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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Taurus-Pisces Relationship

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in love

Well for me its going good so far with my Taurus-pisces relationship but we're distance apart and that the only problem.But i'm fine until he comes,i'm in love with him and i'm being faithful to him
—Guest silkkiana

My not so great experience

So I was with a taurus man and it was a bad experience, we had nothing in common because I'm artistic, fun, explorer, like to laugh and have a great time, and he was so boring and just too serious. I'm not interested in material stuff and he is, were very different in humor and he was too insecure and jealous. NEVER AGAIN!
—Guest Lulu

Still looking for an exception.

I've known many a Taurus and I have yet to find the exception to the rule of a Taurus that isn't totally self-indulged. They have a difficult time empathizing with others, and are constantly self-analyzing and self-depreciating. I am a pisces with a Taurus moon, ironically. Ive had friends that are tauruses, but could never find myself attracted to a Taurus. I've been on dates with them, as they are usually attractive looking and well mannered, but after a closer inspection, a playful remark can turn into a "what-is-that-supposed-to-mean" argument. (It meant nothing. Lighten up and stop taking yourself so seriously). I also find them to be stingy with their money; spending it all on their own lavish needs and whining at the thought of giving it to anyone else. I consistently have covered bills at lunch with Taurus girls that "didn't bring enough money" in their designer handbag. They need advice, constant affirmation, money, things. Theyll suck the life out of you! Next, please!!
—Guest Aquamarine


I'm a sucker for Tauruses! I dont know how that happens but almost all the men I'm drawn to are Tauruses. I got involved with one again ant it's the most serious and closest to a relationship I've been into. He's great but he's someone like a Pisces too. I was reluctant because it was somewhat complicated. Oh but I know I will always love him.
—Guest TrueBluePisces

one more

my first love was a taurus in college. i wish i knew then that he'd be the only man i would ever truly love! it's been 10 years, and i still love him. we were too young then for how deep our love was, but maybe now? i think we have both changed now, but i will cherish those moments forever. he was caring, loving, and we had a great mental connection
—Guest pisces love

My Taurus experience.

Im a male pisces,i dated another male man, and he was a taurus,we started off great! We had dreams together,talked all the time,etc then later on things changed unfortunatly.he started to faid away from me,i never understood why,but he sayed things that hurt me alot,so I felt like was making up excuses to be out of the relationship becuase of someone els,we still keep in contact even though hes with someone els,i still love him alot! I tried to cut tides with him completely,but its kinda hard.he tells me he he will never stop loving me, and still cares about me.and we will get back together in time, do I believe? Hmmmm you never know. Im open to it.but at the same time dont want to get back in the same experience again, but I love tauruses overall...lol sweet and sensitive people warm.haerted people.strong aswell lol
—Guest Nate

Pisces, Taurus and evil Libra

Where do I begin?! Well I'm a Pisces girl who is crushing, HARD, on a Taurus boy. The only problem is he's dating this crazy libra girl (no offense to any Libras, 99% of the time I like them). Anyways...we had sex for the first time last summer and it was amazing. We would flirtingly text each other every so often and then he came and stayed the weekend with me over St. Patty's day. I know he feels something more because I do! I love how quiet and mysterious he is, he always smiles and it melts my heart. The last time we made out, that he intiated, he pulled away and said he had a gf (I want to respect her but she has an evil soul I swear) so I told him to stop but we continued to kiss. We went out to eat the next day and had so much fun. I deleted his number though, I do NOT want to be that girl....I just want him to realize that there is DEFINITELY something great between us. Wishful thinking :/ I could be way too obsessed.
—Guest Megan

birthday sex

Im a 18 year old Pisce girl. I started dating a Taurus when i was 15 he was a year older then me. At first it seemed lik the perfect relationship... he was kind and caring...but about a 6 months into it he became controling and jealous he made me stop talking to all my friends and i culdnt b alone with his friends he didnt even want me to talk to my family. He used me for money and sex and made me feel ugly and worthless... im very senstive and selfless so i let him. On my 16 birthday i found him having sex with someone eles that was my last straw i ened it and 2 months later got with a scorpio and got pregnant i have been woth him for 2 years now and he is so wonderful and caring he makes me feel special and loved and he has been faithful i would recommenda scorpio over a taurus anyday..
—Guest kakay

