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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Taurus-Sagittarius relationship

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Have you been in a Taurus-Sagittarius relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share Your Experience


well, a year into things me and saggie called it quits. I kinda just stopped talking to him for like 2 weeks and met somebody new (grass is always greener, a leo btw ughhh) and kicked saggie to the curb because we weren't 'official'. a year into it and we weren't official? wtf? well as it turns out, the same day I ended things with him, he was going to make things more committed with me. How the world is cruel. Well now, I'm over here all sad cause I love him and I really only truly want him and he's saying he wants nothing to do with me blah blah. We get into this huge fight and say the WORST things ever. Buuut, a few weeks later, he still answers my calls, replies to my texts and I just started a dating profile, which he just so happens to be on. Now 2 days after me pouring my heart out to him and him saying he doesn't want to see me and he looks at me sooo differently he's viewing my dating profile. I'm wondering if its truly finished. He don't say a word, just his actions..man
—Guest taurus gemini cusp

Sag Man &Taurus Gal with Fire CAN Work

Definitely lots of chemistry. I wouldn't generalize all signs. A Taurus and Sagittarius relationship can work if the rising signs are compatible as well. I am a Taurus on the Aries cusp, and I am constantly attracting and attracted to fire signs, especially Sag men. I do not have the stereotypical Taurean traits. I am somewhat free-spirited, love to socialize and love to party and explore new places, foods, cultures, ideas and more. I have always hesitated on taking any friendship with a Sag man to the next level because of all the stereotypical comments, but now, I realize that a Sag man is exactly what I want. They are intellectual, funny, adventurous, and manly. I haven't found this combination with most other signs. I always get a long well with the Sag men, so the next time, I think I am going to go for it. Sag men tend to get married to bossy and airheaded Aries or moody and manipulative Sag or Scorpio women and then regret it after and tell me their complaints.
—Guest TaurusGalWithAFireStreak


I am Sagittarius and he's a Taurus. We have been dating for two years with a short break in the beginning of the first year. Our relationship started beautifully, all I wanted was to be with him and share my thirst for new an exciting things, and in return he showed me stability and a how to be comfortable. Although we have shown each other different sides of life and love each other very much, it is truly a difficult relationship. He is stubborn and I am pretty easy going, he is more interested in how he wants things to be, and sometimes I feel he only doers things I want with me to meet a quota. Beware, taurus men seem to have stacks of ace cards in their back pockets and will use them. He is not possessive be he is obsessed with things he really likes to do. He has been annoying the crap out of me because he always is judging other people which sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable. He talks a lot and directs the conversation and diverts it often if you try to direct it.
—Guest Sag woman

You guys are poop

No-one enjoys more playing games with your mind and causing pain more than the people born in December.
—Guest vias

Complicated, but simple.

I'm a sag lady and I'll just go ahead and admit to my manipulative ways. He doesn't see it that way of course, but let me explain. When we first started talking I purposefully didn't tell him how old I was, knowing he wouldn't approve. I didn't think we were going anywhere at first I thought it was just another fling, but then I started to care. And that's when I knew I had to tell him. I did and as I expected he was upset at first. But then after just a few hours of silence he messaged me. Obviously trying to keep it light like we were just friends and then we both just cracked. We knew how we felt about each other and said to hell with the consequences. So we decided to make it official between us and I have to say he has changed my life only for the better. Since having met him I have order in my life and he makes me WANT to be better. He is always supporting me, constantly forgiving, and infinitely loving. I used to have commitment issues. I used to lie. Then I met him.
—Guest Guest Love Knows No Bounds


I'm a taurus and dated a sagittarius. The first time we went out in 6th grade but my parents broke us up because they felt like he was a bad influence. Banned to talk to him. 7 years later I decided to give it another shot. I wish I just stayed friends with him and gave it 10 more years or until we actually knew each other well. This horoscope thing seems like discrimination because not everyone have the qualities of their sign. I'm also saying this on behalf of people who get hurt and believe all these insults people make, especially for those who say good things. Anyone who meets a sag or taurus or any other sign and acts like, "oh, you're this sign stay the f*ck away from me because you're this and that" is a moron. People who say, "I only like this sign and only stay with this sign" are closing themselves off from other opportunities for a great relationship. Do you really want to run your love life by following horoscope compatability and comments about them
—Guest Gemini Rising

