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Jupiter Gemini in Houses

Where's the Serendipity?


Jupiter Gemini in Houses

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Jupiter Gemini

Social currents; new friends; collaboration; putting heads together; merging intel (crowd-sourcing); fascinating research; originality with language; delight in self-expression.

A Very Gemini Jupiter Year

Jupiter is in Gemini from June 11th, 2012 to June 25th 2013. Gemini is mutable air, and this scrambles and tingles with real hope, the house its transiting. Jupiter in Gemini brings a jittery charge, and sense of possibility. Trust in the future is teased awake.

This shows up in specifically in your Gemini house in the birth chart. Keep in mind, you might have Gemini across two houses, so read both if that's you.

Jupiter Gemini in the First House: (House of Aries and Mars) Signs of growth in self-image, like updating your look. A buoyancy in how you carry yourself -- sense of possibility, self-confidence, trust in ability to change. Taking on mantle of wise one, teacher, mentor or guide. Big rewards for learning new tricks, being the eternal student. Your personality (rising sign) throws sparks with others, for a big social presence. Expansion of personal style, setting trends, creating a signature brand with your fashion, design and artistic choices. Amazing chance encounters. Nervous system jolted - avoid mania, stay grounded. Productive handling of many tasks at same time. Joy and sense of well-being is contagious to others. Moving to a place where you can be locally known, with a routine of daily interaction that's life-enhancing. Or, spending more time cultivating that presence where you are.

Jupiter Gemini in the Second House: (House of Taurus and Venus) Energy flow (money) from renewed faith in adage to 'follow bliss, and money will follow.' Ideas take tangible form. Cottage industry flourishes -- hand-made, artisan, objects of practical beauty, whimsical one-offs. Use of social networking to grow business. Embodied presence by calling back parts of the self that have taken flight. Acupuncture and other energy circuit based modalities renew and vitalize. Unexpected financial windfalls and investment money. Flexibility with plans leads to spontaneous shifts, momentum. Diversifying investments. Finding allies in trade organizations. Moving to or visiting place that's fertile ground for your next steps.

Jupiter Gemini in the Third House: (House of Gemini and Mercury) Launching new blogs, newsletters, podcasts and blogtalk radio shows. Sample what's novel in your sphere. Experiment with new mediums of expression for mind, heart and soul. Thinking globally and acting locally. Being a tourist in own or nearby town. Faith grows in community, and being in the rush of social ideas and currents. Finding enchantment in the everyday exchange of bright minds. Luck in finding an atmosphere (work, place to live) that's stimulating, and expands your world. Investing in what's enlivening to your bigger mind, for an ever expanding perspective.

Jupiter Gemini in the Fourth House: (House of Cancer and the Moon) Favorable changes with living situation (roommates, rental, home). Investment in making home a lively, hopeful, enchanting hub of activity. Explorations of your roots (family history) and genetic lineage. Expansion of home life in some way, with new personalities -- animals or people, family or friends-as-family. Revelatory insights about "origins" (childhood, family dynamics, philosophical upbringing) and how they've shaped you. Hosting gatherings in your home -- bringing energy of belonging, shared interests, into your space. Moving to a place you feel at home. Taking sense of home on the road -- embracing a big view of planet as home.

Jupiter Gemini in the Fifth House: (House of Leo and the Sun) Big joy in simply being who you are. Originality in self-presentation across many mediums. Creative risk rewarded. Love affairs and flirtations. Being with or having children in your life brings sunshine, optimism. Wide variety of friendships satisfies your eclectic multi-dimensionality. Enthusiasm for an idea wins followers and admirers. On power of an idea, you step into role of warm, confident leader. Gaining notoriety for your unique, and always in motion, presence. A breakthrough with your self-expression -- allies and funds flow your way, when your heart and soul is in it. Discovering (or rediscovering) your passion, or how several top interests come together in surprising ways.

Jupiter Gemini in the Sixth House: (House of Virgo and Mercury or Chiron) Urge to expand work life! Lucky breaks in finding satisfying roles. Enriching yourself with knowledge that's an investment in your future. A restless current brings change in your daily routine -- and new sense of freedom, expansion. Seeing the big picture about a health issue -- influences and root causes. Exploring the cutting edge of health for vitality, optimal daily well-being. Writing on your vocation in some way. Being present to daily life in an integrated way -- soul and mind, spirit and body. A move for health reasons, or to experience a more satisfying day-to-day life.

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