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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Taurus-Gemini Relationship

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Have you been in a Taurus-Gemini relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

Taurus man Gemini woman

Good and bad but mostly bad. Double taurus: Double Gemini. Good parts of Taurus: lots of gifts, dinners, attention to physical and material comfort. Bad: very critical to the point of being mean. Insults disguised as compliments. Too Anal. Too controlling. chipped away at my self esteem. Always talking about other women and even sleeping over at another womans house (a friend ) and never introducing me. i felt quite disrespected. nagging, micromanaging etc. not a good match for someone who likes to be free and wants to feel truly loved. Harmful comments still stay with me and I'm still recovering after 4 months apart. I won't have anything to do with him. my friends still are shocked at the strange things he would say. No understanding of a Gemini at all. superficial and insensitive. I was anxious 24/7 in the extreme. It was one of my worst dating experiences. I could go on but I could write a book. Maybe yours will be different. I hope you don't date the one I did. xo
—Guest KYM

gemini woman and Taurus man

I'm a Gemini woman and my Taurus man is nit as bad as I've been reading on. I see he's very quiet. Keeps to himself.and is very talkative when there's less and less attention in the pacific area, yet he really likes attention hrs very loud nit ashamed of anything the only thing that messes with me a bit about him is his uncleness and the way he takes care of himself in a Gemini we geminis don't go for that bs so to watch and think that's what your with it changes our mind a bit and makes us look past him and to another haha boo but I love him already he's sweet always makes sure I'm okay he will give me anything I ask for I know I talk alot and I see him blow me off a little bit but hey I'm a Gemini that's what I do I love to talk and gossip defitnly eoth my beloved one lol. Other than that I think the relationships gunna work I see he's a bit jealous when I hang with some of my home boys and I feel as if its gunna get stronger when I hve my geninin way and fuck up hopefully I don't do
—Guest vanessablu

Miss Taurus & Mr Gemini

Im totally intrigued by my Gemini. I would describe him as diverse, ambitious, charming and witty but as a Taurus I need security. This is difficult to achieve by his fluctuating personality. Many times I feel his actions dont match his words and its like you never know what you're going to get! Sexually we both have strong appetites but I definitely take my time and consider myself very sensual where he can be a bit abrupt which I take personally as the sensitive Taurus I am. We are currently not together but have decided to meet up and talk at the end of the month. I care about him and hope we reconcile despite our differences. I desire to have better understanding of one another so we may trust each other, grow together and be happy together. Wish me good luck :) I need it!!!
—Guest Hopeful Taurus

Jessie Why?

I'm friends with a Gemini man I'm a Taurus female. We are always together. Either I'm at his place or he's at mines. We are intimate a lot. We even stopped using protection during or intimacy. So we move in together and he tells me he is not ready for a relationship, but everything we do screams relationship. Then he tells me to leave for the weekend so he can have company. What am I suppose to do? I live here and he wants to share his bed with another women. I love him seriously love him and this is breaking my heart but I can't let him know that. So I get on the internet and talk to men. Now my phone rings non-stop and it pisses him off. I'm so confused. Does he just want his cake and eat it too? I get upset and try to leave he won't let me. He talks me out of it. Please I need good advice please. I love this man, but I'm a jealous crazy Taurus... I despise cheaters.
—Guest Mrs Beautiful

My Taurus man

Thrown together in our 20's during trials in both our lives, we were immediate friends, soon became lovers, and shared an incredible symbiosis. His innate need to provide stability and be responsible to his previous family caused a separation neither of us overcame. 25 years later, we found each other again, and we discovered how much energy we had both spent locking and burying our loss; but nothing between us had changed. Simply amazing. His stability is infinitely comforting to me, especially after having raised 3 kids as a widow; and my lightheartedness brings a twinkle to his eyes and a dance into his heart. Wouldn't change a thing, except, perhaps, the 25 years in between.
—Guest LJ

High School Sweethearts

Hello fellow Taurus and Gemini friends of the internet. While I'm usually earthy and grounded as a reflection of my taurus traits; my best friend, significant other, companion of five years and counting brings adventure and a breath of fresh air to our relationship. He's the skydiver and I'm the swimmer. The relationship between the two can only thrive when the taurus woman learns to open her mind and heart to the many adventures a gemini brings to the relationship. This couple has many things to teach each other on the outlook of life. If they can both share their perspectives effectively (communication is key), then the relationship will constantly grow and better. While I'm attracted to everything about him, from his laugh lines to his sense of humor - what attracts me most is that he is intellectualy stimulating. We discover ourselves and each other in the conversations we have even after five years of dating, and we continue to love more than the day before. I wish you all success
—Guest Taurus Woman & Gemini Man

