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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Taurus-Sagittarius relationship

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Have you been in a Taurus-Sagittarius relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

Taurus woman and sag guy!

I am a 22 y.o taurus woman dating with a 23 y.o sagittarius guy. We met while working. We become friends and then he said he like me but he just to shy to express it at first which I think its cute. I just wanna be friends but he didnt give up on me and keep trying. Thats when I realized he is serious because I do have trust issues. After that I start to fall for him hard so did him. Now we've been in a realtionship for almost 1 year. It was great at beginning. He is sweet sometimes, and moody sometimes but I can handle it. He is honest and kind but just dont do shit on him. He hates that. We did fight sometimes but then okay the next day. I really love him and I dont want to ruined this relationship. He often used cursed word when he is mad or when we fight. But now as for today, we had a lil quarrel and now he is silent (didnt online as usual. didnt pick up my call). I just dont know what to do. should I wait or should I keep contact him.
—Guest Sheearth

Taurus female, Sag Male

I'm a 22 year old Taurus woman, dating a 24 year old Sagittarius man. We've been dating 3 years Lets see, it started out really difficult.. definitely takes an evolved version of these signs to make it last! But, this ended up being the only relationship that has worked for me. We both started out being extremely insecure, the dynamics between us were extremely chaotic.. But after every fight we found out something about each other. For example, if he hatefully criticized me about something I would say, "hey.. where is this coming from? Are your feelings hurt?" He would immediately change faces and confide in me. We never have the same fight twice. Once the two of you realize the reason behind each other's actions, you both stop being so insecure and filling the relationship with fear and negativity. So if you're both not taking this as a learning experience, it will not work. Although our relationship still requires self control, it has reached an easy stability. Which is what us

Taurus Female & Sagittaurus Male

Sagittaurus are very flirtaous , i know.. because my boyfriend of 2 and a half years, has been nothing but that. He loves to joke, and stay active. But, me being a Taurus.. im very grounded and emotional. I always want to cuddle, whereas though he doesnt like all that shit. But, when were together we have a very fun time. He loves to always crack a joke, even in the tough times.
—Guest Takeira

I am attracted to Taurus women

I am attracted to Taurus women and I think they're sexy. I don't care what astrology says about our compatibility and I am hoping that I can hook up with one of those Taurean twins I have been seeing.
—Guest Mr. Anonymous

sag woman dating a Taurus woman

Im a sag woman dating a Taurus woman. We've been together 11mos. I would have to say this is the best relationship I've ever been in. She's a great provider for myself and my child. Everything we do is centered around being a team. She's had her cheating moment and so have I. We're not perfect. Each of us were feeling unappreciated by the other and not communicating. Communication is key if a relationship with these two signs will work. I love this Taurus woman to the moon and back!
—Guest sag woman taurus woman

Sag Men Need Taurus Women!!!

First, I think that Taurus women near the Aries or Gemini cusps can be SUPER fun, smart and down to earth. Any man that prefers women full of drama is nuts. Taurus women have the total package. I've noticed that they tend to be good at several things and love to learn and explore like Sagittarius men! I've been with my Taurus lady for over 18 years. We met by chance as roommates in college. I love how confident and funny she is and most importantly how she manages to show she cares while still giving me space. I feel like I can be myself around her always. Taurus women are more complex than their surface shows. I can talk with her about philosophy, science, religion, etc. She's good with money & full of life! Sex is AMAZING - the best ever! I get moody sometimes but she's my rock and always cheers me up. Sag men, don't let Taurus women get away! They are beautiful both inside and out!
—Guest Brad

Fire and Earth need each other!

I'm a Sagittarius guy and she's a Taurus. We were easily friends at first. There was an instant attraction. She is so down-to-earth, funny and just easy to be with and live with. Why would anyone not want a Taurus woman. I had dated a Leo, Gemini, Aquarius, Scorpio, Cancer and Aries before and OMG those women were so high maintenance! I couldn't breathe or feel like I could be me with those women. Loads of attraction with the Leo, Aries, and Scorpio women at first, but flirting with them and being in a relationship with them were very different. I'm just going to say it. Leos and Scorpios are batshit crazy! Controlling, manipulative and super jealous. Aries women spend too much and have no substance and are extremely bossy. Gemini and Aquarius were hypocrites - always accusing me of cheating when they were doing it (good liars by the way). The Cancer woman was way too emotional, manipulative and clingy. I love Taurus women because they're sensible, funny, patient & tomboys!!!
—Guest SagotaurusesRock


I'm a sag female with hopefully a Taurus male for a boyfriend. We've been talking for over a year & now things are getting kind of serious, at first I was like finally I got him, but then I started getting cold feet. Like, this is gonna be a serious commitment... I mean... Sheesh. He is AMAZING. He wants to make love to me, (a virgin), if we make love were staying together for a while... To me, sex is sex... In usually super emotionally unattached. But I really like him & he's great. I'm only attracted to my opposites, so yeah. I hope we last for a while. My birthday is Nov. 28th... His is May 19th... We've gotten closer... (My twin is a male Sag, with a female Taurus as a girlfriend like what???) Don't listen to everything... Some matches work, some don't... So take a chance & try it/them for yourself... I give good advice so ask for some ^_^
—Guest A.O.G.

