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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Taurus-Sagittarius relationship

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Have you been in a Taurus-Sagittarius relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share Your Experience

Let me laugh

Sagittarius people aren't free spirited cheaters, they just don't know what a human is. They think a human is like a doll, made from perfect plastic with the personality of barbie and john john. If they find that imperfection that makes plastic a human they imideatelly recognise your unworthiness and seek a barbie elsewhere. They've got nazzi genitals VIP class enough for you to worth their betrayal. Taurus people you know you deserve better.
—Guest christian

Great relationship

I've been with my boyfriend, who is a taurus and I'm a sag woman, for almost a year and 4 months. Sure, he lies about the silliest things. We broke up once and got back together but we're fucking amazing now. We are so happy and I couldn't get enough. He has depression and lies about his feelings a lot because he feels like he doesn't deserve someone as good as me for him. We get each other more than anything and he's my ride or die. He's the only person I have honestly. And I never wanna lose him. I love this relationship.

So hard

I am a Taurus woman with a Sagittarius boyfriend. We've been together for more than 3 years (3 years and 5 mos to be exact). All I can say is that, it's been hard for me. We had gone through a lot. He's very outgoing. He has a lot of friends. I also have many friends, but sometimes I get so insecure with his social life. He had cheated on me before, lied so many times to me and yet I always ended up forgiving him. I love him so much that I don't want to lose him. But there are times that he's really a jerk. Maybe Im just that strong to hold on to this relationship. On the other hand, if we're happy, we're really are. Once he's sweet, he's really sweet. We also have happy times though. I dunno. Maybe, sag are just like that. They are just so free spirited that taurus will often misinterpret or overthink things.
—Guest Undecided

I can't give up on him

I'm a sag girl and he is a taurus boy. We met and moved in together after the first day... Was probably the most intense relationship of my life. We're not together anymore but I still burn for him. I feel like he is my soulmatr, we constantly talk and But I already live on the other side of the world, though our comunication has gotten better it's still hard understanding his indesitions and stubborness. But inside I feel like I will never find anyone like him and I'll probably never stop loving him, even if it doesn't wotk out in the end..
—Guest Hazel

Sag Male and Taurus Female is AMAZING

Sagittarius male and Taurus female combinations seem to be better than Sag female and Taurus male combinations. I think it works especially well for those Taurus ladies near an Aries cusp. I have a love of excitement and travel that is balanced by a down-to-earth sensibility which is exactly what Sag men need (whether or not they realize it!). We've been good friends for 20 years and have been married for 16 years. I want some freedom as much as he does, and we have such a good time partying. He told me he loves that I always try to enjoy the moment and that we share the same sense of humor. Taurus people love to joke around and make people laugh, which perfectly complements the other jokester in the zodiac -- the Sagittarius man. He had dated a Sag and Leo female before and said they were too high maintenance and drama queens. The Aries he dated before ended up being too bossy, materialistic, self-centered and terrible with money. His words not mine.
—Guest PropsToStars

it's hard

I am a Taurus woman been with a sag man for 2 years now ....the relationshop is not secure...one dau he tellong me he dont wanna vome home and he need space to cheat with whoever he been sleeping with one min he wanna be her e next min he not coming home...out of the blew he told me this pass weekend in a half he dont wanna be with me left for 1 week didnt see or hear from him and we stay together and I found text message from this one girl text message like they go together or something. ..all his clothes and everything still here it's like he dont wanna take them and move out but he havent been home but 2 days out of a week I barely see him so I told him he need to come get them he say ok but dont he came home these pass two days saying he love me he wanna be with me but dont come home agaim..im sooooo good to him never cheated did everything for him im hurt so hurt cuz it seem like he wanna be with this other girl
—Guest cookie

Sagittaurius female and stubborn Taurus

So Ive been seeing a taurus male for about 2 - 3 months. Im very bubbly and talkative, hes quite shy and a little boring sometimes. But theres something that he does to me, the way he looks at me - I dont know. We grew apart within this time because neither of us made any effort - I told him I thought he didnt care so I left it, he told me he thought I didnt care so he did the same. I find him very hard work and sometimes negative. I feel like if this turned into a relationship he could be happy with me but theres too much about him that sucks the energy out of me. Hes judgemental, stubborn, argumentative and arrogant. I do have deep feelings for him though, maybe because I know deep down he wants love - and I love giving it. But alot of the time I feel like I dont get alot back from him, and this makes me unhappy. Everytime Im with him I never receive as much as I give. Ive spoken to him about this but he doesnt understand. Do I leave him or stay?
—Guest ELizabeth

