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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Virgo-Aquarius Relationship

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Best thing ever

Wow, I am a Virgo and my man is aquariums and I cant believe what these zodiac signs say about us NOT getting along. We get along so greatly! As many people have said already, your background REALLY has a lot to do with it. For example, Virgos are very caring. If your Aquarius man has had a rough background, he wll adore how caring you are of him. Our relationship is always fun and one day very soon we're getting married, i just know it. I guess the only difference between us is that hes so carefree and Im always like "you shouldn't do that" and what not but that doesn't pose a threat to our relationship. It just shows how I care. But also keep in mind that I am not a average Virgo, for instance I'm not so tidy and LOVE to do things that are crazy and unexpected unlike many Virgos and like many Aquariuses.
—Guest Mrs.inlove

go for it

my Virgo hubby and I have been together for 20 years and married almost 16! UPS and downs but always love and very unselfish lover... be without him...he is my soulmate
—Guest aquarian bee

Aqua blue

Im Aquarians with Virgo man. He is very fact driven person I am more open minded towards life and it can be annoying. I prob wouldn't think that it's the best match for couples. They can be very needy and Aquarians need space
—Guest Sheridan


Met a Virgo man and he is so frustrating, trying to have a coffee with him is impossible! He knows im interested and i don't understand why he wont just come out and say he isn't interested cause I really feel like he gives me the run around half the time
—Guest lib

Virgo and Aquarian Lezzie Love

I am a virgo lezzie and I met my x gf aproximately a year ago. When we first met we hit it off immediately because everything fit. While we are complete opposites, myself being very grounded and logical and my x being emotional and a big picture type of gal, we worked out perfectly. In our relationship we never once argued about anything and we were devotedly in ove with one another. We broke up not because of any relationship issues but because she was going thru family issues. We maintained peace thru understanding and communication. I (the virgo) understood commitment and consistance wasn't one of her strong points but knew w.o a doubt she loved me and she knew tht though I am practical and a perfectionist tht in my eyes she was my everything and I wouldn't ever judge her or try to change her. Once we came to tht understanding we worked perfectly. I'm currently working on gaining my ex wife back because as I'm sure u cn tell I'm still very much in love with her.
—Guest Rainbowkisses:*

Aquarian woman 's worst nightmare !

I registered for the sole & only reason to post this opinion /experience with Virgo men . I was married 4 years to a virgo man and that was the most horrible and by far the worst period of my life he was so ugly from the inside & outside ...I tried my very best to please him and love him but he did nothing except criticising , swearing , picking up the slightest mistakes , cursing me for being his wife , hating our life and even hating himself ! In bed he was so weak ,cold and never loving or passionate , using a vibrator alone would have been much more friendly ! Aqua girls beware such a guy he is your WORST NIGHTMARE EVER , I divorced him happily before I either kill him or kill myself and lived happily ever since that time ..

Aquarius Woman - Virgo Man

I am an aqua woman and from the time I met my virgo man has been attentive, caring, a so sweet. I feel grounded when I talk to him for hours on phone. Sex is Awesome! He likes to please me in every way! I feel lucky to have had this virgo man find me. I know that he will have the time of his life with me. He might wonder where is this relationship going, but I know that he will never regret meeting me because I have sure taken him out of his comfort zone and given him a few things to dream about.
—Guest Peace

Virgo luvin

I'm an Aquarian & my man is a Virgo ummm hmmm sweet to my soul it is true that we have some charateristics of our Astrology sign but I believe that alot if who you are definitely depends on your up bringing, background etc... My Virgo is Attentive, Caring, & Loving all in his unique way!!! My thoughts on Virgo prior to Meeting my current Virgo was all negative I thought they all was liars dang was I proven otherwise so my note to y'all in ciberworld it all depends on the person!!!!!!
—Guest Ummm my Virgo Man

aquarius woman, virgo woman

Im an aquarius woman nd I date a virgo woman. If you didnt get it yet, yes we're lesbians nd very much in love. I met my gf online 2 years ago nd we got along immediately. She's sweet, fun, silly, a great cook, nd just all around amazing. I like to think that there are two sides of me bcuz I can be sweet nd friendly but also cut-throat nd cold hearted so the thing I love most about my virgo baby is that she brings out the best in me. When Im with her I try my hardest to be sweet, clean &cook, nd Ive learned from experience to never yeall around her or near her. I once made her cry b4 by yelling curse words at someone else who just really made me mad. But as I was saying, we get along great, the only prob she has with me is that sometimes I clean up right away nd Im always doing to stupid stuff just to see if I can do it. My only prob with her is that she can be too much of a perfectionist sometimes lol nd she can be too shy..but I love my beautiful virgo anyway. :)
—Guest NeecyBtw

Boo for life

Me and my virgo boo r crazy for one other. I have so much love for him. The sexy is out of this world. But sometime I feel like the man lmaf Po w
—Guest Boo forlife

met my match

So far my experience of dating a virgo man I seem to have a sense of respect for him that I never had for anyone else(zodiac). He is everything i was looking for and i can wait until he brings the mushy side. Yes he plays hard but deep down i feel the love right back. If someone would of told me i would be with a virgo i would say ha, but now im thinking i should of been gave this a try. Hes outgoing, funny, providing, sencere, loyal, and attractive. He might not be to everyone else but im the one that matter and this is how he makes me feel. Its hard but worth it cause behind his critiques is a loving person. He also keeps me gtounded and i can say im all the way respectful, faithful, and loyal to him.
—Guest michelle gamble

confused virgo

lol its so true wat u guys are saying i have been close friends with an aquarius man he sweet loving an funny but nwat i dont get is that u do have to be careful when talking about some things like feeling he dont like to open up like he's affraid to admitt how he feels but i have so much fun with this man an i know that he care a great deal about me by the way he looks at me..an the theres a downside i want hear from him in a while an he just pops back up like nothing ever happen
—Guest donna

Anything is possible

I am the Aquarian and my now husband is a Virgo... While we find some characteristics right about us we r so different from what we r " supposed to b" we have a great relationship! Known him for 10 years and we get along great...don't really argue and can b around each other for days and b great! Anything is possible when two people r supposed to b together I guess!! Don't get discouraged!!!!
—Guest Guest10yrs

Virgo heart aquarius

I've recently broken up with my partner of two years. We fought for two years to stay together all the while admitting that we never understood each other. It's interesting for me to read these responses as I still grieve the loss and realise that it should be so hard, shouldn't be so stressful when you're not compatible regardless of how desperately we both want to make it work.
—Guest Virgo

Heaven and hell

I started dating a virgo man Few months ago, Since day one we had arguments.I love him , he is the most amazing person ever , although he is very routine driven and as long as he knows where i am and what im doing, he is happy. I on the other hand would appreciate more freedom , but for love like ours I am willing to sacrifice.we have a lot of ups and downs , its stressful , we have different views on love and life, we are different on almost every aspect of life, I am a day dreamer and hoped for fairytale love while he is more realistic. one thing i can say is that behind closed doors we are the happiest couple ever. we set the room on fire, we combind his practical ,tidy and realistic nature with my daydreaming free spirit and caring nature , its a blast
—Guest D.W

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