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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Virgo-Aquarius Relationship

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Virgo Woman ripped my heart out!

I'm an Aquarian man who fell for a Virgo woman..In the beginning we were a bit awkward but there was a friendly chemistry,I wanted her sexually..she turned me on so much.She wanted me to move in soon after we were officially a couple...but me being an independence loving aquarius kept putting it off...plus she didn't like how i was supportive of my child's mother who suffers from bi-polar disease. ..this combination eventually drove a wedge between us...but i remained loyal and supportive even after she denied me sex..after her father passed away things became even more strained between us...but we started to reconnect...but soon after that she said i should go back to my place and that she needed time and space to sort her life out and that our relationship lacked passion...but she assured me that this was not a breakup...It sure felt like it...and in the following weeks of no contact with her,i was crushed...she led me on to only say we should just be friends...RIPPED MY HEART OUT
—Guest HeartBroken

Virgo-Aquarius relationship

This nailed it. My ex boyfriend is an Aquarius and he was definitely a dreamer. One of my reasons for leaving was because of that. I couldn't seem to get him to stay grounded. I helped him a lot when it came to bettering himself. We were an odd match but we worked. An Aquarius will definitely let you know when they're into you. It's not hard to tell when they're in love. Patience is necessary for this relationship.
—Guest Virgo

Chemistry is real

Im a Virgo and ive known a Aquarius man for some years now, we've had several small chats every now and than, but for the first time he asked to chill with me, and i did because he was very attractive, and seemed like he'd be a cool person. When i came over he really wanted to play fight, and joke around alot, which i didn't really find funny, but then he asked for a massage, but i told him he had to give me one 1st and of course he did. He kissed and massaged my back so perfectly, turning my whole body in heat, i wanted him badly and he knew.. But i didn't give it up to him like my body begged, he didn't pressure me he just wanted to please, and satisfy me, which was exactly what happened, kissed me every where, loving on my body, sexual chemistry was definitely there!! I stopped before it went too far and left the next day he told me goodmorning, but afterwards we only had small talk, feels weird now, we were only friends, now my body is just lusting for his! Idk how to get his atten
—Guest kaykay

Aquarius and Virgo

I dated an Aquarius man for 6 years and initially everything was simply great and he was no doubt very flexible and open minded. But after sometime it was difficult to get along with him because he used to be detached and I was looking for emotional fulfillment. This was totally lacking in the relationship. He would tell me that I am perfect but when it came to action he would prefer to hang around with his friends who would use him. I can say he did not realise my value in spite of the sacrifices and compromises I made. Towards the end I felt very empty inside and could not look at him for support anymore. I was not important enough even though he alsways said it. I gave up a lot being the selfless virgo but at the end it was only about himself. So I walked out on him. I used to read a lot about aquarius and virgo compatibility but learnt it the hard way. I would just like to convey that it is better to be safe than sorry... But ofcourse there are always exceptions!
—Guest Lily

Aqua lover

my aqua lover is so sweet, he is having all behaviours which a typical aqua has, aloof, distant, stubborn, egoistic, intelligent, love sports, romantic, daring, bold, handsome,etc etc every time i fight wd himjust because of his aloofness,i want more and more time.em of 19 n he too of 19 nd he fight with me because he wants romance from me. I m romantic.And i love his romanticism, but i will never do romance before a perfect time,may be when we will engaged or married iknow he deadly loves me more than anyone .same here, he was having gfs before me, but not now, At the start of our relationship he hurts me alot alot, because of one another girl,who loves my aqua as well,i was in fear of loosing him,but now he is in fear of loosing me i clearify to him,if he continue to hurt me, i will leave him and there are many who waits for me,today he told me that he is completely broken because of my these words,and that he loves me,and wants me,he is very social and practical
—Guest Haya

Virgo woman & Aquarius woman

I am a Virgo woman who has been dating an Aquarius woman for about nine months so far. I read this post and I couldn't believe the similarity. My lady is very aloof, super stubborn, and irresponsible. Her behavior confuses me from time to time and I drop a tear here and there because of the lack of affection. The people that she surrounds herself with including her family all seem fake to me for some reason, but she keeps them around. I was about to give up on her at one point because to her I was always the one that was overreacting and she never did anything wrong. I ended up not doing so when she admitted she was too proud and stubborn to acknowledge her faults. Our relationship is still sort of on the rocks, but she's deathly afraid of losing me and although I do love her very much, if we aren't happy together and I don't get the attention that I crave, I'm afraid we might hit a dead end pretty soon. To be continued.....
—Guest The Virgo




