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Aries New Moon, 2014

Spring Revival


Aries New Moon, 2014

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Ancient and Natural

A confidence-boosting New Moon in Aries is exact on Sunday, March 30th (at 2:45 pm EDT). It falls at 9º Aries 59′, so rounded up to 10 degrees, this is your zone to grow.

See your forecast --  Aries New Moon in the Houses -- for this degree of Aries in your chart.

This is a super-charged seeding time for anything new. And if you’re struggling with dragging energy, it’s a spark out of stagnation. 

Aries brings with it a natural enthusiasm, a lightness of being and eagerness for new experiences.  The days ahead into April look to be full of cardinal tension, and a pressure to grow or adapt.  Aries is fuel to look alive, and have courage in drastic times.   

Serendipitously, I picked the Fire Dragon or Draig-teine (in Gaelic), in the Druid Animal Oracle.  "Draig-teine brings vitality, enthusiasm, and courage, and an increased ability to overcome obstacles and to find the energy needed to cope with life's problems."  The Fire Dragon awakens your own inner fire, to use with "laser-like precision to help you accomplish tasks..."

Evolutionary Pressure

  Here's the Aries New Moon chart  -- the transformation zapper Uranus is right there at 12 degrees Aries.  New Moons are often times of retreat, so here, there can be implosions that set outer change in motion.  

Uranus is in its sparky, threatening angle to Pluto (Capricorn) and both form a T-Square (motivating tension) to Jupiter (Cancer).  There's been a lot of talk of humanity and Earth itself becoming something wholly new. 

And yet, Jupiter is in the sign of home, origins (the past) and what's nurturing to life.  Aries is the sign most eager to go on, and do it.  But Pluto in its square makes known any areas that still need detoxing, eliminating, deprogramming.  The Jupiter angle supports big growth when there's an atmosphere or mood (Cancer) that's familiar, timeless.

The impression I get with this T-square at the New Moon is that it's one for speedy surge-like growth.  But that the Uranus-Pluto square is as much about taking apart, as it is about building up.  Some may experience a breakdown, others a breakthrough.

And that Jupiter (Cancer) shines its light on the path of the personal -- what makes sense from the roots of your own life story.  It's a fine time then for active mining of the past, lifting out what has emotional potency. 

”Mars Launches Sun to Stardom”

So often, we're pulled into the drama of others (celebrities, news, memes).  But Aries season is when the spirit of individualism is peaking.  Add the rebellion of Uranus, and it's a recipe for coming back to your own life, taking the road less traveled. 

Mars (in Libra)  is backing up to complete the cardinal cross in April.   Mars is Aries' ruler and its boldness gives your unique way (Sun) a bounce.

Aries is a champion of selfhood, and your Sun sign is your essential way of expressing who you are.

I’m reminded of what Marguerite Manning said, in a conversation on Neptune Nudges and Karma. I asked her an admittedly broad question, “What’s this thing called life all about?” And she responded, “I think it’s about living an honorable human life, and that’s one that the body has worked for, but the soul can be proud of...and I think down here on planet earth that’s a little difference because we’re spiritual beings having a mental experience in a physical world and that’s why we need Mars to push that Sun to stardom and Neptune out there reminding us of the initial game plan. It’s about meeting your past, looking it square in the eye and saying, how do I move beyond this.”

Neptune and Pisces (Mercury) form miraculous angles and undercurrents at the New Moon.  In times like these, so demanding and exciting, Neptune sight reveals what's fluid, what old beliefs or roles can be slipped off like an out-of-date dress. 

Here is a New Moon for deep contemplation, and purposeful exploration of the self. This can happen organically, in dreams that stay with you, or patterns in relationship that alert you to what’s in shadow in your psyche.

Innocence of the Fool

There are eclipses ahead that also have themes of facing the shadow and upheaval of the psyche. For the seeker, these help you align your intent to your will power even more.

But for this Aries New Moon, let the sunniest picture of who you’re becoming be your guide. New Moons are a time to rein in your focus, and Aries’ specialty is directed energy toward a singular goal. A tip is to keep it simple, for now. For example, you might simply evoke the intention of “less fear, more love” as a motivating force.

And then muse on what scenes come to mind that illustrate that for you. You might experiment with saying, “I am (fill in desired trait).” As you say it, experience it as a sensation. Aries’ color is red, but in ritual, white or purple (for Jupiter’s noble aim) also works. May you be revived by glimpses of stirring possibilities, and your own bright spirit at the Aries New Moon!

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