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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Taurus-Pisces Relationship

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5 Months In...

I'm a bisexual cat who was only checkin for women @ the time when I met this cool, loving, sometimes annoying lol dude. I'm the Pisces & he's the Taurus. It's been fantastic getting to know him. Of course we've had our share of bumps...and still do lol, but love, respect, caring, honesty, & faithfulness will see you through. Most importantly, trusting in God to show you how to be a better man day by day also helps your relationship/friendship. All the best to everyone that views this website. Keep God first always and you'll make it!
—Guest Stef

my taurus

I've been with my taurus man for just a little over two years & it hasn't been the easiest relationship, we do have our dissagreements often, but I can honestly say that no matter what, we always end up in eachothers embraces. I can't bare the thought of being apart from him. We find solace in eachother when the world seems bleak & our love making is beyond anything I've experienced before, we can never have enough of eachother! He is my other half & my soulmate.
—Guest mia

i love my pisces man

Perfect match! I am a Taurus woman, in love with a Pisces man. and when I tell you the minute we met it was love at first sight... we are absolutely obsessed lol. we do everything together., my family is family and his is mine.. we love going to the beach... we will sit there for hours and fall asleep.. one time we stayed until 4 in the morning lol..We can read eachothers minds its crazy... he knows exactly what makes me mad, happy, sad, and beautiful.. And so do I.. I know he is my soul mate.. we have had our arguments and disagreements.. but we can never argue without keeping a straight face... and if it gets serious we always get right back together and talk it out. I love him so much. He is my bestfriend. & most of all he is my soulmate.
—Guest AMisLove


I've been with my taurus man for three year and I've enough of his foolish pride and stupid egoistic ways. He never apologises when he's done something to hurt me. Just goes around acting like everything's normal and okay. Tries to joke around and make me laugh. The sad thing is that he doesn't realise that I get hurt by his seemingly self-centered and incompassionate actions. I've told him several times that he has to check his behaviour because I WILL NOT put up with it. He has to realise how BLESSED he is to have me and act like it. I hate it when I feel like the person I care about probably doesn't care as much about me. Well. he's a very sweet and loving man. His love scares me sometimes. I just need him to learn to open up to me without feeling like I'm attacking when I question him about his actions. I do it because I genuinely want to understand where he's coming from and how his mind works, not to challenge him. That's his problem...

Taurus women reunited w/pisces man

So when i was 18 i met a Pisces after a week of talking we fell head over hills. Dated for a year and boom he cheated being my first love shortly became my first heart break. Pisces love compliments and love beauty in things especially women. Well he ended up marrying the women he cheated on me with i was to heart broken to take him back or make it work. Well moving on i eventually met a new man had two kids and thought i would live happily ever after. 7 years later we come in contact only to find out me and my kids dad ended and he was going through a divorce lol wow so what are the odds. Still a lil scared he has confessed his never ending love to me and said he never forgot about me and has been trying to get in contact with me thank GOD FOR FB :) RIGHT now we talk and hang out nothing official still not 100% sure but will continue to hope for the best...
—Guest pattycakkee


what i been reading (in parts) is quite offensive. when i see a posting that says taurus always has to take care of pisces, i feel insulted... especially when i recall the taurus' i know and some of their ways. i find myself always being nice to them and them acting as if they're somehow better and should always be treated well, even when they treat u like sh!t. they think they're god's gift and can smile in ur face while talking behind ur back if they feel u should be a certain way w/them and u refuse. to make things worse, they become even more mean once they get what they want. they beg and borrow all the time, so its not fitting AT ALL that they take care of this pisces--f'k them!
—Guest imaPisces

f'a taurus! :-/

i've known a few taurus women. the first, was a woman who became attracted to me online. she wanted to meet for expressed interests. im pisces, so i figured we'd hit it off and we did, over the phone. not long after we got acquainted, i learned that she was married and a minister. not to mention that she was a stubborn b!tch when she didnt get her way. the 2nd was an older lady who lived in an assisted-living home that i managed back in dallas. she was mean. not only did she think she was the queen of the house, but she had an ego. her hygiene was non-existant and the issue was compounded by the fact that she would mess herself and sit on all the furniture while allowing bowel movement to sit on her hands and under her nails. YUCK! the taurus i know now is also mean and thinks she's god's gift. she expects u to do everything for her and is always begging. she wont bathe and doesnt appreciate nice gestures unless she asked u to do it hell, she's even more mean after she gets what she wants. DIRTY B*TCHES!
—Guest daCuddler

