1. Religion & Spirituality
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History of Astrology

Complete resource on Western astrology, its history, schools of thought and techniques.
  1. Astrology in Prehistory (4)
  2. Chinese & Vedic (141)
  3. Christianity and Astrology (7)
  4. Hellenistic Astrology (5)
  5. Horary Astrology (2)
  6. Notable Astrologers (8)
  7. Ophiuchus & "New Zodiac" (10)

"New Zodiac" Dates
The dates for the "New Zodiac," which is used in sidereal astrology, and many Eastern Traditions.

Mythology & Archetypes
An intro on "Why Mythology Matters" by Demetra George, with a wealth of articles from this esteemed expert on Hellenistic astrology and the asteroids.

John Lamb Lash's Stellar Astrology
A system based on 13 constellations (plus Ophiuchus) in real time, which researcher John Lash has used together with the Tropical Zodiac.

Roman Satire on Astrology
Roman satire on astrology from 1st century A.D showing long history of poking fun.

Marriage (and Divorce) of Astrology and Astronomy
The website of Gordon Fisher.

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