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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Taurus-Scorpio Relationship

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Have you been in a Taurus-Scorpio relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share your Experience

Taurus him, scorpio me!

I saw him, couldn't take my eyes off him .. The first time i ever asked for a mans number!! I had to. He was so mmmm.. Manly. We have intense arguments however i have never (touch wood) gone a day without hearing his beautiful voice.. He told me he loved me the 3rd day we spoke on the phone. Our 2 year relationship anniversary in 1 month! .. When u date a taurus u will get everything a scorpio NEEDS!! Love, affection, attention, loyalty .. Etc. amazing sex also, the best i ever had. I love my taurus man, thinkin about him makes me miss him ... I hope we last!! I see my babies with him
—Guest Scorpio babes

Up & Down Roller coaster.

I have been with my Scorpio male for almost about a year now. He's about 7 years older than me and let me tell you, it's not easy. These men are very moody and can be lovey-dovey one day and a complete cold person the next. I still love him with all my hear though, I can't imagine myself with anyone else. Yes, we may argue over little things sometimes, but we never actually had any major arguments. Sex is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good with this man. I can't even explain how good he'll make you feel. xD But, besides that.. understanding between one another is very important. Only patience & understanding will keep this relationship to flow, which I hope I and every other Taurus Female out there try to maintain. Because these Scorpio's are definitely keepers. :3
—Guest Penguin

To guest lady Taurus

I am a scorpio male and I can relate to the thoughtfulness of that single rose. I used to buy an ex one of those 7-11 2" 50 cent fake roses every time I was there and she loved it. The point is that's one of the ways us scorpios express ourselves, w little gestures. Yes we r very deeply emotional people and DONT like to show our weaknesses and that's why we appear so intense, it's a defense mechanism. But once we let u in we let u all the way in and that's ONLY when we feel secure w u. We or at least I am EXTREMELY emotional and u would never know it until I let u all the way in. I can cry out of happiness type of emotional and like I said, we scorpios DONT just show that to anyone. Some scorpios I'm sure are very vengeful however I am not, it's more of a verbal explosion similar to a child not getting his way. And again not in public. I don't know if that helps so ill sum it up. We r BIG BABIES that have mastered hiding our feelings that run deeper than any ocean.
—Guest Scorpio male here

He is my lunchbox

It started on a drunk night in November near my bday , me already in a relationship not looking for that mr.guy ... His friend approached me and told me his friend want me I ignored it at first , deep stare , lustful gestures , oh but I still ignored it , so his friend approached me again , I finally went over there introduced my self to him ... With ah "if you wanna talk to me buy me a bottle " , didn't know what I was thinking when I said this he replied "x do you know who the x I am "? And I said "x do you know who I am I am vonnie banz x ", and swiftly walked away looked back there he was staring at me with them deep tension throbbing eyes that stare had me ! I couldn't resist him it felt like my first love all over again when I asked my homegirls who is that she said x that's lunch bitch I said okay she said run he is the devil ! He is well known ... Player his situation isn't the best but his personality got me so attached he won't have sex with me nor spend
—Guest Me

Direct Taurus + Mysterious Scorpio= ??

I'm a Taurus female and started dating a Scorpio male just under a month ago. We're very sexually compatible and started our sexual relationship very quickly-which is great! We also have a lot in common. I just struggle with the fact that he's so mysterious and non-demonstrative in public. It's hard for me to gauge his feelings and where I stand with him and that's important to me. I want to feel adored and special. PDA comes naturally to me so I'm trying to be understanding and curb that impulse but I still need to feel appreciated. I adore the guy though, so I'm just gonna stick it through and see where this takes me. :) Any advice would be appreciated!
—Guest TaurusLadyLove

Not bad, may be for short term

Taurus woman here and I had few scorpios in my life. My dad, friends and players. I was thinking scorpios are caring and protective but they are very strict. I feel like a little girl infront of them, because i am so carefree hard to pin down while scorpios put so much meaning in people's action and watch out themselves before they get to the action. I look up to their passion and seriousness towards life although they like to hide it from people. They fight fight fight for life until they get everything they wanted from it. My scorpio friends like me because I do not usually change and naturally honest. Now I have venus in aries and prefer a man who are obsessed and chellenge me, intellectually and physicallyε-(´∀`; ), hopefully in the future I see a scorpio man and try different things together :-)
—Guest Taurus

