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Molly Hall

Mercury-Saturn in Scorpio: What's your Obsession?

By October 5, 2012

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Mercury gets intensely fixated in water sign Scorpio, starting today, for a little over three weeks (to October 29th). With the US election nearing, I see my inbox is full of what my friend calls poison pen emails. It starts with my Aquarian uncle sending a mass forward that is the bait...will anyone bite? Predictably, it riles people up, some of who then reply to all, triggering more stinging exchanges.

With Mercury in Scorpio, there's a danger of compulsively getting into it with others. In some ways it's healthier than stuffing it all down. I'm seeing this elsewhere, as the Scorp factor makes it harder to keep what's bothering us under wraps.

It's a big day, with Saturn also going into Scorpio. How do we make the most of Scorpio's penetrating focus?

In a Psychology Today article on discerning healthy obsessions from unhealthy ones, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Ph.D. says being aware of self and others helps turn an obsession into an ingredient for success.

He writes, "Jung said 'the creative mind plays with the objects it loves' -- the only way to love something is to be obsessed with it, but if you have the wrong combination of personality traits, you may end up being obsessed BY it (and then you will most likely have a problem)."

Saturn's entree into Scorpio can assist, I sense, with disentangling from toxic obsessions. But first, as it comes up front and center, its hold gets stronger and more relentless. Saturn has a way of making it obvious, like hitting a brick wall.

The Strength Card in the Tarot is paired with Scorpio. This shows a lion, symbolic of primal energy, and a female figure who is not afraid of this predator. It's not about taming that intensity, but letting it live, and perhaps finding other expressions for it.

As divine timing would have it, Mercury is trine Neptune in Pisces (exact at 6:06 pm EDT) for diverting the intensity into something spiritual, artful, imaginative. It's a good time to dissolve some of these chinese finger puzzle type exchanges, like the angry mirror dance of polarized politics.

See if you can't ride these currents into your own creative obsession. Look at ways to keep your attention on what brings a return of your investment (of time and psychic energy). Have a great weekend!

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