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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Virgo-Aquarius Relationship

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My Virgo is perfect BUT...

Im an Aquarius female and I've been talking to a Virgo female. We met in high school and back then it was just a silly crush, years later and here we are, the conversation is incredible, the passion is there and well everything else falls into place perfectly but I sometimes feel as though she doesn't want to be with me as bad as I want to be with her. I'm not trying to rush a relationship but I atleast want to know if she's feeling me and if so how! She tells me one thing but doesn't act on it. I'm beginning to think maybe that's just a Virgo thing and if I really want to be with her I should just chill and let things go with the flow....
—Guest Very Confused Aquarian

Aquarius woman, Virgo ex bf

I am an Aquarius woman that has always unfortunately attracted Virgo men. My ex boyfriend was completely in sane & I have met other virgos just like him. My ex is a psychopath who always thought he was right even though he was completely wrong. He would say weird and rude things. One time I told him that he was being rude and offensive and he replied "It's not offensive, I would say the same exact thing to a homeless person." How does that make any kind of sense to anyone? My ex used to get mad at what jokes I laughed at. He would say I was a bad person for laughing at certain jokes in movies. What a creep! I was stupid for dating him.
—Guest anti virgo for life


I'm an aqua girl with a virgo boyfriend. I met him on Halloween - we were both dressed as rock stars. :) It's three weeks into the relationship, and so far things are great. I've never been in love before, but being with my virgo, I feel something for him I can only call love. Not to mention our physical compatibility - the sex is not only amazing, but enlightening. So far, we've kept conversations pretty light, nothing to deep, which honestly kind of freaks me out, because I don't want to get in a fight over different perspectives. I've been reading articles and comments all night about virgo-aquarius compatibility, and the one consistent problem I've read about is how virgo and aquarius deal with their clashing opinions. Other than that, virgo and aquarius seem to be completely compatible, and from my first hand-perspective, I'd definitely say our personalities compliment each other. :) As scary as commitment is to me, I can't deny the burning love has gripped onto my heart.
—Guest Aqua Girl

Virgo male with Aquarius gf

I had a small crush on her the moment we met, later at a party I tried kissing her but she refused me. A year later we ended up hooking up for a night after yet another party but soon decided to leave at friendship. Almost another year later it finally clicked and oh boy has it been great. Now I have read about aquarians and virgos and was really discouraged at first. And as the months passed I started realizing our differences and how conflict may arisw. So I just opened up to her and told her how I felt and told her that I undestand her too. And no matter what my love for her is steady. I think it is super important to communicate with a matchup like this, and try to give each other a little space when needed. You really start to love those differnces and adore your partner even more for what you have in common. I absolutely love her. If it wasnt for horoscopes i may have fukd it up due to my virgo nature and not understanding hers. 7 months and counting. :)
—Guest Bubsi


well im a virgo woman who is totally bewitched by an aqua man. I've never been the one to dwell on astrology cause i just dont think its accurate with everyone BUT my aqua shows all the air traits. He wanted me to be his girl 3yrs ago but i had just broken up with my ex & was still in love with him. It totally crushed my aqua when i rejected him & went back to my ex. Now im single & he's the one regret i have. We recently connected & the chemistry is very much there but he still cant get over the past so its great when we talk but whenever i get too close he pulls away. I know we both have feelings for eachother but i dont want to get hurt. I dont think the sign matters much relationships are like a job it takes teamwork to make it work. I dont know if we are ready to take the plunge but i love a challenge and im determined to snag my aqua man.
—Guest safi

It's confusing

I am an Aquarius woman and I am currently "talking" to a virgo man. The reason I put quotations around the word "talking" is because our relationship is a bit confusing. Whenever we are around each other, we enjoy each other's company but he seems to give me mixed signals. Sometimes I feel like he likes me and sometimes I feel like he doesn't at all. But I am willing to find out! (:
—Guest Anonymous

Virgo drug

This Virgo man is like a drug. I can't figure out what he's thinking and whenever he reveals his feelings I'm even more lost and he refuses to help me understand. But I can't get enough of him. He's mean and rude but for some reason I'm already addicted. I don't know if Virgo man and Aquarius woman are a healthy match. I can't stop now. Did I mention it's only bee three weeks??.... .:/
—Guest Aquarius woman

Working out fine.

