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Dating Red Flags by Sun Sign


Every sign of the Zodiac has a devilish side with the potential to take a promising relationship down a dark path. Of course, no sign is "bad" and nobody's perfect, but here are a few standout behaviors that may be a warning right off the bat. If you're paying attention, people usually show through words and actions what they're all about.

  • Watch out for the "catch and release" Aries who loses interest after the conquest is made.
  • Flirts with other ladies with impunity.
  • Beware the fury within - unless he's channeled it, it could blow up in your face.
  • Her teasing verges on bullying, and sometimes people get hurt (literally).
  • The player Aries bachelorette brags of the trail of broken hearts she's left behind.
  • She fights in public, and thrives on conflicts that escalate all out of proportion.
  • Takes a totally passive approach to romance to the point of inertia.
  • All his dates are cheap, when he's looking for the elusive, perfect deal.
  • He hides in a mellow haze of drugs and alcohol.
  • "What's your net worth?"...some material girls are on a mission to snatch up a provider.
  • Everything and everyone branches off from her entrenched tree-self, and that can make her vision very narrow, stilfing to others.
  • She uses her physical density to take up space, and she can easily elbow you roughly out of the way.
  • Liable to take and make calls, and text message during the date.
  • Manic and chatty, he may seem like he's staging a one-man show.
  • While playing the field, this eternal bachelor has many kettles on the stove.
  • So tightly wound that direct eye contact sends her into nervous spasms.
  • Fills the space with static, by talking non-stop often leading to T.M.I..
  • An excitement junkie that creates drama with no real emotion behind it, making her appear devious, manipulating.
  • Recoils and shows bitterness at the slightest hint of criticism.
  • Once a mood hits, it could take days for the clouds to part.
  • Can seem like a big toddler at the whim of his emotions.
  • Lays out her emotional tragedies on the first date, presenting a tall order for the would-be rescuer.
  • Throws caution to the wind and merges sexually, hoping the desired love will follow.
  • Casts pearls before swine, then plays the victim, before learning to protect herself.
  • Lanquidly lazy with his love, especially with a sincere giver-type.
  • Tests the affection of those he dates by becoming an ignore-ramus.
  • Can be a petty tyrant with waitstaff, and intimates who've fallen into a servant role.
  • If dissatisfied, her emotional spectrum stays within the shades of anger, making her seem stuck and unsympathetic.
  • Accepts gifts and expensive outings long after it's clear she's not interested.
  • Wants to be treated like a queen, and is prone to treating others like subjects.
  • Gives a dispassionate assessment of his date's appearance, along with suggestions for improvement.
  • Upon entry into your home, he immediately begins spot-cleaning.
  • Picks out the non-fresh or undercooked items from the dinner you've presented.
  • Brings her own carefully prepared single-portion meal to the dinner party.
  • Grows ornery if spontaneity threatens her daily routine.
  • Becomes incapacitated in the vicinity of a crush.
  • Goes missing in action when faced with any kind of confrontation.
  • Has a fluid sexuality, not always knowing which team he's playing for, perhaps both.
  • Extreme Libra lives in his head as the dreamer, never actually doing anything.
  • Tries to constantly prove her intellectual superiority.
  • Is quick to disqualify a potential mate, and broadcasts his flaws to the general public.
  • Extreme Libra considers life a beauty pageant that she'll stop at nothing to win.
  • Turns into a menacing interrogator after a few dates.
  • Gets icy and distant if he suspects he's been crossed.
  • Can be a psychic vampire, able to drain your lifeforce even at a distance.
  • Emits noxious stings and barbs as a way of keeping intimacy at bay.
  • Knows she's intimidating, and doesn't care.
  • Is too mistrustful to let anyone in.
  • Some Sadge men take down numbers with sincerity, but never call.
  • High percentage of players, in the playful sense, and sex is just part of their big adventure.
  • He goes for the perfect package, and is always looking for an upgrade.
  • Uses a verbal crowbar when tact and sensitivity are urgently needed.
  • A hot and eager Sadge can deflate the will of men wanting to uncover a mystery.
  • She's liable to divulge the blow by blow to all her friends, eliminating any sense of private intimacy.
  • Extreme Cap is a social climber, sizing you up as a step up or step down.
  • His dark and complex nature makes it hard to believe in making him "happy."
  • He'll seem disinterested, and it's up to you to hang in there or not.

  • She uses disappointments to confirm her lack of luck in love.
  • A date may seem more like a job interview -- and she's the boss.
  • The work-a-holic Cap acts brusque and finds it hard to be spontaneous in a casual setting.
  • Gets shifty-eyed and insecure in one-on-one encounters.
  • At the mention of deeper emotion, he gets a far-away look, then goes far away.
  • Can have a clinical curiosity about sex that offends more sensitive lovers.
  • Tries to strongarm a date into supporting their cause, attending a rally.
  • Can be a know-it-all, and unable to budge on any position.
  • Is resistant to being isolated as one unit, prefering to meet in groups.
  • May over-idealize a date from the get go, setting the human girl up for failure.
  • His kind of sensitivity finds refuge in altered states, so you can't be sure who you'll find next time.
  • Evades deeper connections through a disappearing act.
  • Finds reality so harsh that the edges have to be softened with substances.
  • Can lose her moral compass because she wants to please and be liked.
  • Is susceptible to delusions and breathless obsessions over people.
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