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Leo the Lion

July 22 to August 23


Leo the Lion

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The Dates for Leo change every year, so check an ephemeris if you're on the cusp. Leo season is peak of summer, when its ruler the Sun itself shines brightest.

Leo’s symbol is the magnificent Lion. The Leo nature is gregarious, proud, grandly expressive and ambitious. Leo creates from the heart, is a natural with children and a red-hot lover.

  • Element is Fire (enthusiastic, igniting).
  • Quality is Fixed (radiating).
  • Leo is Masculine (outgoing, acting)
  • Polarity is Aquarius.
  • Ruler is the Sun
  • Natural House is Fifth.
  • Phrase is "I will."
  • Body Association: heart, back (spine), circulatory system, spleen, hair.
  • Season is Summer
  • Colors are gilded (gold), red, orange, sunflower yellow.
  • Rules Gold.
  • Birthstone is diamond, created from intense heat and pressure.
  • Gemstones are amber, carnelian, cat’s eye, tiger’s eye, golden topaz, rose quartz (for the heart), orange calcite, sunstone.

Flowers that turn toward the Sun, like sunflowers, Indian heliotrope, cherry pie and the scarlet pimpernel. Deep yellow, golden or orange blooms like yellow hibiscus, gerbera, gladiola, yellow lily, marigold, sunburst, zinnia.

Animals the felines, of course! Lions, tigers, lynx, wildcat, kitty cat, panthers, cougars and the mythical sphinx. Visually stunning animals -- majestic horses (thoroughbreds, Arabian, Percheron), peacocks, swans, hummingbirds.

Leo lights up the room, is quick to laugh and a natural-born leader. The Lion or Lioness wants to be admired, for his/her style, creativity, performance and general fabulousness. Many lead colorful lives, with many high points of celebration, great loves, adventure, achievement.


At the extreme edges, Leo has an eclipsing ego and is constantly needing attention.

Leo thrives on respect, and attracts this with a dignified, commanding air about them. They're drawn to the finer things in life, and work that engages them totally. Many have polished public personas, and are often in the limelight. Leo's charisma and love of life is a magnet for friends and children.

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