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2012 and Beyond

What does the "end times" myth of 2012 have to do with astrology? Articles and links to decide for yourself.
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2012 as Initiation
The 2012 phenomenon as a meditation on long counts of time, plus a look at major astrological formations in play.

2012 and World Ages
An intro to the 2012 phenomenon with Editor's Note (early Dec. 2012).

Everything Guide to 2012
Wow! A whole book on 2012 online, with top 10 theories and more, by Mark Heley.

2012: Flight of Dragon
2012 Author Mark Borax on this much-awaited Year of the Dragon -- from Summer of Love, to Harmonic Convergence to the Age of Aquarius.

Mayan Spiritual Leader Ac Tah Speaks on 2012
Mayan Spiritual Leader Ac Tah on the pyramids, the coming intensification, solar winds and more.

William Henry
A summary and excerpts from the talk of mythologist William Henry at Unveiling 2012, a conference held in Sarasota, FL, in October of 2008.

Birthing the New Earth
Author Mark Borax on birthing the New Earth: Love is lord of all, and a fierce love will get us through the strangeness of these times. The simple but revolutionary act of remembering who we are, and standing up for that, will, bit by bit, overthrow the distorted corrupt system that's taken over our world.

A Hopi Elder Speaks
"You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour. And there are things to be considered . . .

Christine Page: Pulsing with the Miraculous Heart
The 2012 transition is from the head to the heart, as our Sun aligns with the Heart of the Great Mother (the Galactic Center).

2012 and Divine Abundance
Annette Farrington of The Emergence Project talks about following the heart via her business model, to take a 'front row seat' for the Shift, the phenomenon of 2012.

A Mayan Elder Speaks
An incredible article on the Mayan cosmological view of what's happening now from Carlos Barrios, a Mayan ceremonial priest and spiritual guide.

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