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Astronomical and astrological symbol of planet Venus, alchemical symbol of copper, gender symbol for female, and symbol of the Greek goddess Aphrodite and the Roman goddess Venus.
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Your Venus in the birth chart....:

Learning about your particular Venus sign gives you priceless insight into the ways you draw love, beauty and friendship to you life, and how you express yourself creatively. You'll want to study both the sign and house position of the planet Venus at the time of your birth. Since Venus follows in orbit close to the Sun, it'll usually be the same sign as your Sun or one or two signs over in either direction. To find Venus, look for the symbol on your birth chart.

What's love got to do with it?:

In mythology, Venus is the Roman name for the Goddess of love and beauty -- her Greek name is Aphrodite. Your Venus describes how you love, whom you love, and what you love.

Where is Venus in the sky?:

Venus is the "sister star" to the Earth, and shines brightly and visibly due to her close proximity to the Sun. At times, Venus is the "Morning Star" and rises before the Sun, but at other times she is the "Evening Star." There are periods in between and after where she disappears in retrograde, and early myths described this as a journey to the Underworld, followed by her triumphant re-emergence.


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The Meaning of Venus in Astrology:

The realm of Venus is love and the emotions, and in astrology her influence is felt in all our relationships. The sign and house position of your Venus shows the kinds of atmospheres in which those connections are likely to happen. It also sheds light on what makes you attractive to others.

In friendships, Venus shows how you mingle, and what kinds of people you like to be around. Your “friendship style” has the nuances of your Venus, and determines things like how close you like to be emotionally, how you stay in touch, and how you “break-up” with a friend. Clashing Venus signs can lead to misunderstandings because of different expectations about what it even means to be friends.

Venus guides our romantic lives since the sign and house position influences our tastes and attractions, and this leads to choosing a mate. It also determines how you experience good feelings, and in what situations these are brought out. If your Venus is in harmony with a potential romantic partner, you can create happy moods, and possibly an enduring relationship.

In the birth chart, look to Venus to reveal how you experience, and share beauty. Quite simply, Venus acts as a muse, leading you toward your passions. Through her eyes, you see the poignancy and color in life, and in return, may offer a personal expression of it, through an art form. But beyond that, it is how you pass on and integrate what you’ve absorbed of the meaning of life through your all-important and ever evolving web of relationships.

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