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Molly Hall

Color Oracle & Horoscope

By March 27, 2013

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Here's a fun diversion for the Moon-void-of-course (to Thursday 3/28 at 8:53 pm EDT). It's a Color Oracle at astrodienst -- there is also a Color Horoscope if you enter your birth data.

When the Moon is v/c, it's left contact with other planets, in this case an opposition to Mars at 2:14 am EST. Luna is symbolically in a suspended state, and some feel an urgent need for a cat nap! I'm remembering how in a dreamy Moon v/c state, a friend said she was going to turn into a color. Some might be get in a faraway groove while taking care of responsibilities, or find new oracles like I did. There is a lot of energy on the move at the moment! Being sleepy or zoned out is sometimes a sign of inner upheaval, and that is heightened during times of Moon Void-of-Course.

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