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Molly Hall

Blood Moon & Astrotheology

By April 9, 2014

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There's a blood Moon rising on the cover of the 2014 Astrotheology Calendar. And that's the theme, to note that there are four blood Moon eclipses or "Tetrads" in 2014 and 2015. Will Christians see prophecy here, "when the Moon turns to blood" (Joel 2:13). D.M. Murdock looks at the Christian Astrotheology in What is the Blood Moon? Will Jesus Return?

What is astrotheology? This is from the calendar: "In ancient times, many thousands of years ago, people were so fascinated by the heavens that they created carvings, petroglyphs, stone monuments (like Stonehenge) and elaborate myths and symbols about them. This fact is important because, as it turns out, astrotheology is intrinsically interwoven into the origins of many popular religions today." A calendar, author D.M. Murdock, also known as Acharya S. writes, is a way to see "ancient astrotheology in action."

And to me, it's a legacy of knowledge that begins to untangle the seasonal tradition-mishmash that's happened with the overlay of the modern religions. So many holidays are in synch with the Sun's clock, the solstices and equinoxes.

The calendar's text uses the base of sidereal astrology, with the exact astronomical position of the stars now. It's a visual feast, with something new to learn with each turn of the page (and month).

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