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Wild Hair in 2013 - Mars-Jupiter Trine

By January 4, 2013

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More energies of busting-out inaugurate the new year -- today's Mars-Jupiter trine activates restlessness, and the urge to do something different. It's an airy union with Aquarius and Gemini, and erratic, spontaneous currents give us license to be wacky, skip off early, shock with humor or rebellious acts.

Speaking of the air element, the weekend leads with a Libra Moon, great for "date night" and for finding that sweet spot of balance. Under an air sign Moon (transiting), there's spaciousness and Libra's Moon mood fosters graciousness, clarity and desire to be around what's artful and elegant.

The Moon is instinct, and current aspects to luna trigger alternatives to "what is" -- a complementary vibe to the breakthroughs of the last few days. It's a waning half-Moon or third quarter, fab for clearing, making space, inviting fresh air and ideas.

Maybe that's why I've got an overwhelming urge to clear out my work space and wee library! Old journals and datebooks, books I meant to review but didn't, books I wanted to read but never did, etc. We have a lenient attitude toward spiders, but a glance under my desk tells me it's gone too far! The theme this waning half-Moon in airy Libra could be that -- clearing out cobwebs!

At the airy waning Moon, release what's no longer a match for your frequency. The Moon wanes to January 11th, when there's a foundation-setting Capricorn New Moon. From now until then, clearing your space leaves only what's essential and a must-have in your new foundation for 2013.

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