I'm a Virgo woman and my lover is an Aquarius woman. We get along just fine. We adore each others conversations. She at first been keeping an eye out for me for years without telling me. One day I finally took noticed when she befriended me. I played hard to get... This seemed to make her want me more. Yes the sexual chemistry is there, but being friendly and understanding makes the relationship better. The more you open to them quicker the better aswell, just try not to be too serious. Have a little fun with them. We had our arguments, thus was because I would date her. But yes I love how we can sexually joke around and yet have deep conversations at the same time. The mind plays a great role in this relationship, enhancing the physical chemistry.
—Guest Ms. S

Virgo Woman w/ Aquarius Man

The few success stories on this really make me happy because my aqua man and I are also doing well despite the compatability doubts. He is detached sometimes, but so am I. I like to have thinking time to myself and so does he. Despite not texting constantly like other signs I'm used to, he's the only one I can have a true intellectual convo w/. If you're a virgo woman just be patient. As it's been said before on these posts, PATIENCE IS KEY! I like a challenge and I like that he isn't always telling me what he's thinking. He's so quiet and calm and I'm rigorous and anxious and he balances me. He deeply wants to commit and we both believe we're soulmates as well as best friends. It all depends on the man! :)
—Guest Ashley

Confusing frustation

I as a Virgo 18 F, and he is Aquarius 18 M. We became friends started dating, got to know each other throughout the months of our last senior year in high school. We dated for a few months before we said our goodbyes and were sent off to college. After summer ended, he came barking up the tree again, of course an Aquarius for sex. Aquarian men are very confusing and yet so attractive, you'll tell yourself it's over and get over him, but once he's back you'll only want more. Stuck in a predicament sitting at 'Friends with benefits' Always makes me wonder 'what for'. Aquarius is afraid to commit, which is understandable being only 18. It's someone only time will tell, what will become of our strange hot and cold bond.
—Guest TiTi

I'm a Virgo and has dated a aquarius man

The aquarius man I dated for 12yrs. is selfish in so many ways.......Yea at first we was in love and nothin could break us apart but after a yearbi say this man had sex in our home with my bestfriend more then once and when I confronted them both they denied it untill I pissted my bestfriend off and she told me everything cause she was pissted off. I was gonna leave but of course he promised he would never cheat again but I say a few months after that he tried to mess with the neighbor......... But to make a long story short he never stopped cheating on me. I wanted us to work because we had kids together and I wanted my family to work. I was so stressed with this man.........I could not even have sex with him unless I had a strong drink in my system if u know what I mean........I loved this man so much that I stop loving myself. Thus aquarius man had it good........I took care of home and worked but let me complain he will walk.out on me and he will return like nothin happened.
—Guest Diamond34

Completely unsure of feelings

I am an Aquarius girl and I find a Virgo boy crazy attractive in the psychological way- but unbearably frustrating in the process of our ..acquaintance....if that makes any sense. He is highly intelligent, aloof, funny, unique, nature-loving. I am intelligent, aloof, unique, standoffish yet outgoing, and nature-loving. We are very similar, but maybe that is the reason why this is so confusing. I simply do not know what is going on inside his head. There are obvious signs that he liked me (this dates back to over a year ago if thats any understanding for how lonnng this confusion has been present) and we talked (high school, nothing mature), he did something that made me believe he liked me, but he didnt share it with me, i found it. Then we fell silent, i felt awkward because i didnt know how to reach out to him and i think he didnt know how to handle it either so it was just left alone- or he decided he didnt really like me anymore, im not sure. anyway, its still the same situation no
—Guest emile

Work It Out

I am a virgo lady. I have an aquarius boyfriend and weve been going strong for a year and 6 months now. We started off as friends. I eyed him once at work and couldnt stop. Id do whatever I could because he was so calm and handsome. He noticed me and suggested that we talked. He played the "too cool for you" role for about a month. We'd talk for a little and that would be it for the rest of the week. I gave up by December. His birth was the end of that January. I guess our little bit of convos were great because he started blowing me up once I gave in. 3 Days after January 29 we made it official. We had a really great bond and have an even better one now. Our sex is great, hes smart, Im smart. Everything is great. Yes we have our times where we dont want to be bothered but then we realized days or hours later that were only happy with eachother. Virgos and aquarius could be wonderful as long as they discuss it out. Hes really hard to handle and so am I but we talk and work things out
—Guest Virgo Lady

Very enticing but leads to no where

To make it short. I was looking for someone to confide in. We talked for days and hours about my problems. And somewhere in the talking he made it clear that he was sexually attracted to me but he wanted to help me and it wasn't all about the sex. It's not easy for a virgo to open up let alone give up the goods fast. And that's what happened. When asked where we stood. He said he wanted to be just friends. Just friends? You gotta be kidding me. I broke it off as quickly as it started. Virgos want it all or nothing! Make it clear from the get go. Don't waste our time. We don't believe in grey areas.
—Guest No bs Virgo

Virgo Woman ripped my heart out!

I'm an Aquarian man who fell for a Virgo woman..In the beginning we were a bit awkward but there was a friendly chemistry,I wanted her sexually..she turned me on so much.She wanted me to move in soon after we were officially a couple...but me being an independence loving aquarius kept putting it off...plus she didn't like how i was supportive of my child's mother who suffers from bi-polar disease. ..this combination eventually drove a wedge between us...but i remained loyal and supportive even after she denied me sex..after her father passed away things became even more strained between us...but we started to reconnect...but soon after that she said i should go back to my place and that she needed time and space to sort her life out and that our relationship lacked passion...but she assured me that this was not a breakup...It sure felt like it...and in the following weeks of no contact with her,i was crushed...she led me on to only say we should just be friends...RIPPED MY HEART OUT
—Guest HeartBroken

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