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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Virgo Relationship

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leo men omg

What can i say my daughters dad was a leo it didn't work out i met my sons dad also a leo he left at xmas .... All in all leos are self obsessed money orientated and go on looks designer labels and they try being big men when really they are not!! Would it put me off dating a leo again maybe not as that's just 2 out of millions....
—Guest virgo lady

Virgo Femail Leo Male

We know each other 6m, and last 2 we started to talk about how i have noticed there is something more going on there(he is so subtle..). We understand each other so well, i feel i have never met a man who can understand a woman at so many levels. But there is a weird part, he doesn't call or text much.We are not in relationship (his initial intention was sex, but he got im too serious and i want marriage), so now he is ready to take it to another level. Now this "rare calls, rare meetings, rare messages" part, is really confusing me, because when we meet, talk and look at eachother- we can both feel VOLCANO. He is very busy with work, but this is not an excuse, all men r busy with work and they still call, text and see you-daily. He doesnt. Any help..?ps He is interested to have sex, but he refuses to even hold my hand because he doesn't want one thing to lead to another..generous attitude. Gentleman. Nice of him considering i can clearly see he would rather eat me like ghazel:)Adv?
—Guest thank u all for posting comments

Bad experience.

My Leo ex boyfriend was very self centred and used to hit me. When we broke up he clung to me.. I couldn't get him away. He threatened me a lot. Be careful of manipulation. Also if your Leo man picks the wrong path (crowd, drugs etc.) he can be extremely negative. Be careful and don't be lured in by his charm.
—Guest -fuckleomen

Virgo Male - Leo Female

I am a virgo male and had my first real relationship with a leo girl. At first I loved everything about her, great personality always happy and a big people pleaser. At first I loved that about her. Then I noticed all the douche bags at work taking advantage of her and well her being naive and thinking everyone has good intentions didnt help. Everytime we fought I was the bad guy, I was the jealous insecure bf and she was ALWAYS the victim. I stopped taking her seriously and started doing my own thing, not til then did she realize or stop playing stupid whenever I did things she thought were ok. When she is mad or you call her out on being wrong take cover!! She would flip it on me regardless of the situation. Me being a virgo I never showed my feelings and thats when she was always there then I open up and became the guy she always wanted me to and bam she is a total biatch! She taught me how to love and that its ok to have feelings but unfortunatly her victim card expired w m

The perfect match

I am a Leo and I care deeply for my Virgo man. In the beginning I went thru phases of feeling neglected and we dibated about small things like his time away from home but I got over that. He's a good guy and even if he doesn't agree with an issue I may have with the way he decides to handle something he shows me that my thoughts and feelings about it matters. He puts me on a pedastol and treats me like I am his live in celebrity. I'm his trophy and as a Leo that makes me feel really good. We stroke each others ego's and I show him that he is my king. I am a leader but I let him take the lead and he will sit back and let me guide at any time. We are perfect for each other 8 years and still counting plus the sex is out of this world if there was cameras in our bedroom we'd be famous porn stars lol
—Guest Quiet Leo

Leo Female Virgo Male = amazing

I'm a 29 y/o Leo dating a 26 y/o Virgo. I'm 8/2 he's 9/5. Although I haven't told him yet, I love him and he hasn't told me yet but he shows me in so many ways. I have 2 children from a previous marriage and he has a child from a previous relationship. he's everything i said i didn't want but everything i always wanted at the same time. Things aren't prefect but they're pretty close. He's willing to do anything to fix whatever ill feelings i may have. I'm a Leo and i like attention but I've learned to humble myself over the years. He shows me me so much love that its hard for me to approach him when I'm feeling like I want him around more. I start to feel selfish because everyone needs space and i mean we are together everyday what more can i expect lol. i get bored and feel smothered when there's too much attention no matter how much i crave it anyway so he keeps this balance. We are extremely attracted to each other and the sex is mind blowing. It can work as long as Leo can be hum
—Guest The Humble Leo

Leo woman who had and wants a virgo man

We began dating nearly 2 years ago. He was a sweetheart to me but so laid back, reserved, cool, aloof, attentive i felt like he didn't really like me much. Our once a week dates were wonderful though and i could usually count on a couple of sporadic short phone calls in between. i ended it because i didn't feel i was seeing him enough and it broke my heart when he let me. Were still friends with sporadic communication and a couple of dates between the past year and a half but i became serious with a lying cancer having given up on my virgo ever wanting me. I need to be wanted. Well he was a loser, the cancer and my virgo is still there. Says he missed me while he was away for work this past year which is about the sweetest thing you can ever get from him. Oh and that he "never not liked me". but now important single and he knows it. He's home again and important back to ignoreville as i call it. I want to wait forever for him but i just don't know if he can ever provide for
—Guest miss Leo girl

