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Molly Hall

Jupiter (Direct) & Making Magical Choices

By January 30, 2013

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Jupiter has had its eyes turned inward since October 4th of last year (2012), and today stations direct. Jupiter retrograde is a time of reflecting on how well you're thriving. Jupiter is momentum, growth and luck. In the mutable air sign of Gemini, the compass swings wildly at times -- the trickster sign is multi-directional, erratic, prone to jerky moves.

If things feel out of control, take heart with Jupiter going direct. I see this as a time when things fall into place, in unexpected ways.

The lucky breaks of Jupiter in the quixotic (what does it mean?) sign of Gemini is about making choices. Mutable signs are here to act on the fly, adapt, rearrange the pieces. A mediation with Jupiter in Gemini has to do with how we're exchanging currents -- news, data, jokes, insights, etc. Gemini is the magician, so with Jupiter, what choices take us where we want to go? As Jupiter goes direct, let's welcome clarity about how we're doing as magicians -- the in and out flow from many kinds of intelligences. We get dexterity with handling the crazy, and knowing where to put our attention. "Energy flows where attention goes," is a saying from researcher David Icke. Jupiter direct is time to take what we've realized -- what's being created from this attention -- and use it to make wise choices.

Gemini is siblings, extended family, roommates, schoolmates, neighbors and acquaintances in your loop. "Astrology King" (love it!) Jamie Partridge looks at Jupiter retrograde and sees it's at the exact point of the November 2012 lunar eclipse. Jamie writes, "The theme of that eclipse was karmic rebalancing. The theme of the Jupiter retrograde cycle is karmic issues involving female family members and close friends."

This is the time when Jupiter will reveal the true magic of mutable Gemini, in direct to end of June, when there's a move into Cancer. I liken it to my mutable (Virgo) husband who takes over when a meal is almost done, and "brings it home," with spices, honey, a twist of this, a pinch of that. In a time of infinite choice, to a point of info overload, what combination is your lucky star-lit path? Where is the magic (which house?) -- see Jupiter Gemini in the Houses.

More Possibilities with Jupiter Direct (in Gemini)
  • Living arrangements (roommates) that are unusual, but enriching and "lucky" financially.
  • Realizing how you want to connect with the world through the 'net (virtual persona).
  • Expanding local or regional friendships for mutual support.
  • Exploring unusual job options, for short term or transition, or to pick up skills, meet people.
  • Making changes with info exposure -- being selective about media sources.
  • Pulling together a project that's been unwieldy, with many collaborators.
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