An intake from a Gemini Man and Taurus W

Hey, so I am a Gemini man (26) and have been dating a Taurus woman (26) for about 4 months and I have to say I feel hooked in Some type of way. We started off as a fling, sex is the best Ive had with out a doubt, even comparing to an Aries woman and a Leo woman. She actually knows how to keep up with what I do, when it comes to even talking and communicating with each other. She has shown me certain things about life that I couldn't grasp, as to being more financially stable, since I cant stand still and always looking forward to hang out with my boys (which consist of hitting a new club in NYC or bar). She does respect me and give me the space I need, surprisingly... Yes, we Gemini men have a thing in looking at other woman, the thing is we like to see and appreciate other woman as well(We cant help but look). I can not lie and Ive been very lucky in love and getting into small relationships, and Ive been heartbroken before which makes it very hard for me to ever open up and think abo
—Guest Hector04t

my long distance Taurus man

Well im a gemini woman and I met my taurus man in an intersting way. So under the circumstances I didnt take it seriously. As we began to talk more and more I felt my self falling in love with him. Even through our 11 hour time difference he keeps me coming back. He texts me all the time even when its 4 in the morning out there and I do the same....and the sexual pleasure its even amazing from such a distance. It's almost like a fantasy. I cant stop thinking of him he us truley the sweetest man I know..even thie I have major trust issues he doesn't make me worry which is a surprise. Hes offerd to fly to me many times across the country...we talk over the phone and live chat so yes I know hes real haha. But idk is it to good to be true..?
—Guest sexygemgirl


Story continuation I told her before we broke up, never love anyone else as much as she did me. i see her once in a while I think she listened to that statement because i am always aware of her "new bf". why does she always resort to other men that are looser and she knows that, rather then trying to find someone decent and take my place? The thing is I kno she loves me still, she tells me she does, but she also tells me shes not ready for a serious relationship because shes only 19. She is still very flighty. thoughtout the 5 years of knowin her, i feel that she still wants to give me a chance because when were good, we are great the best can be! i love her even tho she pisses me off of wanting more attention but i love when she holds me tight and lets me kno that im the best out here. its a give or take situation, should i just work on mylife and try to imprve myslef as i promised her before we broke up or should i stop hopin she will love again as much as i use to


Story continuation Tht summer i let her kno i wanted something more, so yes obvi that led to us making love to eachother ect. We were bestfriends but also lovers, there was no line anyone could draw between us. I would say out of the 7 days in the week 6 days we spent together and one day apart. We loved eacher, I took her on dates, spend loads of time with her everything. After 2 years my mother found out we were in somewhat of a relationship which made our relationship status from a ultimate high to a low.. Ever since weve been friends but right now are in no position to date becasue were still young, and we have a relationship standard we always want the best and be on that high level of love and affection from each other. RIght now I know shes sad, we are in and out of eachothers life, maybe this is for a positive outcome. Her moms family still respects me which is great because ive never done anything to her, we had a few intense fights but i guess it comes with the baggage.


Story continuation I would just go with the flow & say nothing. I would always ask myself why are u doing this to yourself, but i realized it was because i liked her, I caught feelings. Following school year, she went to a differnt school, sometimes i would skip last period to see her on fridays. then i would call her & she if she was available to hangout. she really didnt pay attention to me but when she did it was amazing because we are totally different we like the same intrest but we have a total differnt lifestyle. Throughout everything we've been thru out friendship has grown immensly. We would get introuble by our parents & someway or another we would get each other out of it ect. from there over time with multiple tease my gem started to love me. I swear this love was intense, it was something as a taurus she kept me excited to see her. Personal experience with me being a taurus, i dont show emotional feelings to others unless inlove but it takes alot.


Hi I am a taurus girl, my bestfriend/lover is a gemini girl. We met in highschool, she sat next to me in science class. That year of school we were somewhat friends, we just hung out at lunch never payed attention to eachother. Few months in we started hanging out after school i grew feelings for her because she was different. I was neverous she wasnt into me because she had a boyfriend. After that I started calling her more often and chilling. That same year she left and moved to the staates for 6 months. i was crushed. I use to hope she would come back sooner then expected. She would call her most nights we would talk for hours, from there we grew just as friends. Finally she came back and she called me & said come see me so i literally droped what i was doing & rushed to see the girl that made me excited. I felt like i wasted my time seeing her, because she was only allowed to stay for a few minutes. Everytime i delt with her it always felt like a tease, i didnt like it

Gemini man Taurus woman

I am Taurus woman he is gemini .We have been together for 1year.I am so lucky that i got him..He is so loving caring.He understand me very well.we never fight
—Guest Aparna

im a gemini woman with a Taurus man

He's so great in bed and very open minded i never felt like i couldn't have sex with any one else until him and before him i kissed gorges men but felt sick like i want to throw up f
—Guest minsushi

could not be closer to the truth!

I'm a Taurus and my boyfriend of 7 yrs is a Gemini. This fits us to a T. We have stuck it out but it has not by any means been easy. Upside is we have learned so much!
—Guest lynn

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