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Jupiter in Sagittarius


Quality and Element:

Jupiter Themes:

the seeker, experiential wisdom, travel, multi-cultural, philosophical, knowledge, expansion, truth-teller, faithful, teacher, tolerance, lucky breaks

Possible Challenges:

fanaticism, dogmatic, being a know-it-all, slapdash, recklessness

Jupiter's Gifts:

Jupiter is at home in Sagittarius, and this allows for the fullest expression of its qualities. Jupiter in Sadge seeks knowledge through experience, and many are drawn to travel. There's a built-in desire to expand outside what is known, and to understand other cultures.

You might say Jupiter in Sadge was born under a lucky star, since they seem to attract good fortune. Their warm, outgoing personalities help them in every situation, which adds to the sense of abundance coming their way. There is a detached friendliness about them that comes from greeting people in a non-judgmental way. This makes them fast friends, since they cast a wide net that includes everyone.

Those with Jupiter in Sadge advance in life by growing in wisdom, and sharing that with others, perhaps through teaching. They excel in areas that call for visionary thinking. They're able to inspire others through their example of faithful living. Often they have a sense that all is well, no matter what. And this makes them a role model for those without that sense of certainty.

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