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Molly Hall

Mercury Shadow

By May 12, 2008

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Mercury has just entered what's called the pre-retrograde shadow period, at 12 degrees. Looking ahead, that's the degree at which Mercury will do an about face (from our perspective on Earth), and go direct in mid-June. What's the big deal about the shadow? Because the events and situations in these two weeks are often major plot points that are caught in the eddy of the retro cycle (starting May 26th).

When the planet of communication retrogrades, it's not just a time for delays, misdials, and lost mail. It's a chance to slow down, reflect, and toss around the pieces of a puzzle in your mind. Mercury in Gemini is speedy and playful, and as the retrograde approaches, might start playing tricks early. Gemini is a curious, verbally expressive sign that is drawn to the fragments of the big picture. Stay open to non-linear mental chaos in the weeks ahead, as well as conversations that wake you up to new ways of seeing.

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