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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Virgo-Capricorn Relationship

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Have you been in a Virgo-Capricorn relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

virgo girl-capricorn man 1

hey all!! I am a virgo girl of 25 years old. He is a 22 years old capricorn man. we met when he started to work at my brother's restaurant and we start to talk regularly since then. I had a boyfriend who I left since I was not in love with him. Than slowly I started to like this capricorn man and he felt the same thing. we were always talking but I had to be the one saying what I was feeling and than he said he felt the same too but he though I had someone. this stage was full of cherishing moments but it didnt last. One night we spent the night together at his place talking and kissing and I really felt he liked me seriously. After it he started to change and in a coupple of days ignored me completely. I didnt know what to do until he said he needed some space and time to realize what was going on. I felt betrayed and it was odd times for awhile. Than we started to talk personally normal again but just teasing each other every time..


I am a Cap he was a virgo. We met a year ago and for the first time in my life I found amazing love. He and I moved in together after a year and 3 weeks later he closed down and stated he wasn;t in " jump on a live grenade love with me anymore. " I being a Cap have moved on because I deserved more from him than that. We should have fought for the love we shared instead he judged, tried, and executed me without ever letting me know there was an issue. I've asked him to never contact me again. It hurts. I've lost the trust and his protection. He thought I wanted to keep my grand children for forever...after we had agreed to keep them only 8 weeks.

virgo woman capricorn man

In 2007 dated a Capricorn man for about 4 months. Couldn't figure him out. He was nice, tall, sexy....in the Air Force. Loved sports. I moved 300 miles away in 2008 and we were not on good terms. In 2009 we connected on FB. He has been sending yearly FB messages...and I never responded...until now. I was always physically attracted but his persistence over 5 years is turn on. I really had no intention of ever seeing him again but now it just feels right. Honestly, I didn't believe the FB messages he sent but his persistence over 5 years without a response either says he's a stalker or he's serious. So, I'm going to see him in a few weeks. I'm excited and curious.
—Guest Virgo woman Capricorn man

lust or love ??!

I am a cap female & he is a male Virgo . We dated back in Jr high then we never really broke up it wasn't serious at the time I guess then he moved to a different city 5yrs passed & he found me on fb !! Lol I have strong feelings for him but he's hard to read at times... He recently asked me to be his gf & if I was ready to get on this "bumpy ride" with him & I agreed !!! I'm very happy but I think I over think just a little. He works out of town but there's not one day where he doesn't txt or call me. We both have kids from our previous relationship & well it doesn't bother either one of us ! I tend to spoil him as does he to me ! But sometimes I do feel like I'm in it more than he is but then he does something to reassure me !! Ahhh well hopefully everything turns out great ! There's trust & everything great to have a healthy relationship but only time will tell !!!
—Guest cappy gal

Virgo girl, Cappy boy!

I am Capricorn boy, I dated my Virgo 7 years ago. There was something in her eyes that I got attracted to her the very first moment but i couldn't reveal that... Her look was so innocent and so sexy at the same time, kind of contradiction, we were so slow, but we went on, I was so crazy about her and i wanted to spend my every moment with her, she was so moody and we have a tough times every two month, but when she was back to me it was like heaven! we had great moment for five years and she fall in love with me at some stages! Unfortunately she went to another province for studying and she gradually forgot me... I still crazily love her but seemingly she prefers other guys...
—Guest Mohammad NV

Words can't describe

I'm a Capricorn he's a Virgo. Although we are not together now he is the love of my life. Had a bumpy road being a cap I am very "bossy" he doesn't express himself very well and mixed signals become and are still a habit. I learn that I say what I want but often my pride got in the way to do the same but let me tell you he is not perfect either. When we are together no one could bring us down but the connection the love was too scary to face at least for me. He didn't fight for me so we decided time apart would be best for us. Both figured it sucks because our love is like no other but we do have some things to work on before we can consider giving it another shot. I love my Virgo. We are goofy serious when we need to comfortable with each other loving willing stubborn dumb overwhelmed with love but it's all worth it. it's going to take a lot for someone to take his spot.
—Guest Cappy

love at first sight

My dusbug and I are completely in love we have so much in common and we have not fought at all in our relationship... Hes my capricorn im his virgo and we are just a perfectly matched couple who beleives that sex isnt what its all about its the love..sex is overrated and doesnt need to be there unless its critical... Love is the biggest role in our relationship and trust me we have TONS of love
—Guest cheyenne

