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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Virgo Relationship

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We dating in high and havnt seen each snice now we are togther again True Leo and Virgo
—Guest James Barbara

difficult but very sweet relationship

i m leo my hubby virgo very loving caring life partner me extrovert he introvert togather for last 18 years with one grown up daughter yes whats more u want from life so leo virgo best of luck
—Guest gul

My Dad Is a Virgo

I live with a virgo , and he is sometimes crabby and hard to live with , is that normal when you live with a virgo?
—Guest Candylynn

Grammar/spell checker

About.com, I think you need a grammar/spell check software for your response section, because I don't know what the h*!! some of these people are trying to say. TRAGIC!! Get it together, people. Words of a leo.
—Guest Spell checker

perfect couple!

its been almost 4 months, but weve never had a problem. were both cusps. hes a leo/virgo and im a virgo/libra. Hes such a gentleman. BOTH my parents like him a lot. Ive had leos before that were lazy and jealous. but he is not. Hes my saviour and shining knight. It helps that we both have moon in pisces. and my venus/mars are leo. His venus is virgo. Im waiting for a ring! And this virgo never settles. hes a tamed puddy tat. very adorable!
—Guest marie0921

yes and no...

My bf is a virgo and Im a leo. He's quiet but he's a fighter. He'll tell me what to do and not care about me. If I tell him not to do something he just says that it didnt bother me before so he doesnt know why it bothers me now and that he wont stop. I like showing him off to people but he is ubber jealous and doesnt want me to talk to any guys but he talks to other girls and gets mad if I say something. He's selfish, idk if all virgos are that way. He's loving and all but he's hard to read
—Guest joeeey

Leo F and Virgo F (me)

We're BFF and soulmates. I'm not blind to both of our flaws, but we balance each other out in such a way that I can't even begin to explain it. We trust one another and talk about everything. Our fights are ridiculous and we sound like an old bickering couple when we do have them. But at the end of the day, I will always tell her/show her how much I love her. 6+ years and going strong. I honestly think it's a remarkable thing, to be a part of a relationship where you simply know it's right... maybe I'm too much of a romantic or maybe this is simply logical for me. All I know is, being with her brings me the purest joy I've ever known and I hope the same goes for her. We understand each other (and will continue this as we grow). As my Leo likes to say "I know I tell you not to compliment me so much... but if you stopped, I wouldn't know what I'd do. So don't." ...I won't ever stop.
—Guest It Works

leo female virgo male

I agree that this pair can really work. My man is the Virgo is very patient. He's sensible practical and patient. He does like his space so I give it to him by entertaining others. This works well for us because when we do see each other he gives me s lot of attention. He Is patient and my best friend.
—Guest leofemale

Challenging, but Worth It

I'm the Leo, and my guy of 36 years is a Virgo--here's a term perspective on this combo. He's the kindest, most patient person I know, and has the Virgo's inclination to help solve any problem encounters and be of service. He's my BFF in EVERY way & has stuck by me thru some real hell in my life, was been endlessly supportive (financially & emotionally) thru it all. This is "complimentary personalities" & strengths--what one has, the other lacks. Virgo is the sign of service, they're always bigger critics of themselves than they are of others (surprise!), & that's helpful for us ego-tripper Leos to remember when they get picky and critical. Plus we value loyalty & honesty, & Virgo is that. He's also kind to & accepting of my family & his, is clean & neat, and has beautiful, clear eyes. He keeps me on an even keel and the bills paid, I encourage and provide the adventure, don't let him get too negative or put me down. If both are unselfish & act like grownups, it can be the best!
—Guest msame


I'm a virgo woman. And leo men are horrible. Yes, they are passionate..and romantic. But LIARS. Never will get involved with a leo again. Its all confusion, drama, and arguing. And they are not committed to a relationship. They get bored easily. And are only in it for the sex.
—Guest thunderstorms3747


Leo virgo match is always something that follows. Virgos r calm and they respect leos pride and loving nature. Just make sure not to let your pride get in the way leo cuz virgos dont take it.
—Guest Jacob

just starting out (1200 mi. apart)

We're new I'm virgo she's leo. So far so good. Unfortunatly were seperated (not by choice) I am glad to have been reading that this combo has a good outlook I am 50 as she is 48 maybe with maturity we finally know what we want & can accept the imperfections within our mate easier. Who says love is lost at 50 it just got misplaced and had to be found. My Leo girl helped me find it. Keep ya posted. Wish us good faith through this seperation period. So we can soon be in the arms of each other. I LOVE YOU....you are the love of my life
—Guest M M

my virgo boyfriend

i llllllllllooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee my boyfriend he is ah virgo i really think he is the one for me and we have our ups and downs but i think that ah leo and ah virgo is the best couple eva we been together for 4 years so far we are the best sex partners eva wen we have sex its the best we are active and like trying new moves its allsome in at the end we just cuddle up and kiss and or we maybe be sleep and wake up and cook and clean and watch tv until we gotta go tew work but he is like no other boy i ever had........and im am an leo and he is my virgo man........
—Guest danielle


Hi i found so difficult to understand this guy.sometimes i feel like i luv him more than he do.he almost does nt like most of thing i like then he will put on tentertentrams and be very quite and angry.when i ask for resolving the matter he is not ready to talk and he will let me know.i enjoy his company his advices .sexualy im more active than him i realy feel and need him but he does not have time for that.i dont know but i think we are very different.

total confusion

i am virgo & my friend is leo . our love started in school time we brook up in 12th ,after 5 years we again came in contact then again due to confusion brook up then again become friends but could not mat it happening , now again after we are friend ,we meet through a conman friend many changes happened in booth of our life but i still feel something about him not sure exactly what but i feel attached ....but dont know about him ......leo & Virgo just confusion //
—Guest keya

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