pisces + taurus= perfect match

Okay Pisces girls Taurus has its flaws and stubborn and at times selfish ways but they are just the sweetest and sensitive and of course Taurus plays his role of being strong and tough and in all reality hes a big soft attention loving cuddly teddy bear I love my Taurus Happily Married with two kids and one on the way so i say two thumbs up Pisces with a Tauraus man
—Guest vanessa

falling for a Taurus Man

Dating this guy, the sex is absolutely out of this world, he is amezing, lots of interesting stories, he is full of compliments for me, make me feel like a real woman...the problem is that he told me very clearly that he does not want to commit to anybody becouse he has been burned lots of time...in the mean time tells me that he met his match, and where I was hiding till now....so you can understan that I am left in a total confusion...he is free and I know he is dating other women, I am raising my two kids which need my attention still, and I cant give this guy all the attention he wants....so wrong timing? but I can tell you this, when with him the others do not exsist, he treats me like a queen...so I am holding on and let the time decide where are we going if we are going anywhere
—Guest Pisces Lady

you can say hes perfect

I've been with my boyfriend for 6 months. He's perfect, caring, passionate, the love is very strong. We fight allll the time. But when we're together we never do. He makes me so happy. We met in elementary school went to middle school. I never noticed him. And then this past year he got ahold of me and I can't stop smiling since. He's my everything! :)
—Guest abc123

Best Thing that ever Happen to Me...

Well..ladies my Tauras man, is very good for me..He helps me also shows me how to stay on top of my goals, to finish out my ideas.I feel very loved, when i am around him.He is very thoughtful...always ask me if i am ok,loves my daughter..I Love to study about signs and take notes..on what sign is good for a pieces girl and we are very moody and sometimes we need space like the Tauras male..They are loyal and so are we!!! So I Say Thumbs up to the Tauras man!!!!
—Guest born wife

suffocation.guilt.no way out.

I'v been obsesseded over by a taurus man for a few years now. at first I thought it was fun, it kind of boosted my self esteem having someone who admired me like an expencive car or such. but that was also the main problem... It was that materialistic, possesive mindset that he had, fixed on me. I feel like an object or a pet. I dont mind being respected, but I cant stand being worshiped. I'v tried getting away, but once you're part of a taurus man's ego, you cant exit without a heart aching guilt trip to follow you out. If you're a pisces in this situation, its best to veer away. If you fall and let him pick you up, he'll finds a purpose. I let this happen and I'm still stuck in the same place i was three years ago. I'v left him for multiple men, but he still stands waiting for me once I return broken hearted. I love him but I dont want a relationship with him and he wont stop until that happens. I hate to be his lost cause, but somtimes a pisces needs to act for themselves.
—Guest true pisces

Somewhat True

I am a Pisces teen girl, and it was attraction at first sight when I met my Taurus. We are extremely compatible, basking in eachother's presence whenever we get it. Our love is full of smiles and sweetness; Yet in the bedroom, it's everything BUT languid; With my determined Taurus, and myself, the passionate, yet emotionally vulnerable Pisces. If you are a Pisces girl and find the perfect Taurus boy, you'll feel babied and cared about and honestly-- Loved. But keep in mind, us Pisces want our men to pour their love out for us in words... and we may grow impatient with the Taurus animal ways. My advice is to be patient, Pisces Girls, because the Taurus will DEFINITELY make up his lost words with immeasurably passionate actions. I LOVE MY TAURUS!
—Guest Pisces girl in Love with her Bull

Pure Bliss

I met my Taurus male in our freshman year of college. Of course it was unexpected, as true love is. But It has been the best two years of my life. I have never met "real" before until I found him. He is caring, loving, supportive and funny. What I love about us is that we are both extremely ambitious people, so we motivate each other. We both have our flaws. I'm very emotional and he can be a little too blunt at times. But he's taught me how to toughen up and I've taught him how to tone it down. We balance out each other. Im very young and i dont want to jynx my future but I can see myself spending the rest of my life with him. Sometimes he can be all over the place with his decision making ( because I am a TRUE planner) but I love him for that. I know that he only wants the best out of himself and the best out of us. Without a doubt, I love this man
—Guest Love stricken Pisces female

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