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Molly Hall

Pisces: Water as Healer

By March 4, 2010

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My dancer friend Dana, a Pisces, brought me some healing goodies, including a humidifier. I'm excited about the idea of infusing my little atmosphere here with water. I've been under the weather -- such a Neptunian phrase -- and from what I hear, there are colds going around, along with those dealing with seasonal allergies. The moisture of a humidifier, may be just the thing for balance, when the air and noses are so dry.

Another wise woman Pisces, the wellness writer Stephanie Gailing of Planetary Apothecary, says dryness is a problem, since we need the mucus layer as a defense against bacteria. She told me today, "Water has amazing healing properties. Not only is is so essential to drink adequate amounts of water during the day but it's important during cold/flu season to keep your nasal passages and throat well hydrated. Humidifiers, neti pots, and essential oil diffusers that employ vaporization can be helpful in this regard." She adds that there are herbal preparations for the neti pot that have anti-microbial properties.

Read more about staying healthy under these Pisces-heavy skies:

  • Pisces Wellness Rx: Writes Stephanie, "In medical astrology, Pisces rules the immune and lymphatic systems, our boundary-supporting sentries that protect us from microbes and infections."

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