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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Virgo-Libra Relationship

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I wish they were better

I'm a libra, I always have an instant and strong attraction to virgos who also usually have an initial attraction for me that fades in time because we just see things so differently. Virgos are so sure of themselves and what they want, Libras definitely are not and I sure am not. I always end up not being able to be completely comfortable with expressing my natural and true thoughts and feelings with Virgo, so I feel restrained or restricted and let go.
—Guest rhe

virgo male & libra female

I'm the virgo male & I can be the funnyest best chill person with the right people. Other then that I'm all about hustle. Buisness. & people that don't take the time to know me think I'm mean. My girlfriend & I been together for a year and 2months. Itake more care of her then I take care of myself. & ilove to. Her health & smile is what ilive for. We are so happy just walking as far as the mall is & then comein home to a candle light dinner with chinese food lOl . & we both love it. Sex is bangin. We can go for hoursss. & we done it like we don't care where its at. LOL the only time we argue is because her mother is to involved in our relationship. But its also my girls fault because she tells her mother EVERYTHING & that's cool but not to the point that ifeel I'm datein ur mother also. Other then that getin in our way. We can be happy no matter what.
—Guest twick

libra lady, virgo man

wow...the article seems to be telling my future! I just started dating a Virgo and we just clicked from the moment we laid eyes on each other! We have sooo many similarities in so many areas, even scars!? It's scary. We both went through difficulties, and that also makes us want to make each other happy. The conversations - long and brilliant! The sex - amaaaaazing! We have the same goals in life and the same morals. I don't know if we gonna make it past the 6 month mark, but this guy really makes me feel special. He's writing me poetry, something I have NEVER experienced in my entire life. I am only starting now to let myself feel happy about this miracle that happened in my life because although I can be really flighty, you just don't play around with people's feelings. I would rather leave him now if I know we aren't gonna make it, but even so, he's even best friend material. He's so special!
—Guest freetobeme111

Two different experiences

I'm a Libra lady and had a serious relationship with a Virgo man for 4 years. He was indeed very nitpicky, critisizing me loads, manipulative, a pathological liar, very withdrawn and pushing me away. At his best he could be very funny and sexy, but that was not a lot. When my career started going well he got jealous and violent... That's were I had to end things as I don't want our son growing up in that. Ten months later I meet another Virgo man. I'm terrified, but this experience is totally different! He could not stop telling me how hot he thought I was, and how much he wanted to be with me and take care of me. Then communication started breaking down. Empty promises of taking me out, busy with work and bla bla bla. I gave him an ultimatum. Last thing I heard he 'doesn't know' if he has not time for me. What a joke! Think Virgos are not for me :-( although I really liked this last one. Ooh well!
—Guest Tired Libra

me* virgo lady- him*libra man...

I have only been dating my libra boyfriend for a month in a half and alrieady we want to be with eachother forever. were planning our future...its kinda scary but, he is the first boy who is proud to be with me a hundred percent, and is mature enough to actually plan a future. Downfall**he is quite posessive and jealous. but he makes me feel protected and safe. we are in sync and even in arguments look at eachother and start laughing. he saved my life. and were both italian which is a blessing ive been searching for. He is 30 and im 22. I had a lot of dreams and aspirations for myself before I met him. And now my dreams have 2 in mind. Im a bit scared but Im giving it my all and hoping for the best.(I LOVE MY LIBRA MAN. Oh and the sex is amaaazing.
—Guest jaimee

Virgo male + my libra lady.

She is flirty, light hearted, and SO attractive to me. She makes my mouth say things that wouldn't come out otherwise. Her attention is always given to the truth. I can tell when she wants me to shut up because she just disagrees with everything I say lol. And I open my ears, and she chats better than I do. Just go with the flow, man. There is a universe of beauty and unimaginable depths of love in the libra woman.
—Guest Mike

virgo girl, me, libra guy

me and my virgo gf have been dating for less than a year but i can tell already that we have something that clicked just right. she says sex is the best she has ever had too, and i agree. we do talk over eachother somethimes but we have this way of just smiling at eachother and worries gone. she and i both are meticulous but in different ways. she, with her money and progress in life. me, in artistic/material and true justice is key kinda way. we are both light people, but i wouls say she is a beacon among man! i love my virgo girl
—Guest Queez


My Experience is im the Libra ( Female ) &.| my mate is a Virqo ( male ) he Always Make me laugh &.| know the right time to b seruous &.| even if its not the rite time to be funny he always can get away with it because he know it cheers me up but he's very serious about his career &.| i try to make him take some time off sometime because i feel he spends to much time on it but mOst of the time i cheer him on &.| tell him how happy i am that he concentrates on his carrer alot
—Guest Heaven


I"m a Virgo woman just recently started dating a Libra man, who is younger than me. However, I have never before in my life have met someone so sweet and funny! He loves to make me smile which I have never had someone who actually lived for that. It's refreshing. Plus, I have to say the sex is by far the most AMAZING that I have ever had with anyone I have ever dated in the past! He also, from the moment we met, excepted everything about me and what I had been through without question. He definitely glides over topics while, I love to analyze. I think that is a bit of a problem because I love to ask questions because I like to learn about my mate! It's a bit frustrating that he is so light in that subject. It's often confusing. However, everything about him is spectacular and I hope that we stick it out because so far, he's truly amazing! Inside and out.
—Guest Anonymous by the Delta, CA.

Libra Man Virgo Girl = BLISS

I am a virgo girl and have recently started seeing a libra guy. he is the sweetest guy i have ever been with, not necessarily cos of only the romantic things he does but because he knows all the right things to say to keep me from letting my insecurities get out of control (us virgo's definitely analyze everything especially ourselves and therefore have lot's of insecurities!), he is always there & always calls when he says he will. sex is AMAZING and mental/intellectual communication is great too- so good to finally be with a man i can talk to that is smart, funny and sexy. i have previously dated 2 x caps, 2 x scorps and 1 x leo, libra man beats them all by far. my libra guy is actually younger than me (and youngest guy i have ever dated) but is the most mature boy i have ever fallen for.... virgo girl + libra boy = perfection =)
—Guest Perth Virgo Girl

i love my libra boifriend

i am a libra female and i have a virgo male boifriend.And we are like sooo in love rite now: )!!!! he so sweet to me and he iz very funny lol we plan on staying together for a year or 2.....
—Guest meme

Libra Virgo

I'm a Virgo and recently me and a Libra broke up. I'm still missing him but what I read reminds me of us. He was bragging to his friends about me before I was telling ppl about us because I wanted to be cautious, and he didn't mind that we went slow in the beginning. He was someone I could be myself and laid back around, and what the article said was true--we were in sync with each other. Hopefully I can find another Libra, I think they're a good match for Virgo's
—Guest Stryx

love is king

Hello! Im a libra women married to a virgo man . Our birthdays are so close together , and so are we! we have been through loads of stress , and come out the other side stronger , healthier , and more loving ! We have a son who has special needs , he`s fab , he makes everything fine , xxxx
—Guest jayne jasper

long bonding

I(a libra) am in love with a virgo man for the past 6 years.It is true that they do analyze things a lot ,they are sometimes irritating , but simultaneously they can be very enjoyable and of course romantic.He makes me feel special every time he finds me in bed or in the shower. They are very good people.
—Guest guest thomas

I wish...

Hmm... if ever I get to be with my crush, I hope he won't think I'm a little too crazy. He seems crazy, too, for a virgo, and I think it'll work better than I anticipated. He's very sweet, too. More like he's the Libra, but you never know! I hope I have a boyfriend the next time I decide to look at this. Give me luck! :3
—Guest ~Crushing Forever~

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