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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Taurus-Gemini Relationship

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Have you been in a Taurus-Gemini relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share Your Experience

Taurus woman married to Gemini boy

Not a good relationship at all. Married for 8 years and been together 10 years....and 2 kids later I am drained and ready to get this over with. I cant say All gemini's are bad...however my husband and I are really aren't compatible.
—Guest Kai

Gemini woman with Taurus male

So I've been talking to a Taurus do quite sometime now it's so magical he knows exactly what to say and he's always there for me but I'm afraid that by me being a gemini I love and fall in love easily that he might hurt me ! Plus he's really attractive and all the girls love him ! I get jealous easily and by him being charming it puts me in a position where I don't know how to deal with my feelings I think the best thing to do at this poor to avoid from getting hurt is separate my self from him a bit. I could be making my self to available for him and so I have to be distant . After all it's all about the chase !!!
—Guest Gemofall

Taurus Woman & Gemini Man

We have been married for over 3 years. Being married to a Gemini man is like being in a roller coaster. He constantly changes his mind, which drives me crazy. Sometimes I would like stability. For me being a Taurus I am a jealous person. I do not like him talking to other women and he tries to make me happy, but I am stubborn. I like to stay at home and he likes to go out. This gives us space. I feel we do argue a lot, but we also have our moments. When we try new things together it's great. He relaxes me when I'm stressed and reminds me to look at the positive. Sex is great, and Geminis can be taught to be sensual, but they have to be willing. Overall, lots of arguments, but never a dull loving moment. I love him.
—Guest Flower54

Didn't expect this from a Gemini

I have been with my Gemini boyfriend for 2 years. I am a Taurus. He was actually the one showed a lot of interest in me. He kept chasing me even though I would turn him down or reject him. He kept at it til finally I grew feelings for him. He is always more affectionate than me. He is always the one kissing me, hugging me, holding me, and being cuddley. While I am just chilled and kick back, not being to affectionate. Seems ironic right? Cause usually Tauren women are physically affentionate. His friends would even point out and make fun of him about how much he smoothered me and how calm I was. The way he talks to me is beautiful. He tells me that I am beautiful and that he loves me everyday. He always wants to be with me even if we are not doing anything. I thought Gemini men were flip floppy about their feelings. But when me and him got serious he made it more than obvious he loved me. Emoitionally and physically. I never thought someone would give me this much love & affection.
—Guest TaurusAtHeart

Passionate relationship

My Gem husband and I have been together 10 yrs. He is a good hardworking man, the best father and good husband. I feel as though he doesn't meet my needs sometimes emotionally. However I think this because I am extremely needy and he doesn't have the patience for that. When I'm not being the needy stubborn, emotional brat that I admit that I am, things go smoothly. Yet, I end up getting weary of letting things slide and NEED affection and we end up arguing. He spoils me and can never tell me no when it comes to material things. He can never be home during a weekend, he gets bored and can't sit still. I'm a home body, but I can appreciate the adventure sometimes. We have a very passionate relationship both when we argue and make love. Sex is always amazing and we are still attracted to each other. We make a good team when we rememberer the others needs. I think think us Taurus women just need to stop being needy, so emotional and over thinking things if we want to be happy with our gem.
—Guest Taurus Wife

our love

I'm a Taurus female and my husband of course is a Gemini... I thank we are great together cause of how we where raise.... both my parents are giminis.... and His dad is a Taurus... I guess u can say since we was raise with them... we have some of them in us...so it wasn't hard for us to get along.... and know what our needs was.... because it was already in us to get along.. so no complaints in this department
—Guest Taurus girl 101

Love of My Life

I am a gemini woman and my husband is a taurus. We have been together for almost 17 years and have been married for almost 3. He is the most stubborn person I know and he says the same of me, we have had our shares of ups and downs but when it is all said and done we can't imagine life w/o the other. He gives me stability and security and I am highly affectionate and constantly opening him up to new things. We are best friends and are beautifully blessed!
—Guest Geminifly

