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Love Match - Aquarius and Aquarius

Liberated Love


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Upside: freedom lovers; experimental; lively friend circles; collaborators. Downside: emotionally detached; stubborn; up in their heads (ungrounded).

Quality and Element: Fixed Air

Friends First

Aquarius are warm, and put people at ease because they telegraph respect and brotherly/sisterly love. It's a kind of platonic vibe that serves them well, as they mix and mingle widely.

What attracts them to each other, is a twinkle in the eye, passionately expressed perspectives, and original style. More than most signs, Aquarians relate beyond outer packages and social grouping, like skin color, age or religious background. That's why Aquarian love choices raise eyebrows -- they choose the person, even if it shocks everyone they know. Two Aquarians might create an unconventional arrangement, like apart, but being married. They might be from different generations, religious traditions, races, class, etc.

In another Aquarius, the Waterbearer finds an open mind, for electrifying conversations. They love what pops, like outrageous style and wierd expressions. They'll bond talking about everything, from aliens to animal rights.

Stability in Chaos

Love sparks are created with such a meeting of the minds. Aquarius are often very plugged in -- spontaneous texts alert each other to their whereabouts. What starts out casual and light, and is off and on, becomes more rhythmic over time. And yet, the unpredictability factor will always be a theme of this pairing.

There's a good chance they meet within friend cliques, and continue to move within a group. It's natural for them to socialize, as Aquarius is more of a transpersonal sign than a personal one. That means the Waterbearer is here to spread themselves around. With another Aquarius, this is understood and supported. Together an Aquarian household are popular hosts, whether it's a soiree or organizing for colleague-attended event.

Aquarius is full of reforming zeal, and together, two are a force of change in the world. A life mission is to translate very fast moving cosmic energies, into this physical reality. Aquarians then, are ahead of their time, and a pair will create a quantum effect! What they touch will be exponentialized, and there's potential to have a ripple effect of great magnitude.

Life Purpose

Aquarians are fixed signs, and love grows stronger when there's a shared sense of purpose. This can be to raise children, or raise consciousness. Having a set goal helps Aquarius marshal its energies, and the shared goal can change many times over the life of the relationship.

What sparks them to each other most is the mind. They appreciate the original thinking, and will support a fellow Waterbearer in the pursuit of inspiration. Busting out of limiting frames of thought becomes a tag-team effort here. They'll connect the dots in tandem, or share what they've discovered on their own. All this keeps the relationship crackling, especially if these breakthroughs feel liberating.

Freedom and Commitment

When Aquarius and Aquarius form a love bond, it's potentially the ideal mix of security and freedom. Keep in mind that Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn (stability) and Uranus (evolving). A match that is as wide as the blue sky, and based on real values (integrity, honesty, respect), can last a lifetime.

Bringing Love Down to Earth

The totem for Aquarius is the eagle. Together, these two air signs really soar, and encourage the pursuit of ideas to the outer limits. Look for earth energies in the chart, to ground the helium-lift off of your love. Find ways to dig in to activities that bring you down to earth.

Life is never boring, with two Waterbearers. Nothing is too fringy or experimental. They bring an unusual clarity to the relationship, free of emotional baggage and illusion. This creates an atmosphere that binds them together lightly, in the detached way of impersonal love.

The Aquarian household is one of mutual respect, where the individuality of the other is safeguarded. They are unpredictable, which means a lightbulb over the head could suddenly cause them to change course. One day they're on a parallel path and the next, one has diverged down the road less traveled. But if they part, they're likely to remain friends. It's a compatible pair for as long as it lasts, and that could be a lifetime.

Intimacy and physical experiences, like massage exchange, bring these two airy lovers into the moment. Pull out all the stops to get into your bodies, with wonderful aromas, fabrics and foods that settle the nerves.

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