Taurus Female and Sagittarius Man Work!

I am a 34-year-old female Taurus and have been with my 38-year-old Sagittarius man for over 10 wonderful years. We have never had a major argument. We click so beautifully, and it's like living with my best friend! We love to joke around. I love it when he takes charge sometimes, but at the same time, since I am a Taurus gal, I am not afraid to lead when I need to. Our sex is full of hot, steamy passion. We both can be blunt sometimes and inherently understand that it's nothing personal. We both also have very big hearts and like to help others. As long as a Taurus understands the Sag's need for freedom, lots of sex, adventure, challenge and occasional catch-and-release, the Sag always happily returns. My man is always trying to figure me out, but I always stay busy with my own life. The key to a Taurus woman's heart is to be funny, diplomatic and intellectual. DO NOT GIVE UP! Tauruses and Sagittariuses can work!
—Guest Taurus Sag Can Work!

not equal

Taurus women are great but as a sag male i noticed, they dont sleep until you are finally under the spell.once my tarus girl felt she finally broke me her real selfish self revealed itself.sags are funny to deal with at 1st but the emotions are real in the long run cant say thats true for the taurus female its a game that they plan to win then walk away a winner
—Guest the rude one

Let me laugh

Sagittarius people aren't free spirited cheaters, they just don't know what a human is. They think a human is like a doll, made from perfect plastic with the personality of barbie and john john. If they find that imperfection that makes plastic a human they imideatelly recognise your unworthiness and seek a barbie elsewhere. They've got nazzi genitals VIP class enough for you to worth their betrayal. Taurus people you know you deserve better.
—Guest christian

Great relationship

I've been with my boyfriend, who is a taurus and I'm a sag woman, for almost a year and 4 months. Sure, he lies about the silliest things. We broke up once and got back together but we're fucking amazing now. We are so happy and I couldn't get enough. He has depression and lies about his feelings a lot because he feels like he doesn't deserve someone as good as me for him. We get each other more than anything and he's my ride or die. He's the only person I have honestly. And I never wanna lose him. I love this relationship.

So hard

I am a Taurus woman with a Sagittarius boyfriend. We've been together for more than 3 years (3 years and 5 mos to be exact). All I can say is that, it's been hard for me. We had gone through a lot. He's very outgoing. He has a lot of friends. I also have many friends, but sometimes I get so insecure with his social life. He had cheated on me before, lied so many times to me and yet I always ended up forgiving him. I love him so much that I don't want to lose him. But there are times that he's really a jerk. Maybe Im just that strong to hold on to this relationship. On the other hand, if we're happy, we're really are. Once he's sweet, he's really sweet. We also have happy times though. I dunno. Maybe, sag are just like that. They are just so free spirited that taurus will often misinterpret or overthink things.
—Guest Undecided

I can't give up on him

I'm a sag girl and he is a taurus boy. We met and moved in together after the first day... Was probably the most intense relationship of my life. We're not together anymore but I still burn for him. I feel like he is my soulmatr, we constantly talk and But I already live on the other side of the world, though our comunication has gotten better it's still hard understanding his indesitions and stubborness. But inside I feel like I will never find anyone like him and I'll probably never stop loving him, even if it doesn't wotk out in the end..
—Guest Hazel

Sag Male and Taurus Female is AMAZING

Sagittarius male and Taurus female combinations seem to be better than Sag female and Taurus male combinations. I think it works especially well for those Taurus ladies near an Aries cusp. I have a love of excitement and travel that is balanced by a down-to-earth sensibility which is exactly what Sag men need (whether or not they realize it!). We've been good friends for 20 years and have been married for 16 years. I want some freedom as much as he does, and we have such a good time partying. He told me he loves that I always try to enjoy the moment and that we share the same sense of humor. Taurus people love to joke around and make people laugh, which perfectly complements the other jokester in the zodiac -- the Sagittarius man. He had dated a Sag and Leo female before and said they were too high maintenance and drama queens. The Aries he dated before ended up being too bossy, materialistic, self-centered and terrible with money. His words not mine.
—Guest PropsToStars

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