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2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future

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2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future

The Bottom Line

This writer's gift for observation allows us to sit in on those sessions at the Santa Cruz mystery school. The story is about a very curious seeker on a quest for love and wisdom, that leads us into the big mysteries of the cosmos. He knew he had found a master astrologer in Ellias Lonsdale, and took careful notes of his teacher's visionary ideas. The book offers hope, woven into a personal story, about living in this uncertain age. This remarkable book calls for us to claim our soul depths, and to be fully alive here on Earth. It's full of fascinating ideas about past lives, the lost city of Atlantis, and more..
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  • A guide to understanding why it seems like the world is spinning out of control.
  • Inspirational advice about being fully present to life, and breaking the taboo of going deep.
  • Explains what was set off at the Harmonic Convergence, and how that leads to 2012.
  • It's full of cosmic truths, but rooted in an honest, interesting story that's easy to follow.
  • A seeker's story, that draws you in, and leaves you inspired.


  • I'd like to learn more about the alternative Zodiac line-up described by Lonsdale.


  • There's an intimacy to the narration as a quest for sexual passion and love -- yet another way of marrying heaven with earth.
  • It's a window into another kind of astrology, one that engages with planets and signs as living energies and beings.
  • Visionary ideas are presented about going beyond dualism, past lives, and the non-linear nature of time.

Guide Review - 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future

This book takes us back to 1987 and the author's mystical experience at the Harmonic Convergence at Mount Shasta. Mark Borax[/link"> then carries us along on a journey, full of the magic of serendipity, that led him to an apprenticeship with Ellias Lonsdale. We get to be a fly on the wall at the sessions in Santa Cruz that opened him (and us) to the mysteries of the universe. The words of the book, as Borax writes in the epilogue, can reach deep, and trigger an awakening in the reader.

For those wondering what 2012 is all about, this book presents a mind-expanding view of time, and the past, present and future of this mythic turning point. There's a message here about waking up to how we're part of a living universe. "Planets are living beings," says Lonsdale, "and we are made of star material." And yet, it's also full of teachings about finding roots in both Cosmos and Earth. The world may be ending, but something new is emerging from the core of the Earth, too.

If you've been overwhelmed by fear and confusion, this book shines light on this dark time. I found resonance in what he said about a great purging, a speeding up of evolution, an influx of energies, a growing awareness of our spirit selves. And the death convulsions of old, worn-out systems, trying to assert control against this changing consciousness. It's time for humanity to make a choice, writes Borax. "Now is the time for the genius sleeping in mass consciousness to awaken and turn the tide on centuries-old karma of the corrupt few lording over the many."

This is a book to absorb over time, and not easily summed up. But a theme is that we're in a darkening phase, approaching an end of an age. And that we're going to experience the nature of time in a whole new way. The best way to prepare is to become truly, deeply who you are.

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