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Molly Hall

SOS Sent to Pleiadian Ships

By March 17, 2011

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One physicist has sent an SOS to Pleiadian spacecraft, to see if they'll intervene in this nuclear nightmare in Japan. Before you toss it off, listen to ex Air Force officers talk about UFOs observing, or even deactivating nuclear devices on bases. Might they hover over these reactors and work their light-years-ahead-of-us technological magic?

The physicist is David Sereda, who is also a film/music producer, and head of Voice Entertainment. He first fascinated me in a February 2011 Interview on Conscious Media Network. And serendipitously, my man and I watched his documentary, Dan Aykroyd, UFO's Unplugged just the other night. It's an oldie, from 2005, but worth a viewing if only to hear Dan Aykroyd tell about his encounter with the mysterious Men in Black.

On Facebook, Sereda told of sending out a radio broadcast to Pleiadian ships, asking them "to make their ships appear over the Japan nuclear plants and stabilize the nuclear waste and reaction. We asked them to make their ships visible for all to see them and to let the world know that they are the ones who stabilized the nuclear reactions!"

Then later, he updated with this: "We did get a message about our transmission to the Pleiades ships last night. It came as an electronic robotic voice. It is not exactly what we wanted to hear so we are still hoping they will help. Let us just say we have all not complied with natural law and protection of the fish and oceans! "

The Pleiades Star Cluster is also known as the Seven Sisters, and is in the Taurus constellation. I've had the chance to hear the Pleiadians, as channeled by Barbara Marciniak, in person. They often stress their location in Taurus, ruled by Venus, and their love of all things natural, sensual, and pleasurable.

As we approach a Full Moon in another earth sign, Virgo, I'm thinking of ways to come into greater alignment with natural law. In the face of overwhelming events, this could be a way to focus runaway thoughts. Digging your hands in the dirt, or committing in some way to Earth's healing, could be a channel for nervous energies, sure to peak on the 19th.

Natural Law, to me, is the understanding that we're all interdependent, and that nature is a whole system -- it's holistic. What we do to the web of life, at any point, affects the entire system.

Out of great love for the Earth, we could be motivated to make more changes, big and small. An example might be to stop buying toxic products, or to put in an heirloom garden. If things feel chaotic, why not come down to Earth, and see what's right around you, that can be brought into harmony with natural law.

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