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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Virgo-Pisces Relationship

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Pisces fem and Virgo

I am the pisces and I agree that Virgo's come off sweet n give u all the attn u are looking for, till the honeymoon is over. How ever @ the end of the day we are extremely bonded and my exp is I'm not one to deal with someone stand offish but after 6 years, I realize she doesn't believe in herself enough once she makes the smallest or even larger mistake. They are simply easily discouraged by their own actions. Just reassure them a bad choice doesn't mean the world has ended but rather a learning exp to better them selves. Good luck every one. I love my Virgo and wouldn't change it for anything....
—Guest Kelz

Pisces Female/ Virgo Male

I found my Virgo male online by chance one day. He was listed as "in a relationship" on a social network but after I saw his main picture, I had to ask to be his online friend. It went from there. He's the sweetest, most giving, most kindest man I have ever met except....he can be very elusive and hardly ever calls. He called daily in the beginning and we spoke for hours but after 6 months, he stopped and turned our relationship into a long distance text session. He's also a (firefighter) so he uses the excuse that he works all the time to avoid calling as much but I don't really believe him. We've had one fight in 3 years an it was over his lack of calling me. The sex is amazing. In bed, he's very attentive. I think Virgo and Pisces can work but Pisces has to give up a lot. If you're a Pisces that craves constant attention, a Virgo male who loves his job is the wrong guy for you. I feel this man is my true soul mate and he's asked me to move in with him but I'm still unsure.

All ya need is love

So I my boyfriend and I have this strange unexplainable bond. He's a virgo and I'm a pisces. I absolutley am OBSESSED with astrology. I have countless books and am constantly online looking up different signs and compatability etc... So when I looked up a vigro and pisces compatibility ..I was crushed! Every other website basically says itll be fine in the beginning and then fall flat.. So I started paying attention to the little details of our relationship and then began to change myself and drift away from my pisces tendacies..then I realized that it was all unessessary!! Hey I love him because he is so opposite... I'm super emmotional and have a bit of a temper and I do tend to prefer a fantasy world over the real world at times BUT he's everything I'm not and I LOVE that. there's no point on having two overdramatic emotional people right?He's my other mild manner calm realistic half These stories are so helpful and now I can calm down.
—Guest Victoria

me and my virgo

I sometimes say the half truth - like when something is already in the works - but those are not lies, as my Virgo man sees it. Its difficult not to be cherished, but impossible to walk away as I feel he cares about me and needs me to brighten up his life. My Virgo man is very critical and has great difficulty with expressing emotions. Sometimes its great, both in bed and outside of it, but we fight and things go sour and he wouldnt even touch me - just talking it out...when I belive in"fight and make love approach" Somewhere deep inside I dont think we are right for eachother, but somehow I keep waiting for things to change for the better. They do slowly...Virgo's are analytical, insecure and critical, but they are also relyble, intelligent, funny and totally awsome when they want to be. Will see what happends first- me being tired of waiting or him starting to become warmer and more appreciative
—Guest mermaid

Fem Viergo Mal Pisces

I am a Virgo in love with a Pisces. sometimees I feel inadequete because this man is so amazing. I am the one more comfortable with myself. I am not afraid to be crazy in public but this embarrasses him. I sometimes feel like we don't understand each other but our relationship is very open so this is easily solved. But I love him. our creativity is so similar. We balance one another. I love the way he expresses love. my love for him was very strong and it hut to be away. we were also more romantic. that passion has died down but i feel that is normal. i still love him,it is just more laid back. we know each other better now. love is love.
—Guest Chantel


11yrs an I can say great match..ppl often ask how we do it, I say alot of hard work.We are different but sum how love balances it all, stuburn an a cry bby but both sign are compasionate to one another, that an a women pieces never gives up untill breaks virgos hard exterior;) love my sweety..
—Guest Pieces

Hopefully we'll get it again!

Me and my Virgo boyfriend started dating on valentines day, it was totally perfect. We were both in 9th grade, and our school sends carnations with notes out for $1 and his note was his way of asking me out. I thought it was adorable. We has gone out previously months before for almost 2 months before he broke up with me. But this time lasted for 3 months before I broke up with him for my ex, who I no longer speak to. I've been attempting to get my Virgo boy back, I love him. His new girlfriend is a whore and she treats him terribly, he is a bit of a prude and she is definitely not. He's been one of my closest guy friends for as long as I can remember. He completely gets me, and we both can just take one look at each other after we argue and just the look in his eyes says that it's gonna be okay. He understands that I'm ditzy and weird and that I want my freedom sometimes, and I get that he worries all the time and doesn't want secrets. I dated a Leo and he was a huge mistake. Virgo
—Guest Pisces with flaws


