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Molly Hall

Molly Hall

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Molly Hall is an author and has been the expert and editor for About.com Astrology since 2007.  


From Molly Hall:

It's been a mind-stretching seven years (as of March 2014) since I began as expert and editor with About.com.  The challenge and labor of love has been presenting compelling material on a nearly daily basis to About.com/Astrology readers.  

I began in media writing for alternative weeklies and then spent several years on staff with the Associated Press in two bureaus.  I've also been editor and writer for book publishers and authors, and wrote a beginner's astrology book in 2010.

Although I've studied with and exchanged ideas with some of the big names in astrology and spirituality, I'm mostly self-taught.  Like a lot of astrologers, I consider myself a student, as well as a teacher, as there's always more to learn!    

I'm available for affordable one-on-one astrology or mentoring sessions -- see  Wild Bee Grove for information.


M.A. in Humanities (2000) with emphasis in Women's Spirituality, California Institute for Integral Studies and New College.

B.A. in German and English (1990), completed at Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany with degree from Florida State University.


By Molly Hall:


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