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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Virgo-Pisces Relationship

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Pisces woman kinda confused

Me and my virgo guy been dealinh with each other for alomst 8 months. Our first conversation lasted for 4hrs. We talked about everything and from that moment on i knew he was going to be the first man i would ever fall in love with. The chemistry we share is something i nevered felt before. When we kiss something ignites inside me. I know for a fact he has deep feelings for me but i just wish he expressed them more. Some days i feel like everything is great but others i feel confused. I want to ask him what are his feelings for me but I'm hesitant about it. Maybe if he comes out with his feelings I wouldn't feel this way. This man has all the good qualities a woman would want to have in her life but i just wish he open up some!
—Guest VirgoLover

Pisces Woman/ Virgo Man

I met him randomly in my neighborhood. I didnt notice him, but he noticed me. He obtained my phone number and started texting me, then calling. I would reject him when he would ask to see me. I finally said "why not?" and we haven't been apart since. We'v been through hard times. But we are still together, over a year now. He's beautiful, I love his mind, his calmness, his strength and patience. I am overly emotional and I fear losing him because of it. But I know he loves me. I see myself with him for a very long time. I've found many thing about myself I never knew before, He's opened my mind more. The kisses are wonderful, his hugs, everything. Love making is always amazing. I am lucky to know him. he has said this about me too. He is quiet and doesn't show emotion, sometimes I mistake that for "he doesn't care" but he does. very much. He''s my opposite. TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN.
—Guest skeye blue

Conquering Long Distance!

I'm a pisces girl from Australia, he's a virgo guy from the US. We met on Facebook over three years ago and have been together ever since. I visit him for a couple of months a few times a year, and we skype almost everyday inbetween. Honestly I couldn't be more in love with him.. I adore him more and more everyday and he's always trying to show me how much he cares. It will be very rare to witness a love like ours often. I feel like I'm living in a fairytale. We complete each other in all the right ways, and the things we have in common bring us closer together. We've never even had a fight! Communication and understanding is definitely key. I've found my soulmate in a virgo man, he's everything I'm ever going to want or need. So to everyone who thinks opposites have no chance, there is still hope! Because if it does work out, you'll find a bond stronger than any other
—Guest zoe

virgo man and a pisces girl

my boyfriend is schooling with me.At first we were friends and then enemies and again friends and then we got in a romantic relationsip. he is a very caring, loving and admirable person.but the only i dislike about him is that he never shows his affection and love towards me...i am his first girlfriend...he is kindda slow in showing his love for me but i know that he really loves me..after keeping our relatiopnship i was away from him for 2 years and we were not meeting each other.for that years we never saw each other...but we love each other more then anything.....and i shall continue loving him.
—Guest shweta kumar

Familiar Encounter

So, I am a Pisces woman in love with a Virgo guy. It all started in the eleventh grade when we both felt we knew each other somewhere before. We started out as best friends and later started dating. It was within that timeframe that we realised we were from each others childhood. Our relationship was a bit rocky in the beginning, but we both grown so much since then. Our feelings have grown as each day passes as well. We always help each other out and love each other very much. I don't know where I would be without him because he helped me with so much.
—Guest Rose

Virgo woman confused pisces male

Idek . I'm a virgo women in love with a pisces man ... Well boy ... they're childish. he cheated in me with a libra and played games with me every since . My heart just can't seem to get over him . I often wonder if we will ever be together again ... Help ? Similar stories ?
—Guest sepvirgo

My best friend

It's completely true what they say. My best friend is a Pisces and at times we have are differences but in the long run we help each other out. They way he thinks makes me realize all my insecurities are in my head and I help him realize some of his fantasies aren't necessarily well for his life.
—Guest Ahron

I love my Virgo man

He's d best. He's loving, caring, kind, intelligent and God-fearing. He's my everytin on earth.
—Guest Ruth

Virgo Woman Marrys Pisces Man

Hi. I'm a Virgo woman and been with a Pisces man for four years. It very true Pisces man have a way with words and very smart when it comes to romance, for certain amount of time. He does live in a fantasy and does not know how to manage his money. Great work ethics but poor in organization and cleanliness. Very revenges. Very prideful. Affectionate in privacy. Not patient at all. Will get up and leave if one of kids are crying. Has cheated on me more then two times. Realized too late but a true Virgo woman and a Pisces man are not a match.
—Guest Virgolittlelady

Virgo female/ Pisces male

He approached me school, I was just sitting reading a book also listening to my friends (virgo can multitask). He said Hi (his my friend's friend). After a while he asked for my number and added me on fb. We started talking ever since, I had a feeling he liked me but I didnt care to do something about it. He confessed , I rejected him. I needed time cause I liked someone else. From the beginning I doubt that we would suit eachother , he just didnt have much common things with me. He didnt give up, he was stubborn. He became my best friend, his funny, adorable , understanding. His actions changed my mind .. I felt a connection with him. In the end we started dating and to be honest it is going great . I adore him now and cant live without him. I love how we still have our friendship, his my best friend and I dont wanna lose him. So guys never give up on the girl you truly love. Girls always give a chance to someone who is always been there for you.
—Guest Virgo girl

Virgo Man & Pisces Lady

I am married to a Virgo man and he is a wonderful guy. He pays attention to every detail and remembers everything from the day we first met. Virgos are loyal partners and will be with you for life. Communication is a great key between a Pisces and Virgo match because sometimes a Virgo cannot understand the emotional side of a Pisces because they are so practical. You can tell a Virgo is in love with you when he wants to be with you always. I remember when we first started dating, he would see me on weekends and after a month, it became some weekdays and then it became everyday. He would also come pick me up from work to go out. This also reminds me, a Virgo can be controlling at times. You just need to let him know how you feel and they will understand. Remember that Virgo and Pisces are opposite signs. Pisces love a practical and intelligent man and a Virgo admires the emotional and sensitive Pisces. I love my Virgo man and am blessed to be with him. :)
—Guest RJ

Hurting each other

Love at first sight, but it turns out to be a mirage. Love-hate, love-hate, tense, tense me and my perfect Virgo. Can't go on longer. Hurting each other without ever knowing why-Carpenter
—Guest Mani mani mani

Love-Hate Relationship

I met this virgo lady through a common friend while on annual leave. Thought i found my dream girl, every thing i expect of a woman; most beautiful, calm and poise, had a great conversation, went on date thrice. Back in my army barrack, we use to be on the phone constantly, talked mushy, and everything under the sun, never felt so good talking to someone else on the phone, sometimes even upto 4 hours continuously. Its almost three months. Off late, don't know how, i just felt bored and tense, sometimes even hate her for no reason. Knowingly and repeatedly failed to pick up her call, heard she fell ill thinking and thinking and guessing, have to be admitted to hospital of high fever, felt myself so guilty and
—Guest mani india

signs say Pisces and Virgo not compatib

The signs always tell me I'm not compatible with my Virgo but every time it says that we have a great day... we always get along. Our love is true and I couldn't ask for a better guy.
—Guest reg

Pisces girl

To the guy that explained a Virgo man LOL! Such is true. My first lover a Virgo man. We've been at it on/off for 3 yrs currently off :( I miss him .. Letting my love go to see if he'll return. My first. Lover and best friend.
—Guest Mz Tia

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