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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Virgo-Capricorn Relationship

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Have you been in a Virgo-Capricorn relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share Your Experience


—Guest Joy n Octavious

Capricorn fest

I met a Cap over 5 years ago in High School and we instantly clicked on a mental capacity. Now, because it was HS we both of us had many distractions from forming a true bond. Now that we met again in collegiate scenes I feel pressed to tell him I've always been the one waiting for him. The BIG problem is I am with his polar opposite sign, Cancer...Do I break up with this super sensitive guy of 5 years to get my rock solid original dream guy from over 5 years ago?
—Guest VergeOfVixen

cap:- are made for virgo (.)(.) (')

there is cap boy who is 11 years younger than me, i am 39 he is 28, but i loves him too much that i can't lie without him, even though i scold him to great extreme he just cries and at the end of all scoldoing he smiles in a so much sexy way i end up with loving him... i want his presence in daily life & i create issue to see him daily...i slept with him many times during afternoon and delhi tour...he keep so much secrets that nobody knows about our relationship...he is very romantic on bed...so much fun...jokes...laughs...enjoyment...complete relaxation...massage...kisses...he becomes monk in presence of my ex...but when we meet alone...he sets fire by his sexy smile...he is very loyal to me...very much understanding...i can't live without my cap who pleases me without any barrier...in spite of repeated telling...he rubs his leg under the table...i never say no but take away mine in presence of other...he asks me to peep into old freeze & quickly kisses me touches me at (.)(.) (')
—Guest college madam and cap boy

My Capricorn Crush !!!

I am 18 year old Virgo Female & The first minute I laid eyes on my Capricorn guy it was truly a instant connection . We have class together so I was pretty confident that based on our compatibility we could make it but my natural shyness made it difficult for me to approach him first. One day he called me over to "talk" in class . The chemistry was through the roof ugh he held my hand while we talked the whole class period. My friends know about the crush I have on him and I know he does too. Im so infatuated by his gorgeous smile perfect face , and I think it could be love. Hes going to ask me out pretty soon and I think I might just faint lol.
—Guest Beyonce

Love at first sight

Okay so a few weeks ago I met a Capricorn man, from the very first words spoken out of his mouth I devolved a butterfly feeling, he was handsome, funny, he had a certain glow about him. I wanted to talk to him but I was doing business so I didn’t get a chance and I regretfully left. A few days later (on Valentine’s Day actually) I went out with a friend to a bar and saw him there. I was so excited it was incredible, we automatically clicked and the chemistry was crazy. That night we were talking and at one point we looked at each other and we kissed, I couldn’t help it anymore. It was amazing. After that we were inseparable the entire night and didn’t really want to talk to anyone else, I left the person I was with and gave the Capricorn man all my attention. We hang out and kissed all night until we fell asleep on my couch. Unfortunately here’s where the story gets ugly. I had an ex from a while back (Aquarius man) that needed my help so I let him stay with me for a little while until
—Guest Perfect

First Date

I am a 23 year old Male Capricorn and my love was a virgo who was 8 months younger than me. we have dated for 4 years and it was the best four years I ever had in my life. Our sex lives was crazy, we were adventurous, wild and love each other's company. Their were times we fight and argue, but I was never mad at her. I am understanding of her needs. I loved her bossy attitude because it shows that she wants me to help her. Most of my confident and support came from her. We had great laughter and smiles, I cheerish them everyday. what i miss the most were moments where I can just be eased and relax. I live quite a chaotic life. A big family trying to survived of the falling economy. Being the oldest son, I must maintain my responsibilities and character for my parents. What i'm missing in life most was "What do I want to do with my Life". All i could ever think was worries for other people's life and helping people be better. We finally broke up because of the stress that I hold...
—Guest Horokeu Vang

My great friend.

The beginning of the school year, I got to re-unite with my old Virgo friend from 2 years ago. As the year passes, our friendship began to build up each and everyday. And recently, I went through a break-up with my boyfriend and I took a bit hard the first day and she was there to help me through it. She is very wise, kind, and helpful. She always gives me advice and always says the right thing to me. She is so good to me and protective and I love it so much. She's like my only best-friend..and I hope I don't loose her anytime soon. I need her. This Virgo is very dear to me, and I will most certainly do my part in this friendship. I love my Virgo sooo very much!!!
—Guest A lady Capricorn.