I hope he's the one :")

well i'm a female scorpio and my bf is a taurus. we've been together for 5 months. we were friends in elementary school (now we're in high school). he once asked me to be his gf when we were in junior high school but i ignored him. yea we've been on and off for once. and there was a day when i miss him so much and i dunno why. so i contacted him again last july. and yeah here we go again :) i love him so much. we're in a long distance relationship cause he goes to a boarding school. he's such a sweet guy. i love the way he looks at me, the way he kisses my lips, the way he touches my face, i just love everything about him. i have this strong feeling for him. i've never loved anyone like i love him. when he's around me, i get super comfortable. he's just...omg i can't explain it i just love him so damn much and i want him to be my future. i really hope that we are meant to be :')
—Guest Mianno

From the eyes of a scorpio man

As a scorpio male I must say know your scorpio signs better...There is a distinct difference in scorpio men based on there birthdate.....The untrustworthy, re vengeful scorpio and the trustworthy reliable scorpio. Now I can say I land in the latter, but that being said, I forgive but I don't forget. I like a challenge but not a game. I hate insecurity, clingieness, jealousy. I love the strength of a Taurus woman, the sensuality, her outgoing zest for life....She needs to understand the only person I'll ever cheat on her with is work...you have to understand the drive to succeed that most Scorpios have. If we're not happy with our direction we'll change it and be miserable until we do. She needs to understand we're intuitive and sensitive to tone, inflection, the deeper meaning of actions. With Taurus women I've noticed they're back and forth...hard to pin down..just like a bull...we want consistency and dependability. ..but that given..we're as solid as they come...and learn to tr
—Guest bud

Taurus guy broke my heart

He was my everything I loved him so much and thought he felt the same but later I find out he was asking my big sister out on the date...ag screw the thing so called love
—Guest Lihle

Taurus girl with a Scorpio friend

I think I might have more-than-just-friends feeling for a particular friend of mine... He is a Scorpio and I am a Taurus.. I know him quite well and he knows parts of me that I dont think anybody would ever care to know about... He has been that truly caring person for a while now... But I am not sure if he has even the slightest feeling for me... He likes me as a friend and all that but I dont think as anything more... The problem is every once a few months, I get hysterical because I think I start developing romantic feelings... And I cant really confess for two reasons: I tend to think it is just a phase(at first it was) and also because I think that any sort of exploration into this area will totally ruin our friendship... A chance which I can't ever take... So I guess I will have to be a friend forever until I "get over" him and meet someone else... Being a Taurus, I dont know how much of that feeling for him I hid even to myself, but I do know that this is the right thing to do.
—Guest Khloe

scorpio woman-taurus man

I have known my scorpion guy since I got out of a horrible relationship with a leo. It was almost lust at first sight. Even tho we were both married to other people when I first saw him. We each got a divorce, nether of us was responsible for either divorce, just force of nature. Shortly after we were at a party and ended up hooking up. We were together for 5 years, during which time the dating was awesome. because of drama, teenage kids and illness, we have been broke up for 2 years. we have both dated other people in that time. We remained friends. But now I have broke up with that bf, we've been talking more and the chemistry is as strong as ever. My Taurus has always had my back, seeing me thru things that normal ex boyfriends would have said see ya. My Taurus is awesome.

Taurus & Scorpio Relationship

I'm a taurus woman and was dating a scorpio man. & let me tell you i was not attracted to him at all just as friends but our connection in the beginning was completely amazing. We both had chemistry, we both had same likes and attractions of things. We would have an awesome time together when we would go out i mean you really feel comfortable around this scorpio. Problem is when feelings arise, when intimacy begins, relationship is stronger and deeper..feelings start arising. Once a Scorpio hurts a Taurus, a Taurus puts her foot down and wont stop the battle until she wins. Scorpio is more of a verbal person and Taurus is more action. If u hurt, betray a taurus trust me once they say its done..its Completely done. Taurus wont beg, they're more the bigger person in the relationship and rather just walk off then continue living a life of a person who lies, jealous, who is secretive, manipultive and completely unfaithful. Then scorpio realizes what they lost, they run back but its tolate

Scorpio- How to get over a Taurus man

Im a female scorp n my X is a taurus. Its been more than 6 months that we stopped the relationship n i still can't get over him. My feelings r still there. (we have two babies 2gether..) but i still cant get him out of my mind my heart it kills me :( i need 2 get over him but i feel like i cant i feel so stupid help!!
—Guest Sexy love

Rest Assured

I read almost every comment about the good and bad. Everybody needs a neutral opinion on this right? First off, reading these comments is not healthy for those debating whether or not to date a sign. It'll just fry their brains off. Everyone is different. Just because someone who broke your heart happens to be a taurus or Scorpio doesn't mean to stay away from them forever. It's all common sense everybody. Just stay away from liars and cheaters and all the bad people and you're set. ^_^
—Guest May Girl

my scorpio

I am a taurus female inlove with a scorpio male . We hve our problems but LOVE eachother would not trade him FOR nothing. We have the best chemistry and LOVE being around eachother .
—Guest honey1975

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