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Sagittarius the Archer

November 22 to December 21


Sagittarius the Archer

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The Dates for Sagittarius change every year, so check an ephemeris if you're on the cusp. In the North, Sagittarius is the time of crisp fall air, holiday parties and pulling together the research paper in school.

Sagittarius' symbol is the Archer. After the depths of the dying time (Scorpio) comes lightness, and shining the inner light. Sagittarius is exploration, travel and meeting everyone as a new friend. It's a lively sign of stimulating conversation, broad visions, athleticism and/or scholarly ambition, striving for excellence, seeking and learning through experience.

  • Element is Fire (spontaneous, instinctive).
  • Quality is Mutable (broadcasting, dot connecting).
  • Sagittarius is Masculine (outgoing).
  • Polarity is Gemini.
  • Ruler is Jupiter
  • Natural House is Ninth.
  • Phrase is "I understand."
  • Body Association: circulatory system, hips and thighs, pituitary gland
  • Season is Winter.
  • Colors are Purple (sign of spiritual knowledge), royal blue, reds, oranges and yellows.
  • Rules Tin.
  • Birthstones are amethyst (associated with Jupiter), lapis lazuli and topaz.
  • Some gemstones are apatite, azurite, kyanite, blue topaz, blue turquoise, falcon's eye, carbuncle, celestite, chlorite, turquoise and red tourmaline.

Flowers purple flowers, or holiday bouquets like mistletoe, purple lilac, purple dahlia, blue hydrangea, purple bearded iris, poinsettias, allium.

Animals are friendly and playful varieties, like dogs, gazelle, seals. The mythical centaur. Birds with messages like the stork, skylark, peace dove, turkey, hawk.

Sagittarians are thinking creatures, always seeking to know the big picture. They're known to take the moral high ground, and express loyalty to truth (as they see it) above all else. The blunt style of the Archer cuts through obfuscation, manipulation or emotional heaviness. Sagittarius burns with a passion for lighting up what's most inspiring, and expansive.

At the extreme edges, Sagittarius is self-righteous and too casual with the feelings of others.

Sagittarius thrives on finding meaning by pulling together threads from every direction. They shine in interdisciplinary fields, where there's always room to learn more. They're highly social and fun-loving.

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