Sweetest Taurean Girl

Friendship border romance. I wanna make it more but knowing myself, I might break her heart. I wanna tell her Im madly in love w/ her not just her friend w/ benefits. Our friendship is great she keeps my feet on the ground while I got my head in the clouds and I help her unwind every once in a while (in the best way possible ;), but somehow I want her w/ me wherever I go. If shes willing to step out of her comfort zone for me I wanna stay back for her too. But I dont think I can Im too wild! Should we just stay friends w/ benefits or step it up?!
—Guest Alexander

Worth every rocky moment

Sag gal w/Taurus guy. First 2 yrs sucked! We were on/off again all the time. He breaks it, I'm heartbroken, he chases me, I refuse. But he was always so persistent to get me back. He even proposed to me once & although I had waited two years for that moment I said no. Our relationship had to be solid w/o hang ups before I would say yes. I became jaded & couldnt care less if we were together, but no matter what i always missed him when we were apart. We always had a deep connection thats unexplainable. Still do. He says it's Bc were soul mates & that's why he calls me wifey. Bc in his eyes I'm the only girl he can't & will not live w/o. He talks of our wedding more than I do & how he wants to start a family. We're about to hit our 3 yr mark. Engaged & never been happier. He's everything you want in a man. Handy, handsome, sexy, intelligent, patient, kind, a great lover & best friend. That's how I see him anyway. They need time to grow up in a relationship. Be patient. It's worth it!
—Guest HeCallsMeWifey

its not easy .. but damn it can be good

im a sag girl and my current bf of 1 yr is a taurus we are a happy couple and like everyone says our relation ship goes from one extreme to the next.. we fight we play and we chill and hang out.. the secrete to our relationship is communicating and compromise show him that you are not selfish and he will soon do the same.. taurus are stubborn people and will sometimes not apologize even if they are really sorry...these two signs can make it work but the key word is WORK
—Guest lala

And again I say give the Sags a break!

Give the Sags a break!! Almost every response I've read seems to place a great deal of the relationship problems on the sag. I love my taurus man!! We've been together for 4years. I agree the combination can be a bit crazy but it's not impossible. I adore that man I can't imagine life without him.
—Guest Sarabi


Me and my boyfriend hve gone together like 6 times. i mean we're young. we were eachother's first love. we still love eatch other. he's a taurus and im a sag. we get alone really well. we talk, laugh, mess around, and other things. but e argue sometimes. nd we dont tlk. when we argue. but gahhh idk...just jve to see where it goes now.
—Guest Pandi

Taurus and Sag

Ive dated my Sag guy over 3 times now and were still not done. When things are great their amazing but when bad its horrible. Yes, he was flirty but never cheated and he knew where his one love was but he was very quiet at times and even moody. They tend to hurt the ones they love the most and realize too late. Take away the pressures of a relationship and explore a free world love for each other and a Sag will be your best friend and best lover but put on the shackles of a relationship before he's ready and things will fall apart on time. I love my Sag and wouldn't change our relationship for the world! When we're not together he's my best friend, but when we are it's still worth perusing. If they really love you Sags will always come back to you after they're exploring is finished.
—Guest Taurus who loves her Sag Man

Dont do it!!

Im a taurus female n my ex hus is a sag. We fell in love but it was a toxic love. Sag have a way of manipulating taurus so fast n we fall for it. We are kind but once we start noticing the lies n the manipulation we definitely stray away fast. We tried working on our marraige for 4 yrs n fuck was it draining i left the relationship feeling powerless pls taurus think before u. get in a relationship with sags they know how to lie n fake emotions then have u under control n once urunder
—Guest nena

Taurus Fem Sagittarius Stud

We are a lesbian couple newly in our relationship but it is wonderful. Communication is there, laughter ,romance, focus and trust and lord the sexual chemistry is better then any I have every experienced. We have not made love yet, We are taking our time it has been almost 3months now. I can truly see myself with her for the rest of my life God willing. As a Sag she is strong and motivied very independentand as a Taurus Im a stubborn as well as otha things lol but she loves me for who I am. I have never had that. I have thought i was in love before but with her I know Im in love and I so grateful. So for how ever long or short this ride may be she will have all of me with no shorts.
—Guest Meanabeana

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