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March Comes in Like a Flying Fish....

By February 27, 2013

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...and goes out like a Margay, a small tree-dwelling feline native to South America. Of course, I'm taking off from the English weather lore, "March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb," written about here in the Farmers Almanac. I've been working on March forecasts, so let's look at the charts of March, coming in and going out.

Flying Fish The March 1st chart has that Neptunian crown of stars with 5 planets in Pisces, the sign of two fishes swimming in opposite directions. Three of these string a taut square to Jupiter in air sign Gemini, for leaps of faith, cresting here and there, in the great imaginative sea. The intuitive radar is strong, for knowing when to fly and when to go deep (trine to Saturn Scorpio).

So for March 1st, there's the survival instinct of the flying fish in play. The emotional atmosphere is heavy with so much water, but the flying fish knows when to rise above and see with the observer's eye. The month also comes in with a Venus-Neptune alignment -- for great sensitivity, miracles, a yearning for something more, a re-enchantment.

The Margay Looking at the March 31st Chart I see a stealthy vibe of the smartest predator in the animal kingdom. The aggressive life force of Aries is at the controls now, and challenging the status quo (Pluto Capricorn) head-on. All four Aries planets get support from Jupiter in Gemini, for a touch of magic and the ability to be light on your feet.

The Margay is one of the 10 deadly trickster warriors, who mimics his prey to get them to come close. From the article above, "According to the scientists who witnessed the Margay in action, 'cats are known for their physical agility, but this vocal manipulation of prey species indicates a psychological cunning that merits further study'.

To sum up, I'm seeing here a month that begins with adventures in consciousness -- popping in and out of realities. Mercury is retrograde to the 17th, in Pisces, for experimenting with ways of seeing. This is a more inward time of wondering, which gives way to action later in the month.

The end of March, after Spring Equinox (March 20th) is a time to test the ability to act on many intelligences, in the right place and time.

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