This Relationship Can Be Life Lasting

Me And My Wonderful Leo Man Have Been Dating For Almost 2 Years (On April Fourth 2014 Will Be Two Years) And In The Beginning Things Were Very Rocky , He Hurt Me I Can Say Thousands A Of Times But We Always Had Fun Together And Left Romantic Smiles We Were Committed After About A Year We Were Totally In Love And Lost My Virginity To Him , He Is Great In Bed , He Taught Me A LOT. He Was And Still Is Still Is The Love Of My Life Even Though We Aren't A likely Make-It Couple And We Have Our Problems We Know Were Not Leaving Each Other We Love Each Other And Were Also Friends ,
—Guest Hollis-Wilkerson

Leo woman married a virgo man for 14yrs!

Am an early leo&ma ex-virgo husband middle sept.At first we loved each other so much,we are everywhere together but after I startd hvg kids,his behaviour changed!he is over critical,too judgemental,so much pride&arrogance,although he's caring&generous but he makes me lose ma self-confidence&he flirts a lot&mean.He finally left me&our kids 4 another woman.he picks up bad habits very easily.Virgo man not 4 me anymore
—Guest guest linda

Virgo no more

I am a Leo woman who was with a Virgo man for over 6 years. I regret not strictly staying as friends. He was wonderful in bed and as a friend... But only that. After this amount of time I found I lost who I was. He ruined my spirit. I lost friends and he tried to pry me away from my family. He was not a gentleman and I felt like i was babysitting most of the time. Leo and Virgo are a great match at FIRST, but it ENDS. I am happy now with a sagittarius.
—Guest Tally

What's the End ?

When i was 12 his sister told me that he's in love with me and want to marry lol . HE'S younger than me ..i don't why but i get mad at her and told her don't tell anyone Classic for a virgo .. So now im 20 .. In the past two years my sister told me he want to confess to me . He act like a prince (i adore that ), he's a real MAN that any woman can feel save with .......... End of my story ;)
—Guest Me~

Leo-Virgo Relationship

I am virgo and I went once with Leo guy who is older. He love to gushes about his looks. Virgo does not go for looks too much what virgo wants intelligence , stability , respect each other plus other people , supportive towards their partner , responsible , able to handle finances from work /home and have a good sense of humor. My relationship with this guy is on/off and finally I have to let him go because I can't stand a man spent 1 hour to dress up just to go for drink or meet his or my friends. Not only that I have to support him through finance because he wants to borrow my money. In general a man who borrow women money we might think he can't afford to take of his wife. Within 6 months I can read his flaws very fast. Do take note virgo is very observant but they keep quiet and they make a mental note what does this person like and dislike. I dump him after I had enough with his character and his dress up flaws.
—Guest etc7

No more Virgo Women

Indeed these women are some of the sexiest women to me, but relationship really never work out because we don't understand one another. Every virgo lady i been with has been they type to stay critical over the smallest shit. That shit gets on my nerves when they go thru that bs. Sex is nothing to go crazy over either. Virgo has too many worries to keep me interested.
—Guest Leo Man

Leo f virgo m

I met a virgo guy back in middle school, I like him from the very beginning, later we dated for two years , then I had to move to a different country, we broke up, later I Married a wonderful person but I couldn't never get over him, I divorced and went look for him but he had just married a month earlier I told him that I was still in love with him, he didn't say nothing back, but later came back drunk and told me he loved me that he would leave his wife if I was to go with him at that moment, I told him that I didn't wanted for him to regret his desition later, I also felt sorry for her, so , I went back to the country I was leaving then years later I married again, even when I have tried to forget him and give 100% in my new relationship I just can't forget him, I still love him very much.
—Guest Vida

Virgo man is hot

I am a leo woman deeply in love with a virgo man. He is kind,loving,careing and each day I fall in love with him more and more.. He is atentive to my needs and wants, a great provider and very selfless. I thank God that he blessed me with a beautiful man inside and out.. A perfect perfectionist he is motvative in everything we share. Sex is incrediable. It took some time but im glad I waited
—Guest Leo woman inlove

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