My experience

I luv dis guy so much.he wz born on the 6th of january.we dated 3months,b4 i broke up wit him.he says only sex can kip us 2geda,which i dont bliv in.my prayer since i left him,hs always bin 4 him 2 come bk 2 me.
—Guest Agnes

one love

I am a Cappie my love is a virgo, we have been dating 4 months ,things was hot and sweaty for the first month then everything stop. both of us are lay back when it comes to sex. we both work very hard and very bussy people we try to see each other once a week its amazing how we can look into each other eyes and know what the other is thinking.talk about routine this guy is by the book i am trying to bring him out of his comfort zone just a little bit.he loves me and i love him, i am hoping for a long lasting relationship even if the sex is few and far inbetween.
—Guest love sick

We live far away from eachother..

This is kind of a sad one...Confusing, don't know what to do... We meet and connected instantly, opened up at our first date, had a couple dates. The problem is he lives like 4,5h drive away. He's very buissy with career and has very little time to think about me. So after these dates he stopped contacting me, I tried to reach out but he seemed careless and I was sad for a while so I moved on. I had 2 other boyfriends after that and 1,5 year passed..He ocassionally tuned in, checking what I'm up to, didn't seem too happy about me being in a relationship. When I became single again he wanted to see me, we ended up actually "living" together for a couple days. The weird thing is we've never even kissed, never held hands, I gave him a kiss on the cheek once and he returned it another time, that's it. But when we're together the connection is like....everything I've allways wanted a connection to be but everybody told me doesn't excist. So after we split he told me he wanted more than
—Guest VirgoGirl

Madly in love with a virgo man. I'm a c

I have had just a few men in my life, mainly two husbands. ONe for 2 years and one for 33 years. Both were compatible signs but I never felt free to love until I met my third compatible sign a Virgo man. God what I have been missing. The chemistry scares us because it is so real and erotic. We just want to be alone together and make love and can't get close enough. Then we will quietly hold each other and then make love again. I think this man is my twin soul mate. There is not ohter way to explain it. I want him forever in my life.
—Guest Katherine

capicorn and my male virgo

im the female cap he is the male virgo ive been dating this guy for about 6 months things have happened and stuff brought us closer and brought truth and realization to certain things its wonderful to date a virgo they are ambitious funny and headstrong people and me being a capicorn adds icing to the wedding cake i look forward to many more monthd and hopefully years.
—Guest lovebirdys

capricorn male ,virgo woman

My boyfriend is a capricorn we havent been dating long. But we have been hangin out for like the past 3 or 4 years he is amazing and treats me better than i ever thought he could.Hes a working man tho i dont see him very much except from 3pm-8pm...but it works for us :)
—Guest Raven

Still trying to figure this Cap out

We are almost at our 2 year mark and we are physically there but not emotionally. It seems that Caps are moody and have certain standards for their mate but they don't live up to their standards.. She will say I would like u to be this way when she's not even that way... I love my cap but please say what u mean and mean what u say.. And remember Virgos are always right
—Guest VirgoCapo

Match made in heaven for sure

I have been in a long-distance relationship with a Virgo man going on 2yrs now. I will say, that it does take time for a Cap to warm up and come out its shell, but when it does happen, there is no turning back. The more we see each other, the more time goes by, the closer we are and both parties really indulge in feeling the love. The only thing I can say about Virgos is that they don't express themselves well. This trait is not so bad, because Cap's like to "see" what people say, and Virgos will show you how they feel. It still feels good to hear it at times, instead of assuming the other person knows it already. I will say that if a Cap feels threatened or jealous about something, you will see the bi-polar side of us. I love that my Virgo makes me feel secure and we get right back on track! I love my Virgo and can't wait to see what the future holds!
—Guest Babyc

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