Most Amazing Roller Coaster Ride

Well I am a capricorn female and because I am so private with my life I have no one to share this with so this is why I am writing. I fell in love with a Virgo man who is 7 years older. There is an undeniable connection and out if all the men I dated he is the one who is my soul mate . I love his family and am accepting of his sons and he takes great care of me but he can be way too critical at times and he is very insecure. I am so devoted to and in love with him but he is so blind he doesn't even see it. I think we are fine and try to encourage him to be happy but he doesn't know how to just live and let loose. He always says how we are so alike and so different at the same time.. also he says I am too dominant. I left him yesterday to show him he will never find another woman like me and I hope he see's. I wish I could have been with him forever.
—Guest LC


As complicated and hard-headed as a Cap can be a Virgo understands a Cap better then any sign. Wel im a female Cap and i once dated a Virgo guy.We dated for almost a year then distance got in between us.As time went on i went my seprate way thou Virgo never gave up on our relationship,he finally decided to give up trying and went his own way.As time went by we came across each other once again,the sparks were bright but caused flames and we ended up hurting each during our on and off relationship but never really grew apart
—Guest ThatKiD

oh my

I am a cap. I have many Virgo friends. I tend to find that I have terrible luck with them. One was a scarey stalker who used to bE my friend and then it took a turn of the edge of a cliff with how creepy and messed up his obsessions got. Another who is still a relitively good friend, was very critical and mentally abusive to me. One of my best friends is a Virgo but many of the things she does really get on my nerves. I feel like some virgos have a superiority complex that is overbearing at times. Don't get me wrong, virgos can be awesome, but I'd say there's a 50/50 chance of either the best or worst relationship
—Guest terminaly capricious

im a virgo women

I met my cap at my job, he comes in and I notice him and he noticed me . He leaves then comes back in giving me his number, well I didn't call for a week . When i called him we hit it off and talked for five hours everyday. When I finally saw him face to face we clicked right away, I knew he was my soulmate right off, we made one and it was like no other then he tells me after it that he is in love with me ofcourse I was too. Three weeks later we got engaged ever since then I can't live without him he makes me smile he makes me feel so much love and treats me like a princess . Cap and Virgo are the sweety match for sure.
—Guest my cap

boy the ups and downs..

I'm a true blue cap lady with two virgo experiences. My first virgo broke my heart to tiny pieces with distance and swinging back and forth with his ex. He feared the strong emotions we shared and ran away..I never saw him again. I had never felt such earth shaking, mind blowing love and sex. Then along came virgo guy #2. He pursued me endlessly, but I wasn't over the first virguy. It didn't take long for him to weaken me. Our relation was immediate and pure. I have never known love to be so sacred and peaceful..Then all hell breaks loose. We are both stubborn, controlling, nitpicking and perfectionistic. He is the only one who can get under my skin. He can be very manipulative, but so can I. Then out the blue we are back on cloud nine. We are best of friends and worst enemies. Talk about a love hate thing. I have a cap sun which lies in the 6th house(virgo). Can you imagine the intensity. I am more of a neat freak than him and way better with finances. He blows money.
—Guest cappiechic

young love

I'm a Capricorn, and my guy is a Virgo. At school I was walking in the hallway n'only got a glimpse of his face. I thought about him all day for some reason. Found him on Facebook and started talking. We clicked immediately. Our personalities just simply clicked. Our dominance didn't over-power one another's. We were unstoppable. He makes me feel so loved and safe. He makes me so happy, n'i'm really glad I met him. Virgo's and Capricorn's really are the best couple possible; n'now I completely see how that's true
—Guest unicorn marbles

Me too

I have recently been hang'n out with a beautiful female virgo. She has beautiful eyes that are so deep. I wanna keep hanging out with her, and I'm so happy to know her.
—Guest Male Capricorn

Two Peas In A Pod!

My guy is the Virgo. I met him 6/1/13, told me "your mines now" on 6/3/13..and the biggie 2 days after that told me he loved me. The love I feel coming from him is way more than I even thought I wanted from a man. He told me that from day one he felt like he's known me for a long time; like we're old friends. The Sex?!? Is off the chain..the best ahhh. He makes me feel like a little girl when I'm around him - it's like my shyness goes into overdrive and I'm 33 yrs. old. I've always prided myself on being in control but boy o' boy does he make me morph into this big ball of love. He does any and everything to make me happy. Just by his actions I can tell he love me just as I love him!! With the same intensity, passion, and stability of knowing we'll both be there. Super compatible on every level, just as a side note to my female Cap's be careful of their feelings. They're pretty sensitive. Ahhh just writing this makes me miss him right now (he's at work). He also mentioned Marriage also
—Guest Sweetest Capgirl

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