I am a virgo. He is an Aquarius. At first we hit it off. But now im starting to see he may not be the one. I love him and I know he loves me but he has so many friends and expects me not to have any he gets very jealous which makes me do the same then when I do. Im in the wrong. He is not realistic at all. He dreams too much for me the only the we agree on is sex. But then he's always out wit friends so when we do have sex my mind is wondering the whole time about him with other females. So I dnt enjoy the sex like I use to. I'm just wasting my time but im a virgo so all I do is appear not to care which is frustrating to him n when I show him I care its too much for him to take in. iM JUST GIVING UP ON THIS
—Guest kat

Married for 12 years

I am married to a Virgo Man... He is a hard working, provider, and loves family. But he doesn't have very good communication skills. Good to look at but not handy around the house. He buys excellent gifts and wants to make sure you have the best but very controlling when it comes to money. If you can deal with controlling, self involved, critical people then this is these are the guys for you. You will always have the best of everything but it comes with a PRICE.... Stay on your knees because no relationship is perfect no matter what your zodiac sign...


I am reading these responses, chuckling to myself, I can relate to each one of them. But I truly believe he's my twin soul. He does things to me, I never thought at 41 were possible! My aquarius and I are long distance now, we lived together for almost a year, he'll be back home in a year. This time apart forced us to put physical presence on the back burner and concentrate on the heart. To say it's amazing, challenging, powerful, is not enough. We were fantastic together before, but now, we are a force! And everyone in the room knows it when we are together. We are both pretty social but also hermits... he's my stubborn, outspoken love... forever.

Aquarius man

I met this Aquarius man who is younger than me and we were in the situation were we both liked someone but they ignore us. We both had some common experiences at first and still do. We are best buddies until I found I liked him and he liked me, but because they people we use to liked were all friends it was kin of difficult to date my ex's friend. At first he told me he liked me and wanted to date but I was confuse and kept denying. Finally I have him an answer and said yes to him. After a couple of days he began to ignore me and was confuse about our relationship. I thought maybe if I told him how I felt maybe we can work things out, but all we ever did was argue and didn't work things out much. I'm a Virgo woman so I probably must took things faster than I thought, but because I feel in love with him I wanted us to work. Now me and him are just best buddies again. Friends that had nothing between us and he seem happy about it. I still love him. I do. And even today I still wonder why
—Guest Mumu

Loving my Virgo man

So It's been 5 weeks and things r going great. He's already talking about being together ect which I love to hear as he is not constantly smothering me. We have a strong sexual connection and I look forward to getting to know him on a more intaletual level. Both are minds are very strong and I love how he can pick up on things which iv not made completely obvious and takes an interest, however sometimes he likes to pressure me to open up on things and as an Aquarian I will crawl bk in my shell if I feel under pressure to explain my feelings ect. I defo agree we compliment each other. He says Im wired sometimes which he likes lol
—Guest Aquarius Women

my experience with virgo men

i was talking to this virgo i went to high school with. he was cool but it was more like we were friends and it would never go anywhere. long story short, we had sex and it was bomb. now that we talk so much less, he seems disinterested in anything else besides hitting me up to bone and boning. nothing else makes sence but the sex..its amazing but its not even worth catching feelings and getting none in return. this is my experience, so im speaking for myself. im sure other aqua girls have had lovely experiences or sircumstances with virgo men. hey are highly intelligent funny and so attractive, i mean come on. ladies best advice i can give is if you do fall for.this sign, make him wait. and if he does, you know he.really wants you. ie i
—Guest waterbeauty

Aquarian man "too good to be true"

I always knew in my heart...he was the one for me..but never realized..time has spoken for itself and proven now in present..aquarian men are "too good to be true"..I'm glad he is back into my life; and my life has never been the same after my broken engagement..He has turned me sane happy smiling go-getter person..I'm alive & myself with him...I'm blessed he is in my life; I couldn't ask more from GOD...we have our ups and downs...but at the end of the day..he never leaves my side..and keeps me smiling all time..Yes Virgos and Aquarians are very different..but it is the mutual respect love and understanding which keeps our bond strong and alive..we don't need to tell each other how we are feeling..maybe as a woman I'm expressive...but he knows when I'm in dumps; all he has to tell me it will be fine..and I'm back alive..I love him and hoping to marry him before end of this year..Thank you GOD and people please don't read what people have to say; follow your heart and you will be happy
—Guest GM

Met a girl

Hello folks! I am an Aquarius man (31) I have recently met, such an amazing! Soul! She's sooo Beautiful all the way through! My dilemma is that- I have been searching for a Leo soul-mate as I believe it's your apposite in the Zodiac that is meant for you. And of course the fire and air thing. However, this girl is a Virgo, and although she can come across as a bit grumpy and even negative to some degree... She is utterly adorable and I think about her allot not to mention the chemistry we share when we chat. How can this be?? I really don't know what to do... Feed back please my fellow Friends?? ; }
—Guest Renda

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