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Essential for Airy Dark Moon: Open Spaces

By February 8, 2013

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Some fresh currents swirl as the Moon goes into Aquarius here shortly (Friday, 2:16 pm EST). Then in the Dark ( balsamic) phase, there are aspects to the Moon that are in a word -- trippy. It's time for moving out of the usual thought loops, and journeying to new places.

A huge accomplishment in our time is to break out of the well-trodden grooves -- like hitting all your bookmarked pages on the net, in the same circuit. It's time for a shake-up, to rearrange or delete files, to eliminate background noise, or unplug altogether.

Being in wide open spaces has that same effect, especially when the air is crisp or forceful. In these hours before the New Moon, take time for activities that let the fresh air in. This is a Twelfth House lunation for me, and I'm feeling the need to retreat a bit, and potter around. Enjoy and I'll catch you on the flip side.

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