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An Astrologer's Journal of the (2nd) Saturn Return

By July 22, 2011

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Saturn transits are a time of serious self-reflection. Sometimes it's just not possible to put a positive spin on what's realized, and this is strong medicine. Saturn's stark realities can shock us awake, and get us to consider changes we wouldn't otherwise.

Author Eileen Grimes is in her Second Saturn Return -- that's the one that comes at the 59th year. Since she first started sharing notes from the transit, she's been through some disillusionment that was also a wake-up call about aging, regret and getting stuck in a mindset. Here are her first entries, beginning back in November of 2010.

In her latest entries, here in late July 2011, Saturn will soon make its last exact pass over her natal Saturn. She doesn't sugarcoat what she's experiencing, with frustrations in her current work, and coming to terms with a health issue.

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With Saturn transits, it's not always possible to see the big picture, and that leads to a sense of being trapped, blocked or confined. This can be part of the journey with Saturn, which Eileen shares honestly, and just has to play out. Saturn transits are a time when we find the strength to endure intensified frustrations, knowing it WILL pass eventually.

July 23, 2011 at 3:17 am
(1) Red Skywalker says:

What a pleasant coincidence to find this. I am in my 59th year and transformation. I spend the last 25 years in diving deep to heal al karmic issues from past lives and got to know the roots of negative traits in my energy. My work ended in october 2010 and I am still transitioning. The importance of coming down to earth, feet firmly on the ground, taking care of the body, doing exercises again and get rid of some weight gained over the past years. The gray hair issue is not important, my hair issue is to let it grow again because that is important. Work will develop next year again and I think in a different way but I have no idea so far – it is work with children, healing and the use of our energy – waiting for insights on this.
Would be interesting to know the birthdate of Eileen Grimes…..mine is 27.12.1952, 12:00 in Cologne Germany. We are not completely the same I suppose.

July 23, 2011 at 8:40 am
(2) Molly says:

Hi Red Skywalker,

I’ve sent a msg to Eileen – thank you for commenting.

I came across this short video of the swimmer Diana Nyad, who retired at 30 (1st Saturn Return) and having angst of aging, decided to return to it at 60 (2nd Saturn Return).
Now she’s swimming from FL to Cuba at 61. Some of what she says about regret — all those years in between of not swimming, sense of time running out — all Saturn-inspired nudgings.
Her Saturn is Virgo, Leo Sun (August 22nd), n. node Aries…Mars Cancer (competitive swimming in the ocean) opposing Jupiter Capricorn (achievements).

July 23, 2011 at 9:31 am
(3) Eileen Grimes says:

Hi Molly and Red: my birthdate is: 3/11/52, 2:08pm, Seattle, WA USA. I, too, have noticed the tendency to be rather critical of the body right now. However, instead of feeling rather powerless about it, I keep realizing i am consciously doing something about it, at every moment. The issue from the past with my own weight, was that it would take so long to see results, but this time, with Saturn on my side, there’s a deeper level of committment – its not “I hope I reach my goal” – its “I will reach it, no matter how long it takes.” The difference is that this is a committment for the long haul, not just a short term thing. I think we can apply those thoughts to everything else in life, at this moment, too! Thanks for the great comments! Eileen

July 24, 2011 at 2:19 am
(4) Red Skywalker says:

Thank you Molly and Eileen for answering. Funny the example of the NN Aries lady. I had a deep relationship with an Aries NorthNode and never ave seen somebody who mistreated the body like him. They just don’t like to be on earth….
Thanks for sharing your birthdate and time Eileen – I love to have a look although I am not an strologer, working more with numerology and the wisdom of the time of birth. I knowthe critical remarks on the body you are talking about. It is my own fault. I stopped doing my daily exercises when my relationship ended. I just did not had the energy and drive anyhmore. This is coming back now together with the drive to be more outside in the woods. I am busy to make a whole out of all the pieces of the puzzle I came across in the past years of inner journey.You have healing ability too so it must be possible for you to get rid of that diabetes – it needs love. I wish you all the best for the transition – we were born in this great time to do it and help people to do the same.

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