Pisces woman Taurus man

It was a love at first sight kind of thing. At first i was to shy to talk to him. But we both had strong feeling for each other that was obvious. I met him in mexico and i live in the usa. I wa there for a month & had to leave. 4 years passed by before we started talking. This time i wasnt letting him get away from me. I knew he was like no other. My Taurus holds me down and he comforts me. He listens and doesn't let me give up on anything. He's my backbone. I can honestly truly say he was mine from the start because 4 years later he came back. I went back down this summer to see him. After im finished with school im going back to be with him. He saved me. My relationship is so much more than a fairy tale its a gift. We've had our ups and downs. And our sex is out of this world. Pisces and Taurus are a perfect match.
—Guest Guest23123

never ending love

My Taurean woman and I have been together for 16 years. To say it has been easy would be a lie. We've had our moments, both good and bad. We also have two beautiful children together. We've broken up and gotten back to each other many times. The last split lasted 2 years, but thankfully, we have managed to get back again. I love my Taurean woman, more than word can express. I things go well, I will propose to her again and hopefully we can finally tie the knot. I believe if you truly want something, you should go for it. Everything you read about Taurus women is evident in my woman. She needs so much conformation. But it's ok because I'm a patient guy! Since we split the last time, we allowed other people into our lives. I was with a scorpio woman, which was great, a good match. But my Taurean woman has my heart in her bag! Pisces and Taurus match needs work, but it is well worth it. Keep the faith. I believe it's a match made in heaven!
—Guest Pisces Man

i cant wait til i reunite with my taurus

im A 24 YR old pisces male who dated and lived with a 21 yr old taurs female. we broke up for numerous reasons, and quite some time ago actually, but instead of my love fading as any logical person would think it should by now, its actually grown. looking back i realize how good we were for each other. i truly belive her to be my twin flame(read up on it if you dont know what that is) and im looking forward to being able to reunite one day. as i stated my love for her has grown and with that has come uncondtitional love. im almost to the point of being able to say that im happy for her as long as she is happy. also to the point of realizing we may never be back together, and if we dont get back together my love will remain for her. i will always love her no matter what. during this time apart i can only hope to get myself together and hope that she realizes just how good our relationship was at the time.
—Guest miss my taurus girl

We want each other

To be for real I think this person afraid of the person he with to leave he told me something else but I want flash his business if we are soul mates as we say We will see one day by the way I am a Pisces and he is a taurus are we a good mate I show hope so.

Hurt by my Pisces Man

I fell head over heals for my Pisces man - only to be hurt in the end. I thought we had a good relationship but he started little arguments then broke up. One week later he is with a Pisces female. Now they are suppose to be in love. He now has cut me out of his life completely and I just don't think I will ever get over it. Although we are adults I do believe that he has many issues and carries more of the negative Pisces traits. I will never get over him and still love him but based on what I now know, the way we left our relationship - for me no closure, for him to immediately get with someone tells me he never really loved me.
—Guest Taurus Girl

My soulmate

i am a pisces woman who has been with my taurus boyfriend for about 14 months now. I was not a newbie to the dating game when i met my taurus but he made me realize that all of my relationships before him were, no exaggeration, complete JOKES. I was always afraid of giving men my heart and i always broke up with them after about a month or two. i didn't trust them/ was bored of them. And then my taurus man came. I swear our love is better than a fairytale. he is my best friend, my protector, my companion, my confidant. I have never smiled so much or laughed so hard in my entire life (and that's saying something because i'm a very happy person.) he is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I feel so blessed to have him. i have never met anyone who is as patient, kind, honest, caring, compassionate, and tender in my entire life. I saved myself for this man and I'm so happy I did. I wake up with a smile on my face, happy to be granted yet another day with him
—Guest 0507

Female piscese, male Taurus

I'm in a fairly new relationship with my Taurus and I can't even explain the love I have for him.. It's so deep. I knew it the second I saw him. He's absolutely my soul mate. I cannot even begin to describe it. I've had plenty of relationship experience and this is different. I thought I was in love before, but I had no idea until my Taurus.
—Guest Shines

my picses love

I have known my man about 8 years.. we have had an on and off relationship over the years.. failing in other relationships.. I found that no matter how long without being together he is always there ready to drop anything to be with me and we were pushed together again a third time and we found an amazing, strong unconditional love.. he is charming and treats me better than I feel I deserve.. he tells me I'm beautiful all the time and constantly reminds me how lucky he is to have me.. we are strong in each others weak points and have a love like I have never experienced.. I have found my soulmate and know without a doubt that we are going to have an increadable life together..
—Guest my pisces love

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