Taurus Woman/ Gemini man

Wow...where do I start...Things were slow for him at the beginning, but now we are very much deeply in love..He's smart and charming and he takes really good care of me. I wouldn't change him for the world. When we have disagreements, we tend work them out pretty quickly, we are patient with each other. After four years, we are still loving and affectionate with each other, everyone think we've just met, but our love continuously grow stronger everyday. He comfort me and smother me with his love. I've dated several signs, but this Gemini is the best thus far. Yes, we're different, but we compromise...We want to stay together and make are relationship work....
—Guest Gemini love

Gemini guy Taurus girl

I'm the Taurus girl. Yes, he was charming, talkative, clever, knew how to attract me and when he got the best of me, bam. Even though he said he loved me in the relationship and went into tears cause I couldn't feel the same way that early, thinking back, it probably only hurt his ego. Cause this Gemini always got what he wanted. When I fell for the guy and did my best for him etc., he was satisfied and pushed me out in a blink of an eye. He came up with every excuse to say goodbye without saying there was anything wrong with me. My advice, is it isn't a good match, no matter how right it may feel at the beginning, especially if the Gemini man is young and in his prime.
—Guest Great let down

Taurus woman Gemini man

I been with my Gemini man almost 7 years and I love him in ways but this is bye far the worst relationship I ever been in , he lazy , boring to me , childish , all over the place ,disrespectful ,dishonest ,and very unloyal ...I can't take that he changes his mind all the time. I like to have a plan and stick to it I hate surprised and I love nice things exspecially my house , oh and this Gemini is very selfish ,this is just a disaster really
—Guest Natasha

The wright Touch

People yes so glad to respond, I'm a taurus woman he a Gemini man. sex is awesome but he switches up mad quick like ying and yang. I been in 1 spot waiting while he gets so caught up and dont follow up. I get fustrated how hard it it to say you cant make it! I wanna blow steam! We rekindling from our past together!
—Guest Kizzy

I love my Gemini Husband

We have been together for 3 years. the relationship started off very fast, now that is has slowed down we have both made compromises to make it work! The first year was very difficult. somehow he knew I was the one he didn't even ask me to marry him he told me your going to be my wife. I have learned my stubbornness isn't worth our happiness he has learned to slow down his pace of life for something better! Marriage isn't about making yourself happy it's about making your partner happy that's why we get married because you can see your partner as a good parent, good role model, financially stable and so on.. It isn't what can I get out of this! It took me awhile to learn that as a Taurus it was my husband that showed me it's okay to talk about things no need to get all worked up when it's something we can come to an agreement on. He is amazing at opening me up and talking the sense into me, he gets me out of the house to go on adventures, and he adores me! Both of you have to want it.
—Guest Sarah

Does not work

When Taurus and Gemini meets it all seems like magical fate at first but after it gets serious you both realize there are just to many differences inbetween each other. We couldn't fulfill each others needs no matter how much we loved each other. Our relationship lasted 5 years but mostly because we feared loosing each other.
—Guest Taurbull

My Bby

Yes, do agree with of him being sexy, great in bed, and this taurus we can talk about anything. Also, just being myself comfortable around him is everything to me. It crushed me when he told me he was gettin back with hus ex but didn't let me go. Idk know if I was caught up in the lust to put up with the bs but I cared for so hard I couldn't give anybody a chance. ..
—Guest gem lady

taurus woman gemini man

I've known my gemini man for almost 3 years now we've been dating for a year now. i have two children which he adore to bits. he has no children of his own and wishes to have children. i told him in the beginning of this relationship im thru with children if i was to get married i might change my mind. just the other day i over heard him asking my daughters should we get married and that he love them so much. although i should be excited about him wanting the marriage, i also feel like he wants to have a baby. im 30 years old he's 33 so my window is closing for children, i have a lot to think about. besides that he sooo darn funny and keeps me laughing all the time. we disagree at time which is ok. he always know how to take a sticky situation and make it better. i also love that he caresses me every night, it drives me wild. sex is blah at times but his imagination is rare to find. love him to bits.
—Guest sammy

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