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Saturn Scorpio (Transit)

Teachings from the Edge


Saturn Scorpio (Transit)

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Saturn is in Scorpio from October 5th, 2012 to the end of 2014.

Down and Dirty

Saturn has been in Libra (since 2010), the sign known as the iron fist in the velvet glove. Libra is an air sign, and much of its territory is mental -- concepts and ideals. Libra is a provocative (at times) cardinal sign, but always has a certain poise. With Libra, there's objectivity that provides some psychic space from whatever is going on.

But now Saturn takes us now into Scorpionic realms, where it's not possible to stay above it all, with situations "in theory." Scorpio is the planet of the underworld journey, metamorphosis, soul merging, being haunted, traumas and emotional wounds. These next two years, Saturn has lessons in different packages, with a core theme of transforming what's toxic, and undergoing the changes that the soul is crying out for.

This transit of Saturn Scorpio comes at a time when many are transforming in extreme ways. So much is rising from the depths -- secrets, sober realities, woundedness, patterns of abuse, sexual confusion and blurry boundaries. This is a transit to drive out emotional-psychic vampires, and unplug from all that's feeding on your energy.

If you're carrying dead bodies (the past) around, Saturn Scorpio is going to show you how to wield the scythe. We gain access to the deeper realities of energy exchange with those closest to us. This evokes primal scenes, where we unlock the power to move through whatever has a hold on psyche and soul. It's relating realities that show up in the dream time, or that strange pull toward someone (even if they're not good for you). Saturn peels back layers, and blocks the easy exits -- we're now seeing how deeply embedded we are in each others lives.

Addiction and Despair

Saturn shows us -- sometimes in stark ways -- where our coping mechanisms are keeping us in a holding pattern. Whatever has been working, starts to not work. Oh no! And yet, that's the start of coming up with new approaches to old problems. Depending on how Saturn engages your chart, this is time to finally face anything you're running from. And to be wholly transformed by the experience.

Saturn Scorpio is here now to give us master methods for taking what's rotten, and composting it into fertile ground for the next steps. If you've been through a dark night, Saturn as planet of authority, can press you into service. You wear the mantle of healer, assisting souls through the murky perceptual field of our times.

Saturn Scorpio brings the potential for hitting bottom -- the darkest place, and yet, this is where a strong foundation can be built. You're supported in going deep, sharing what's in your heart and soul with trusted supporters, joining healing groups, being committed to going all the way.

What's festering and making you sick? This is no time for band-aids. We're now in Saturn's intensive care unit, for near death experiences that revive the sense of wanting to live. New vitality is kindled, for the dramatic times. There's real hope, when we face the core issues, and know there's nothing we can't handle.

Underworld Magic

Saturn Scorpio begins the era of discovering new ways to deal with intense events, manipulations, corruption, and the quest to live truthfully. Scorpio is a sign of emotional bravery, with an instinct for digging into the meat of the matter.

Whatever half-truths or outright lies have been robbing us personally or society of authenticity, can be broken apart now. We learn how to take even the most dangerous, life-threatening material and transform it.

This is the kind of Saturn transit where things could seem to get worse, before they get better. And yet, you realize you've surrendered to a process of deep change. Saturn often shows us we're stronger than we think we are. With Saturn in Scorpio, the strength we find brings personal power and the courage to set boundaries.

Is this your Saturn return? This is a life transit that saves us from structures that have become stifling confinements. What's calcified is broken open. Oh yes, this can be painful. But it cracks us open, so we can reshape the fundamentals. And become aligned with our destiny.


Be alert to news of crackdowns in areas ruled by Saturn. We'll see overhauls in areas of debt, taxation and how we die (the business of dying). More will let go of wishful thinking, and be forced to face denial, as the deeper intensity is squeezed to the surface.

This is just one angle for this transit. Stay tuned for more!

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