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About Libra the Scales

September 23rd to October 23rd


About Libra the Scales

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The Dates for Libra change every year, so check an ephemeris if you're on the cusp. Sun into Libra coincides with Fall (Autumnal) Equinox that falls around September 23rd.

Libra's symbol -- the Scales -- is unique, as one of the few that's an inanimate object. The nature of Libra is to sense balance, and through life lesson's, strive for the sweet spot of equilibrium. Libra is a born mediator, artist and lover.

  • Element is Air (bright mind).
  • Quality is Cardinal (instigating).
  • Libra is Masculine (outgoing, penetrating)
  • Polarity is Aries.
  • Ruler is Venus
  • Natural House is Seventh.
  • Phrase is "I balance."
  • Body Association: Complexion, lower back, kidneys, lumbar nerves, vasomotor and venous systems, adrenal glands.
  • Season is Fall
  • Colors are shades of blue, from bird egg blue to darker hues like cobalt, cerulean or ultramarine.
  • Rules brass, bronze, copper.
  • Birthstone is diamond, created from intense heat and pressure.
  • Gemstones are lapis lazuli, agate, blue sapphire, chrysolite, green chrysoberyl, emerald, fuchsite, white jade, turquoise, prehnite, opal.

Flowers are of the fragrant variety, and those that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Red, pink or white roses, the violet, lily, apple blossom, gladiolas, heartsease, gardenia, white lilac, larkspur, hydrangea, freesia. Pink mallow and vervain are flowers of Venus, Libra's ruler, and are sacred to the druids.

Animals are the winged ones, from butterflies, to peace doves, dragonflies, hawk, hens, song birds, the peacock, the long-legged ocean birds (crane, heron).

Libra is brilliant, a pioneer of ideas, artful, stylish, gracious and fair-minded. Airy Libra elevates the scene with a lofty perspective, is ambitious, eloquent, committed to relationship.

At the extreme edges, Libra is all talk and no action, a manipulator, an aesthetic snob, indecisive, someone who can't be alone.

Libra thrives on creating art or design, beautifying life through fashion, interior decorating, writing. They enjoy intellectual challenges, cutting edge ideas, partnerships of all kinds, leading groups, making speeches or declarations, furthering a just cause, fighting for social progress.

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