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Molly Hall

Gemini Eclipse & "End Times Madness"

By November 27, 2012

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On the eve of the Gemini lunar eclipse, an article on "End Times Madness" grabbed my attention. Gemini, is in some ways wired to move with the swift and erratic times. But it's also vulnerable to anxiety, mental revving and prone to spinning out in a frenetic state. This article is subtitled "A Condition to Be Reckoned With," and brings up an urgent malady that's likely to hit a loony peak at the Full Moon (tomorrow - November 28th). What's happening to us and the people around us, as time speeds up is a timely topic!

The Health Coach in this article on Waking Times (one of my favorite news aggregators) writes, "We live in a time that demands resilience, acceptance and patience." In my forecast for the Gemini Full Moon & Eclipse, I wrote about the deeper resonances there, if only we can calm ourselves down from the mania. There are earthing energies opening up, that help us find stable grooves that keep us from being swept up in the crazy of our time. The author mentions a need for a shield from the craziness, especially for sensitives, creatives, empaths.

The Health Coach writes, "This is when the many different forms of Endtime Madness can really start to manifest anywhere and everywhere. Because just as the media "part of life" has gone absolutely bonkers, so has every other sphere of life gone into a full tilt mode. Be it family and friends, co-workers or business associates, fellow athletes or card players, stuff seems to be jumpin' off everywhere lately!"

And in an a-ha insight for me, the writer points out that the rapid changes are testing us severely, and often we find we're not able to hit the repeat button. In other words, we are called to open to seeing very familiar scenarios and challenges in new ways. I had the thought that we're making a choice, whether to self-destruct along with the culture, or skip the groove of that broken record, and opt out of the crazy.

There are subtle but powerful aspects in play (Venus-Saturn in Scorpio and Mars-Pluto in Capricorn) that are symbolic allies in finding "resilience, acceptance and patience" within. Even as the overlay culture seems to pull us out of ourselves, there's a call to root in the authentic self and grow out from there.

This eclipse is a challenge to keep allowing our minds to break apart mental habits, reset and upgrade. Living closet to nature and the elements is what keeps me sane these days, along with shielding myself from violent images and news that shocks or is designed to trigger fear, degradation of the human spirit or morbid curiosity.

Over the years, I've made choices to opt out, like getting rid of my television in my twenties. And it's become nigh impossible for me to watch a movie with a gun on the cover (this eliminates many). But with this racheting up, I know it's time to seek more balancing tools for the crazy. Some of these are music, meditation, personal creativity, gems and crystals, energy work and nature walks/gardening. What are your tools for staying sane?

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November 28, 2012 at 5:49 pm
(1) Sukhmandir Kaur says:

“opt out of the crazy”, I found myself with such high anxiety that I had to take a step back to calm and center with increased personal meditation, and continually remind myself to be calm. I find a good dose of nature very calming, but lately when visiting LA and it’s non stop traffic I even found the freeway a focus for mediation on the ever abundant outpouring of the all creative force.

November 28, 2012 at 6:57 pm
(2) Molly says:

Very inspiring that you found a way to turn that nerve-wracking experience into a point of focus. I’m also sensing a need for more meditation time!

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