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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Virgo Relationship

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Virgo women leo man

Im a virgo girl and hes a leo man we met 2010 he was 14 I was 15 weve been together ever sence and eventhough the first year was very bumpy he never gave up on me being the stuborn virgo female I hurt him and he never gave up we new from day one we made for eachother I love him more than I love my self
—Guest Megan Junior

my leo sweetheat from the ground-up

I used to be a sad, lonesome virgin with rage, because all the JERKS took all the pretty ladies and leaving me with NONE. I went to the japanese community board looking to talk about birds making spaghetti, and then I saw her, a boyfriend-free leo women. We started talking about drugs and vodka and and we hit it off instantly. and she made me get an abortion which was the most romantic thing ever. And then I stopped talking to my fat mexican friend.
—Guest Potato Delicious

Leo women & Virgo man

so I met this Virgo guy like 2 years ago and we talked on in ob and off but finally we had sexual intercourse is and I ended up pregnant so when I got pregnant I told him and he wanted me to get an abortion , I was sad and mad about that but at the same time I understand where he was coming from then a couple months later I got the abortion and then I told him. we continue to talk on an off after at I grew more more feelings for him and he did something that really hurt brokhime my heart but the more I think about it thethe more I get mad at him the more I love him and I still have feelings for him & to want to be with him, but I also don't know if he feel the same way. what should I do? We're young btw
—Guest gaelle

I m a Leo woman he s a virgo man

He treats me good we re actually dating for 2 months now n we ve been friends for over 3 years now but we wanted to take it to the nxt level he makes me laugh n smile he s soo good to me respects me ( 3 days ago we had our first kiss *___* m sooooo happy
—Guest Nnnnnn

Frustrating yet intoxicating

Me(virgo) and my bf (leo) were in an on again off again relationship for 5yrs. We are so much alike but he is the male part and I the female part. There is alot of misunderstanding between us that causes friction. But everytime we are apart it kills us. Its so hard for me right now because I have made up my mind to end it for good. It seems like he just doesnt take the time to understand my genuine heart. I think that this virgo, leo combo can definately work if both sides tries to understand each other and respect each others mind and actions. Also a bit of compromising on both sides will definately make a dynamic duo. I had wished that this was the case for me because I really would of loved to live a happy life with my leo....life goes on...good luck
—Guest Parahill

leo man

i been see a leo man for 3 years with out him commenting to a relationship. he is very selfish but loving and giving at the same time. I tell him every other month im done with him, but i find myself right back with him. I will tell any woman if your for a long lasting relationship dont date a leo man who what's all the attention from every woman. BEWARE!!

LEO female and VIRGO Male

I am a leo and the guy i was seeing is a virgo. I am outgoing and love to fix problems on the spot as for him he needs time and space and that really upset me becvause i never wanted to fight. He had hard time trusting me since i have a flirty personality. He kept leading me on and shutting me out and i got tired of playing games for 8 months so i hooked up with one of his friends his friend was another leo like myself who was only looking for satisfaction while i was looking for revenge and it ended bad because i relaized getting back at him was not the right thing and now 2 months later i cant see, to get over the virgo male i was seeing. I stopped talking to all of our mutral friends as did he. We both have gone our seprate ways but i still have hope one day he mightcome back. The passion was there and so was the love but we both messed up and unfortantly i was the one who messed up to no return. I miss everything about him ........ but only time will tell this virgos!
—Guest Britt

long distance love of Leo man and virgo

I met my leo man in a dating site, we have been together for 7 months. I find hard adjusting on our relationship because he is so busy man. And i'm a kind of virgo woman that longing for a time from him. Many times I tried to forget him but it makes me feel so hard because I learned to love him already and his patients towards me makes me feel that he is really true. But I really don't know if it would become real in a future or not...
—Guest jhance

Leo girl chasing the Virgo guy

Im at a complete loss over here, I've been off and on seeing my Virgo guy for over a year now and I'm at the end of my rope. He has put my feelings aside, left me for other girls, had been completely selfish and makes me feel like I'm the only ones with feelings I'm this. No doubt there are good things but I'm losing patients with him, I just want to be his already. I love him and he keeps stringing me along like he's waiting for something better. . Ugh help (._.)
—Guest sheb

