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All About Aquarius

A one-stop resource for everything Aquarius, including profiles and love matches.
  1. Aquarius Love Matches (12)

Aquarius the Waterbearer
Known associations (gems, flowers, colors) of Aquarius, the Zodiac sign of the Waterbearer.

Ten Tips to Thrive in the Aquarius Season
Ten Tips for aligning with the matrix-busting energies of the Sun in Aquarius (January 19th to February 19th)

Aquarius Wellness Rx
Stephanie Gailing, author of Planetary Apothecary, with a wellness prescription for Aquarius (written particularly for early 2010).

Aquarius Love Tips
Some love tips when getting to know Aquarius.

Aquarian Fashion
A picture gallery that proves Aquarians love to shine.

Oprah as Oracle
Aquarian philosopher-teacher Oprah Winfrey reaches millions, and acts as a conduit for collective ideas.

Sun in Aquarius
A profile of the Sun in Aquarius with a list of famous examples.

Dick Cheney, A-Typical Aquarian
Star IQ's Jeff Jawer gives an analysis of what drives the a-typically dark vision of Aquarian Dick Cheney.

Justin Timberlake
Aquarian Justin Timberlake has a cool appeal, loves to collaborate and has an activist side, promoting music education in public schools.

Christian Bale's Experimental Life
This Aquarian actor surrenders to the creative process, even physically changing to reflect the extremes of his characters.

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