fed up of u he will want to go back to his wife. this is how taurus men are sadly :(
—Guest cancer bhav

Tauru and cancer man

I hav been in love with acancer man for 5 month he has been so loving and treat me like i was da only female and me too bt just broke up amonth ago but i stil need him nd he nolonger picks up my cal. What can i do?.
—Guest JE

Will I win this taurus?

I've known this taurus not well for 7years, he is married.I am cancer also marr to a fish,lot of problems my side.Next thing a spark between me+taurus.Lot of energy,spark,feelings.But will he(54) leave wife for me(45)?I am so in love/connected to taurus,I have problem holding back,dont want to upset him.He keeps on saying o 'one day..'it will happen.Do I fall for that,my current relationship(marriage) is very unstable.I was saddened many times over years & now thinking of leaving my husband,then taurus+me connected really for first time after 7years in Jan2012. Each time was short but pounding hearts,lot of talk about wild stuff wanna do with each other.I dont wanna lose him..Wish I have a clear vision. Last time he suddenly said I must back off ,not text him & forget/let it go,and I dont know why?what did i do wrong?Should I pressure for answer or wait for him to cool off?He defnitly said @ times his got big problems wth her.I feel so broken & hurt,hard to wait!Please help..
—Guest Guest toothfairy


I'm a female cancer and have been dating my taurus boyfriend for a year now. I honestly couldn't envision a better match for either one of us. We have our problems and our arguments, but even then he outshines any man I've ever met. We always solve our issues and he's there to make everything better. I've never been so devoted to anyone and vise verse. All of my life, my closest friends have be tauruses. And now, my best friend for the rest of my life is a taurus. We couldn't be happier.
—Guest Sammie

I love my taurus man

me and my taurus man have been together for just over a year now, and even thought we arent like the other overly-cutesy couples, i feel very connected to him :) x
—Guest mani

I love him

Im a Taurus and my guy is a Cancer and we have been together for 1 and we have had out moments but he really is sweet and he always is nice and loving. i would have to say that Cancer men are the best and don't let them get away.
—Guest JM


I am married to the 4th Taurus man I have dated. I am not sure why I am attracted to Taurus men. I recently found out he made 2 kids on me with 2 ex friends. Taurus men are narcissists; and that is being nice! If I ever meet another Taurus man, I will be running the other way!
—Guest Cancer Red-Head

I love my caner

I'm a turus my husband is a caner and yes he crabby sometimes but he treats me like I'm the only female on the earth he understands me and loves me with everything in him just as I do him we have been married 9 out of the 11 years togeather got two kids we r soul mates my stubbernes goes with his crabby he got me I got him
—Guest pamela

love my taurus man!

I met this taurus man who was boring at first to me. we were only frnds until i start to talk to him more n knw him better. I fall in love with him n told him abt my feelings even tho im quiet shy. he was very sceptical abt us at first but then with time he told me he love me too. we do fight and argue sometimes but we r never mad at each other fr more than 1 day XD he is a calm guy most of the time. not at all abusive. my taurus man just tkes time to understand things. but he is a really nice guy. he loves me a lot and so do i. we planning on getting married. one thing cancer girls who got taurus bfs...taurus men doesnt show their affection too much. sometimes u might even feel like they r ignoring u but zats just temporary. just continue to love him and he will love u much more. my taurus man is perfect for me! :)
—Guest cancer bhav

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