Taurus man and Sagittarius woman

He's born on April 26 and I was born on November 30. Have been dating for 3 wonderful months. We have gotten in arguments (most of them were caused by how I'm oblivious and he is sensitive). When we do get in an argument or make the other upset, we talk about it and fix the problem right then and there. We don't brush anything off. He is really the sweetest guy and is quite a romancer. He is also very mysterious which I find really attractive (I once told him that and he blushed lol). We have similarities and differences (but then again, which couple doesn't?). We love each other very much. I fell for him first lol. He said he noticed that I liked him and actually wanted me to like him. He also told me that I am very interesting and have a wide variety of hobbies and interests.
—Guest Guest IV

Never again

It was a trial thing. I didn't want to be serious with him but he insisted we should. Horrid.
—Guest Saggit F+Libra M


He's May 13, I'm Dec 5. Been good friends for 5 years now things are really picking up, talking baby talk. He's shy and quiet (but not on stage) it's so cute. We're quite the same when it comes to relationship needs and wants. He's tall and handsome. The sex is ok (had better).. He can be TOO gentle ... eats me out like it ain't nothing. And I love him!!
—Guest Sagittarius Baby


He is Sagittarius I'm a female Taurus, do 50 Sagittarius men settle down
—Guest funny


umm nas, u need 2 chill that is not all sag men its probably just the 1 u got im sure he has alot of stuff 2 say about u 2 dont be so quick to put a label on people

where to start.

im a sag girl and ive known my taurus man for about 5 1/2 years now nd im saddened to say I believe it is over between me and him. I was so in love with him and he was my first. We remained friends for a long time even after our relationship ended about a month later and shared great moments and always have good sex we even go to the same college. last time we did it however he said u dont make love to me anymore tho.. im lyk how can i make love to someone who doesnt even love me and one day out the blue i hit him up and he basically said i dont want to "f" with u anymore and i didnt understand y i even sent him a text pouring out my feelings only to get no respond back. I am losing faith that these relationships are at all possible.
—Guest anon.

straying wit childood friend

I'm a sagging and he's a Taurus .let me start by saying sex is amazing. I never enjoyed sucking d*ck til him mainly due to the fact he enjoys and appreciates with lickity lick in return.I'm almost considering leaving my boyfriend whose been getting divorce for 2 yrs .now and when he does maybe ill consider keeping my p*ssy to myself

Patience, compromise and understanding

Let me start off with me being tge Taurus girl, him the Sagittarius guy. Omg. We've been in this for about 9months and he was very anti relationship, i wanted the commitment but it wasnt happening with him. We got into a.huge fight 5months in and didn't speak for 3months but he came back because he said he missed me. Hes a complete different person, like now he's making an effort and I'm elated. He's always said hes going to make me his wife one day, I'm making him change his mind about being in a relationship, wanting to move in together etc. Im now taken by him and mainly there needs to be trust for his freedom, understanding for our sensitivity and communiction for the relationship. Maturity will take you a long way. I'm 20 he's about to be 21 on the 17th so we're in this age range of setting the stage for our lives. We'll definitely last, it'll just be some work, which we're both doing and feeling like one another is worth it (:
—Guest taurus gemini cusp


I started dating a taurus girl and it was great at first we had been friends before hand so we new eachother pretty well or least I thought we did she was a nice and happy girl and i was happy to be with her but things didn't stay bliss for long soon she was doing all sorts of crazy shit left and right she was all over the place she went from happy to nuts in .5 sec I didn't know what to do this wasn't the girl I fell for we broke it off but that's not the end of it it just got worse from there long story short I probably would have wound up in a mental hospital if I had associated with her any longer i would like to think it was just her but my cousin dated a taurus woman not to long ago and she wound up being a nut case aswell so needless to say taurus woman stay the f*ck away.
—Guest never agin taurus never agin.

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