I'm a Pisces female and have recently gotten invovled with a Virgo. I'm amazed at how much I'm attracted to him. I'm usually in to the fast paced, whirl wind Geminis, but he soothes the wild ripples in my waters. Its just amazing how he's very intellectual, and we have so many views in common. Its refreshing to finally find someone that fits me so well. We haven't been together long, but I hope that this is a relationship that will be around for a long time.
—Guest unknown

Virgo woman/Pisces man

I'm not your average Virgo... I tend to take more risks. However, like your typical Virgo, I am a pain-staking perfectionist. When I first met my (now ex) boyfriend, a Pisces, everything seemed to fit seamlessly. Unfortunately, we ignored any warning signs saying our relationship was not meant to be. As a Virgo, I am extremely caring and loyal, discerning and gentle. I never cheated on him, only demanded the best from him... but with Pisces, they're not good at taking orders. If you're a Virgo, you probably like things to go your way; well, don't expect that to happen with a Pisces. They are the opposite sign, after all.
—Guest Lia

Pisces man & Virgo women

This relationship started out pretty good. Always wanted to be around each other. I know there was more things I needed to know about her but I was blinded to see because things were right at the beginning. One year pasts, adversity hits. Try to work things out more adversity comes. I never knew Virgos lie sooooooo much. Pisces are too smart to get played like a fool. I'm the type where I like to talk situations out to receive clarity. Virgos likes to move around the issue (especially when they're in the wrong) which conveys me eager to know the truth n talk about the situations that ends up in an argument. Virgos don't exhibit no type of appreciation. They can be very selfish and undemonstrative people. Another thing that pisses me off is when a Virgo does something so obvious and you ask them about the situation, they get mad because your being real. They hate hearing the real truth about there wrongs and they'll never talk about it. They cant admit anything. Very difficult
—Guest Darnell McCarty

It is just perfect!

This is AMAZING. I'm the Virgo with the Pisces. We know how to comfort eachother, and chemistry is just fantastic. We can sit next to eachother all day and say nothing, it's never awkward and we both truly feel a connection. Communication is important in this one, never criticise a Pisces and don't feel sad if they are "aloof" they need space sometimes... Be understanding and this can be one rewarding and fantastic relationship. Opposites yet completely alike.
—Guest V+P

jus me and my pisces boyffriend :)

my boyfriend and i have been togethr for 3 years. at first it was rough because he didnt know what he wanted out of life. we went through alot of ups and downs but now we are happy and IN LOOOOVE!!
—Guest shanna

Fire and Ice

I am a virgo woman, and I am so in love with a Pisces man. He does calm me when I get high strung, which can happen easily. Sex is great, all he has to do is look at me or say a word and I want him, the attraction is still so strong after a year living together. But as others here have said, it can be perplexing as well to be with a Pisces man. He is contradicting, some days being very affectionate and sexy, others being aloof. I feel like I am addicted to him and I feel so hurt inside on those aloof days, but he simply looks at me like a child, and says, why are you negative, or why do you think bad of me? I am trying to adapt to the Pisces, "go with the flow" attitude, but it is difficult at best for this Virgo who loves things to go as planned. I am learning, because he is worth it, and he does listen to me when I get emotional, he may never tell me Im right, but he will just start to do something different if I am. Actually, he doesn't think in wrong or right as I do. lol
—Guest Christie

Virgo Woman in love with Pisces Man

We reunited after 25 yrs apart.Although we're married to other people.We both know our marriages suck :P.His wife is a Cappy,my husband the dominate Leo.Someday we'll be together
—Guest Virgolady78

Confused? Pisces woman/ Virgo man

I've been dating a virgo male for about 7 weeks. He approached me and two days later we met up, I tried to opt for a date the first night, however he was up for a quiet night in and a take away. Well was i glad we did, we chatted til early hours of the morning and then i had to kindly ask him to leave. Anyway as it so happened that night was the next severn weeks together. He came to see me everyday and we spent every night together, it was ecstatic. Time went on and he started to be a bit more controlling, and i decided to be the submissive lady. It was all going good, till one evening he went home and returned dressed to go out, fortunately for me i also had plans too, but i intended to tell him my, whereas it looked as though he was going to show me his. He had alittle bit of a hump when i told him i didnt know where i was going, and stormed off without so much as a good bye. Funny thing was we ended uo in the same place...lol, and he treated me great we drank chatted together etc
—Guest Pisces female/ Virgo male

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