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Planets in Pisces


Sun in Pisces The Self is infinite and changeable, often experiencing a merging with the world. An extraordinary imagination lends a naturally artistic bent toward life. Exquisite emotional sensitivity is a gift that needs the balance of self-protection and healthy choices.

Moon in Pisces: Has an instinctual empathy for others, and is vulnerable to the emotional atmosphere around them. Needs lots of time to dwell in the private world of the imagination, nap, dream, take baths and contemplate the mystery. Feels secure in the role of healer or seeker, with an intimate connection to a higher spiritual force.

Mercury in Pisces: With Mercury here, perception is a synthesis of many faculties, but favors the imagination. There's often a poetic, otherwordly dimension to your mind that shapes the vision. A sensitive, compassionate thinker that can become confused with too much stimuli or negative influences.

Venus in Pisces: A romantic, impressionable heart that is driven to swim in the same soul waters as those they love. Can see friends and lovers through rose-colored glasses, blinding them to potential problems. Grows closer to the love ideal when there's discrimination and clear boundaries.

Mars in Pisces: Has a sensitive will to act that is guided by sympathy for others, intuition, emotions and the imagination. Divine inspiration is a big motivator. A creative Mars that is impelled to channel life's beauty and mystery in all it does.

Jupiter in Pisces: Grows and finds faith when in service to a higher ideal. Urged by Jupiter to act on impulses of love for the world through life's work. A path unfolds toward greater communion with spirit, and as wisdom is integrated from the unseen dimensions of life.

Saturn: in Pisces: Strives to find practical ways of sharing emotional-spiritual gifts. Bringing discipline to what feels vague or boundless is a lifelong lesson. Finds structure through a healing modality or artform that becomes a container for what they know.

Generational Planets

Uranus: in Pisces (2003 to 20011) Sudden genius illumination marks this placement. The imagination is inspired, and often surprised by intuition and emotion. The currents of the otherwordly flow in unexpectedly, and infuse themes of art and spirituality.

Neptune: (2012 to 2026) In its own sign, Neptune has heightened sensitivity and ability to make dreams real on a personal or collective level. Can ride waves into dangerous places of addiction and self-sabotage, or create fantasy worlds of heartbreaking beauty.

Pluto: in Pisces: (2044 to 2068) The mystical aspects of life become a big preoccupation, and societal structures fall away and leave chaos in their wake. The collective dives to unfathomable depths, and reaches for the symbolic essence there.

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