Virgo man Leo women

I have been with my virgo man for 8 years now, we have two children, and we are as happy as anything. I met him when I was 27 and he was 36. At first I thought he was a little forward, but I was swept away by his very romantic affectionate nature. We had a chemistry from the start and we laugh all the time from the minute we started dating. We are friends and genuinely never tire of each others company, but there is also allot of passion in the bedroom. I am a late leo and he is an early virgo and this may be why we work so well. He puts up with my disorganisation and I appreciate him trying to sort me out. The solution is we have a cleaner and a dishwasher, lol to take the pressure off. He is an amazing dad and we both are very devoted to our family. He doesn't go out all the time and always puts us first. I can deffo overlook his annoying tendencies because he is just so devoted! When I first started dating him I was discouraged by negative leo-virgo reports; so glad I ignored it!
—Guest lioness

virgo lady fancying leo guy

Im a virgo girl who had this huge crush on Leo guy. Actually he doesnt know it !! Coz im scared that maybe one day he'll ignore me like forever. Coz there this girl who confess on him and i think he got mad at it because starting that day he never spoke & he just ignore ignore that girl. But my relationship to him is going pretty well because he always laughing when he is having a convo with me & sometime not because he is so serious I don't know no doubt leo guys are sometimes weird but their personality and humor are so awesome. I don't know if he likes me too but i have this feeling when im having a chat or convo to other guys he ignores me for like an hour and when I alone he started to talk to me again. like what the? dont get guys ! :)))
—Guest cukai

Beautiful Beginnings

We are a Virgo woman and a leo man together for almost a year!! I love this man Soo much. We were friends for 8 yrs, now he finally has me!! He is romantic, thoughtful, showers me w/ gifts, and we share all our deep inner most secrets w/ each other. We spend countless hours together going on road trips or just talking. He is a Very passionate lover, our sex life is amazing :) He loves my loyalty and how I'm always coming up w/ fun and interesting things to do. He took me home to meet his parents and his mom said I was the first girlfriend he ever bought home. Im really happy w/ him and I wanna share my life w/ this great leo guy :)
—Guest Saphire

Virgo girl dating a Leo girl

I met her online and we were friends for the longest time. I was friend zoned for an entire year before she finally realized that I was always the one there for her. Yes, Leo's can be demanding and bossy and they are very attention craving and dominant but that just evens out the Virgo side in me. I'm not very dominant and so she's the man in the relationship. I balance out her little temper tantrums with logic and she shows me how show my feelings rather than bottle them up. We've been dating since May 28th, 2011 and I'm the happiest I've ever been. I wish to marry her someday. We do have a few fights but they're all misunderstandings, after a good talk and a few tears and hugs we've made up and everything is all good. :) I believe if you want a relationship to work out, try to fix the problems and talk things out, it helps.
—Guest Griselda

Virgo young girl Leo older male!!!

Me and my Leo male have been talking for a week and it seems like its been forever. I mean like it feels like we have known each other since the day I was born. I catch myself saying sometimes we've known each other this long why hasn't he proposed then I have to remind myself that its only been a week. I feel there might be an early proposal seeing how well we clicked even though its premature to say. He's 13 years older than me. I freaked out when I found out his age and he quickly told me that people will get over it. I've pretty much overanalyzed everything and he's like baby please don't overthink anything. He finds the most simple ways to put a smile on my face and I love it. Everybody thinks we are rushing it but it doesn't it just feels right. I hope people see that I am finally happy and not worry about the 13 year age difference...
—Guest Amanda

virgo woman leo man

We have been together for 24 wonderful years! We felt like we had known eavhother forever from the start. I love all the things he does! We have so much fun together no matter what we are doing.we are best friends as well as both very sexual! I love his compliments they always bring a smile to my face. I am 12 years older than him but we look the same age. People call us Ken and Barbie! Lol. I love him so. much! At first I wasn't really interested in him but he pursued me and won my heart. So yes it does work great. But I have to say that Virgo men are totally different from the. Virgo woman. I find Virgo men boring! Each year that passes I love him more . So if your a Leo man don't let anyone tell you that Virgo id not right for you
—Guest norcalgirl

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