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Christine Page on Chaos and Re-Creating Reality

This Auspicious Moment in Human History


Christine Page on Chaos and Re-Creating Reality

I had the chance to hear author Dr. Christine Page give a lunchtime talk to psychologists, and want to pass on some inspiration to you. She's an MD and author of 2012 and the Galactic Center: The Return of the Great Mother.

Surfing the Waves of Change

Have you noticed more synchronicity in your life? Page says, "synchronicities are happening all the time now." She explains that as we near 2012 that the "veils between worlds are thinning." This means that what you conjure as thought forms, becomes real in 3D more quickly. The veils between us are also thinning. Says Page, "We are becoming more sensitized to other’s feelings, their life events." Many are experiencing a more active dream state, where it's harder to decipher the real from the dreamworld. All this is very overwhelming to the mind. Page stresses that "the only way we can deal with it is through the heart, the intuition. "

Universal Rays

The alignment of 2012 is the Sun to the Galactic Center on Winter Solstice. That's important to remember, says Page, since it's what makes it a powerful moment for death and rebirth. Every year, the Sun aligns with the GC, but not on Winter Solstice (December 21st). It's the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere, but when there's a birth of the new Sun. It's closely aligned to Christmas, and its birth of the new son.

It's a black hole that we're being pulled toward, the void. And Page says that's a metaphor for what's happening in our lives. The Sun itself is also going through changes, and they make it possible for more galactic vibes to come through. Says Page,"We're seeing the lowest Sun spot activity in many years, so we’re open to the energies of the galaxy," adding, "The Sun protects us from more universal rays.”

Dealing With Chaos

Page confirms what many are feeling -- that life is spinning wildly out of control! The chaos around us can bring out the instinct for grounding. She advises things like walking the dog or digging in the garden.

She says many magician types will come out and try to take advantage by offering "rules" for dealing with chaos. Says Page, " If there’s a “me” and “money” involved, don’t do it." Page described how chaos makes us uncomfortable, but that it's the breakdown before the new. "Chaos is good for the soul," she says.

Being Rooted

So many people want to escape, through drugs, or ascension. I've heard many spiritual type people say they long to be beamed up and away from here. But Page says the key to our time is not just soaring, but being deeply rooted. Says Page, "The Inca's say it’s the first time we will know ourselves as here on the Earth. It’s the loss of a separation between heaven and Earth."

As we become more aware, we can tune into the energy systems of the Earth. Page says whales are the keepers of the ocean grids, and elephants sound the grid of the land. Since we are mostly water, she says “we’re being sounded by this new consciousness.” Listening to whale sounds, she says, takes us to the womb atmosphere, and is a way to connect deeply to the Earth.

The Sacred Feminine

Many traditions see the Galactic Center as the vagina of the Great Mother, or the Dark Rift. And going into the womb/tomb is one way to look at this moment in time. Page sees all the faces of the Goddess at play simultaneously.

They are:
  • The Virgin: sparks of inspiration and intuition.
  • The Mother: warmth and nurturing.
  • The Crone: destruction and renewal.

While much is dying, new sparks are there if we can get past the sense of loss. It's an intense challenge, to be stripped of the old, and experiment with what you can re-create.

The Many Dimensions

For some, the idea of "ascension" is that we'll rise up out of the heavy 3D and fear-laden 4D worlds, and be on our way into the higher vibrations. But Page described the dimensions in a way that resonated with me. She broke them down into: 3rd D physical 4th D Astral/Dreams, 5th D Beliefs, 6th D Higher mind, and 7th – 12th D spiritual realms.

She says we are already always living in these dimensions, and now we're becoming aware of all of them. It doesn't take us out of 3D and its problems, but brings heaven and earth together. It also brings to our awareness past life experiences, unused potential and ghosts. She says, "Everything we ever imagine thought or felt is available now. This is chaos." And the mind can't cope, says Page, because it's like a computer that "can only go where you already know to go."

Be real. Don't be good.

It's time to be real, not to be good, since that often makes us sick. As a physician, Page says the majority of people with cancer she's met are good people. We're being taken into our own underworlds, even as the hidden stuff is coming out. Looking at Tiger Woods, Page remarked, "That which you hide is coming up to bite you."

The talk was on living in a hologram, and Page described that as the external reality we set up so we can know ourselves. But the apocalypse, "unveiling," is making it harder to hide behind stories of being the victim. We can more clearly see what we're creating, and that's why it's such a powerful time to integrate old wounds, past lives, and live with more authenticity.


Page says enlightenment is simply about the ah-ha moments we each have. "You suddenly get brighter." And that one key to changing the hologram, is to "change the angle of thinking." She also stressed that the Earth doesn't need healing. That it's we who can change our reality by vibrating in this new energy of joy. Some ways she mentions are: listening to song birds, going to sacred sites, dancing in a place you love.

It's crucial to move out of fear responses, and start to actively embody these new higher energies, says Page. "Do I believe in a conspiracy theory? Yes I do. There are those out there that benefit from others’ fear base." One code for "waking up" is 11:11, says Page, and it's part of our symbolic memory. She mentions the psychic-crystal children being born that know who they are and why they're here. But Page's message is that soon we will all have that knowing if we let the heart lead the way.

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