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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Taurus-Scorpio Relationship

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I heart him

So I'm a scoprio woman and he's a taurus man. We met when I went to a party at his school (back in college) he came up to me and asked me to dance... He stayed with me the rest of the night - dancing and talking. We became friends because I had a boyfriend at the time. When that relationship ended me and him started talking and messing around (I'm a virgin). We never had a title but we messed on and off for about 2 years. When he moved we still kept in contact. He moved back, by this point I had finished school. we didn't talk for a year but I never forgot him and I called him. That phone call changed our lives. We've been together every since (with a title). He was the one to open up first and tell me he loves me... Took me awhile to say it back but when I finally did he was so happy. We are still together and we love each other... I can turely say that he is my first real love... It is ture what they say we speak with our eyes....
—Guest E

What's Up

I am a Taurus Woman in love with a Scorpio Man. We had a falling out over a joke and I instantly got shunned for days before he talked to me. Now he tells me he can't live this way. He's married and I am in a soon to end marriage. We were friends for 9 years before we got involved and now I'm sad that our friendship is ruined because we took it to the next level. I miss him alot, but know it's for the better.
—Guest Heartbroken Taurus

Dark Taurus and Mysterious Scoprio

Lady Taurus has a dark history of drug abuse and sex addiction (nymphomania), but is still so sweet and kind and nurturing. However, if she feels that she'll be hurt, she'll just get detached! Lord Scorpio is a mysterious and secretive manipulator (not on purpose, of course!) who is just looking for someone who will understand and love him. Will we work out?
—Guest XPPP

Nothing Can Tear Us Apart

Yeah, I mean it. We've been through almost everything (now all we need to test our relationship is a zombie apocolypse, but I'm confident me and my Scorpio male can get past even that); keeping it secret in the beginning, family, age, the law (I was a minor when we first fell for each other but he was over the legal age), depression, society (people were always pressuring the both of us to get with different people. I was a teenager competing with hot 20 something year olds, people! Good thing my insecurity couldn't get the better of me~), dark history from the both of us, our own possesive/jealous personalities, etc. But we've known each other for the last 20 years, in love for the past 10, and married for the last 6. All the sluts and whores out there trying to get my man; BACK THE F**K off because he's not going anywhere and I know that's a fact! ;P
—Guest Rika

best freind

My best friend is a taurus. She is amazing. I like that she is honest and doesn't try to hurt me like everyone else. Sometimes I get jelouse but she always reminds me I'm her best friend and I love that. Oh and srry guys but when it comes to us scorpios your gonna Hate us and love us at the same time. This is because we love to provoke people and we often say things that hurt. But you will love us because we are honest (painfully honest) and we are good at making people feel good.
—Guest muser

My hearts wounded

When I met my taurus lover it was fireworks. He tried to talk to me before but I brushed it off instantly cause he was the prettyboy type. But I came around a few days later. And boy was I star struck. His conversation kept my interest, his looks stunned me and I cant describe it but I knew id be stuck on him awhile. The first night we made love was the last time I ever wore rose colored goggles. I was his ever since. After a few months I noticed him hiding things and becoming very secretive and as a scorpio I probe and dog deep. My jealousy started to get the better if me and I cheated in return to his actions. But it was weird how we could get past our squabbles and be totally in live a few days later. But after a while I started noticing he was lieing more often and I started to push him away. And the more I did that the worst I felt. Until I found out his past. I won't get into details but it ended our relationship. now I miss him like crazy but he'll never know he was my soulmates
—Guest Loverboi8

Perfect Match.

This fits me and my fiancee perfectly. I am the Taurus, and he is the Scorpio. When we argue, neither of us backs down, but our love is so strong that at the end of the day it doesn't even matter. We get jealous, especially me, being a Taurus and possessive, but it only shows how much we love each other, and it never gets out of hand. keep rockin' Taurus and Scorpio! We are an amazing pair!
—Guest Bull_Headed

I hate these feelings

Im a female scorp n my X is a taurus. Its been more than 6 months that we stopped the relationship n i still can't get over him. My feelings r still there. (we have two babies 2gether..) but i still cant get him out of my mind my heart it kills me :( i need 2 get over him but i feel like i cant i feel so stupid help!!
—Guest HeartbrokenScorp

he luvs me or i luv him!!??

actually i've fallen in luv wid a scorpio boy in our class..he behaves like..just..make me feel he luvs me and i also noticed myself..I'VE FALLEN IN LUV WID HIM!!what to do..uh!!shud i say him or just keep it in mind..HELP!
—Guest lolzztaurusgirl

Taurus advice

To M.J. Whitlock: whats the best approach to help heal a wounded taurus man after a relationship with a toxic scorpio woman? Im a cancer like your wife. Ive been with my taurus for two years and hes still wounded from the deciet, lying, manipulation, mind games, and cheating from his high school romance with this girl. it pains me to be shut out by him, but opening up is shakey ground. I cant help him if he wont let in with, love (which hes very sketptical and cynical of) prying him open isnt correct either. I must learn about my bull so I dont lose him.
—Guest Ms. cancerian

Love or friends

I've liked this since like kindergarten. He Is a Scorpio and very secretive. His friends told me im the only person to get him to talk about his past. I'm confused because somany girls have told him the like him and I'm afraid he'll do the same. Ican tell him almost anything and I don't want to loose that!!!
—Guest Taurus women

Taurus mans

Im a scorpio lady I love my taurus man but he can be heartless sometimes he always want things 2 go in his way
—Guest T.s


I am a scorpio woman he is my Taurus man and so far its perfect! He is sweet helpful and knows how to make me feel like i am his world...no sex yet..he is my dorky virgin! he is afew months older but he thinks he might be ready! I'm nervous and im 21 . he has my giddy with the 'it feels like the first time again' jitters. i am so in love with this Taurus and ive never felt this way before!
—Guest ScorpioQueen

Scorpio and taurus relationship .

Gosh! ima scorpio female and my boyfriend is a taurus . I can't say I love him cause we only been together for a couple of months . We did start talking as friends and I could feel something different about him . When he finally got around to asking me to be his, I was completely taken away . Ever since then we've been doing good . I just know he's the one . I have such strong feelings for him and idk how my life would be if we never spoke any more . He's incredibly handsome with a tall frame like mine :) (he's 6'4" and I'm 5'9") a lot of times I get extremely jealous even though I know he's not the cheating type . He actually told me the story of the reason why he want with his ex girlfriend which was because she accused him all the time of cheating and he couldn't take it . I'm the first scorpio he ever dated but he doesn't speak up on his feelings or wants or needs . The most I get out of him is his opinion . But everything is going fine and I haven't had any problems . No sex yet .
—Guest DeedeeScorpio

love and hate

I'm a married taurus female, been unfaithful with a scorpion married male its seem that sometime I push him away but somereason he come back to me. Sexually we both look each other I like him or love him? Cause he's a dominated,jelouse. I usually try to do the samething and them I usually end up been sorry that I mind hurt him ither with my action or by my words. I usually end up begging him, to us to continue in to our relationship. Bud. I like him sexually
—Guest 69

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